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Uptown Grocery Co is a family-owned grocery store chain in Oklahoma City, offering a unique experience with exceptional service. They sell online and in-store. Uptown Grocery Co. also has stores in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Frequently asked questions about UPTOWN GROCERY CO

When was UPTOWN GROCERY CO created?

While Hank Binkowski has built a chain of more than a dozen stores from Norman to Edmond since 1988, Susan has spent her career as a real estate developer.

The two combined to make Uptown come to fruition. Owners Hank and Susan Binkowski spent nearly four years researching and developing the project. The result was a premium grocery store that looks like it was dislodged from Bricktown and airlifted to its home on Covell Road just west of Kelly Avenue. Uptown Grocery Co was inaugurated in 2012.

What brands can I find at UPTOWN GROCERY CO?

Uptown Grocery Co commercializes brands like Blue Diamond; Dannon; Ritz; Cashi; Erewhon; Roth; Pasture Pride; Young Guns Produce; Ozarka; Horizon; Vital Farms; Alden’s; Blue Bell; Callebaut and many more.

How to save money at UPTOWN GROCERY CO

Uptown Grocery Co offers their customers many options to save money. By subscribing to their email you will receive the latest specials and deals. On their website you will also find discount coupons to use on your purchases.

Who are UPTOWN GROCERY CO's main competitors across the country?

Uptown Grocery Co has many competitors in the industry. Some of them are stores like Hac; Skeeter Market; Village Laundromat; Boomers Marketplace; and Pickers Market,Morton Williams ,among others.

How to get exclusive benefits at UPTOWN GROCERY CO

Uptown Grocery Co provides original recipes to their customers as well as a Loyalty Rewards Program. With this program you will have inside access to exclusive deals, coupons, and rewards. Also, you can hire the Uptown Grocery Co catering: whether you are serving 10 people or a thousand, Uptown Grocery Co can be in charge of it.

Discounts offered by UPTOWN GROCERY CO

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