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5 amazing power tools under $100

5 amazing power tools under $100

Are you starting your DIY projects at home and having to borrow all the tools from your neighbor? Well, it's time to invest some money in amazing and necessary power tools. So whether you are starting or you are an expert, having the proper power tools is a must.

Cordless Drill


Do you still have some folded curtains in the bag? or some shelves waiting to finally see the light? Well, it's time to get a cordless drill. This multi-purpose power tool can drill pilot holes and fix screws in wood, concrete, brick, metal, and plastic. Some experts may recommend using a percussion drill since it is lightweight and easy to operate.

Cordless Screwdriver


Did you buy a new shelf, but you are too lazy to put it together because it has too many screws? Then a cordless screwdriver is perfect for you. It is a multi-purpose electric hand tool used to drive screws. When compared to their manual counterparts, they help reduce time and effort on activities that need a large number of screws, such as building flat-pack furniture.



Who doesn't have an old coffee table or dresser that needs a makeover? With just a simple new paint coat, it can be transformed into a stylish new piece of furniture. An electric sander is a power tool used to smooth and polish surfaces as well as remove material. According to experts, a random-orbital sander is one of the most effective electric sanders.

Nail gun


Replace your hammer and nails to save time and energy. A nail gun is a powerful tool used to shoot nails into a target material rather than swinging a hammer for each nail. A nail gun can easily finish furniture projects and trim. Is your furniture or wall looking dull? Upgrade your cabinets and hardwood flooring; pin decorative moldings with a nail gun.

A jigsaw


One of the most useful tools you can own is a jigsaw, and some people say it is a great place to start the power tool journey. It allows you to cut delicate angled forms, circles, curved profiles, and patterns. Cut artistic designs into the wood with a jigsaw, and style your home with some handmade wooden decorative pieces—the sky is the limit!

We all know that power tools aren't cheap, and some of them may cost a fortune. But you can quickly choose the best site to buy power tools from this post and save money. If you're seeking products at a low cost, Harbor Freight, McCoysand, and Home Depot are excellent choices. If you're looking for member benefits, ACE Hardware is the place to go. They offer a unique discount mechanism known as Ace Rewards.

When you become a member, you will receive various prizes for purchasing things. Black and Decker and Stanley are for do-it-yourselfers. They are currently offering up to 20% off. You will find incredible opportunities to save money in the DIY and hardware categories, with over 20 store catalogs full of offers, promotions, and discounts.

Now that you have your toolbox updated, it is time to choose your next DIY project and nail it!


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