Gucci: a century of style

The main luxury clothing brands are Italian or French. These two countries concentrate the top businesses and have extended their power in fashion to all parts of the world. The case of Gucci is no exception. Today it has operations in the coolest capitals and the United States is not far behind. There are several stores and Hollywood celebrities visit them often. Like Gucci, there are other big chains that have landed in this northern giant to expand. Gucci has a century of history. How did it all begin? It was in Florence in 1921. The young Guccio Gucci opened a small leather accessories store in Via della Vigna Nuova 7. Initially, it was dedicated to manufacturing riding gear, but soon realized that the demand for these items was decreasing due to the development of the automotive industry. Gucci then decided to expand its product line, adding handbags, shoes and travel items. Gucci had the idea to start the business years ago when he was working as an elevator operator at the Savoy Hotel in London. He was very impressed by the luxury and elegance of the wealthy travelers he served. That's why he focused on the quality of the finishes and materials of his travel accessories. The company had to open boutiques in Rome and Milan to meet the growing demand. And with the arrival of the fascist dictatorship in Italy, Gucci won the contract to manufacture leather boots for the army.

International development

The founder of the brand wanted to keep the family business with its headquarters in Italy. While he was alive, his three sons Aldo, Vasco and Rodolfo helped him develop the business and didn't dare to contradict their father. However, two weeks before Guccio's death, they made the decision to expand the brand internationally, opening boutiques in New York and Hollywood. Between the 1950s and 1970s, the brand developed its prominent visual image and launched its legendary products such as the Horsebit moccasins, the Jackie O Bag and the Flora print. In addition, in the 1960s, Aldo made a milestone contribution to the history of the brand: he created the logo with the two interlocking G's representing the first initials of the founder's name. Hollywood celebrities dreamed of Gucci's double G, which ultimately made the brand a symbol of global luxury. Gucci also received orders from political figures such as John F. Kennedy, his wife Jacqueline, Lady Diana and Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco. During this period the brand also opened stores in London, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong. In 2021, the brand celebrated its 100th anniversary and made a historic collaboration with Balenciaga. In addition, the Gucci Love Parade was organized, featuring celebrities such as Jared Leto and Macaulay Culkin dressed in old Hollywood style.

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Gucci: a century of style

Empowerment and equality: Women's Day highlights

International Women's Day is commemorated every March 8. Its first antecedent dates back to 1910, when at the Second International Conference of Socialist Women, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, it was decided to proclaim International Working Women's Day. It is considered a date of empowerment and equality. Behind this initiative were historic women's rights advocates such as Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg. They didn’t set a specific date, but they did set the month: March. While the celebration was progressively extended to more countries, the date changed from one day to another according to specific events in each nation. Increasingly, women were seen performing different tasks and taking care of all kinds of businesses. How this date came to be is a topic in itself. Along the way different events happened that led women as a whole to raise their claim for empowerment and gender equality.

In the United States

On March 8, 1857, thousands of women textile workers decided to take to the streets of New York under the slogan “Bread and Roses” to protest miserable working conditions and demand a cut in hours and an end to child labor. It was one of the first demonstrations to fight for their rights. Different movements, events and mobilizations took place after that episode, which served as a reference to establish an international women's day. Years later, on February 28, 1909, an event was held in New York and Chicago that they named Woman's Day, organized by prominent socialist women such as Corinne Brown and Gertrude Breslau-Hunt. Two years after that event and one after the International Conference of Socialist Women held in Copenhagen, a fire broke out in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York. On March 25, 1911, 146 women died and 71 others were injured. The severity of the disaster led to changes in U.S. labor legislation. In 1975, the UN celebrated International Women's Year. Two years later, in December 1977, the UN Assembly invited all states to proclaim, in accordance with their historical traditions and national customs, one day of the year as “United Nations Day for Women's Rights and International Peace”. In the words of UN Women: “On this day, women on all continents, often separated by national borders and ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic and political differences, can look back on a tradition of no less than ninety years of struggle for equality, justice, peace and development”. The meaning of the date, established by the United Nations in 1975, has to do with a commemoration and struggle, not a celebration.

In Russia

After the October Revolution, on October 25, 1917, Bolshevik leader Alexandra Kollontai (who from her appointment as People's Commissar for Public Assistance won the vote for women and made divorce and abortion legal) succeeded in making March 8 an official holiday in the Soviet Union, albeit a working one.

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Empowerment and equality: Women's Day highlights

The american dream in every package: stories behind US products

The United States is a giant: it is one of the largest countries in the world and many products that today are consumed daily around the globe were invented there. But brands have a story behind them. The packaging doesn’t always speak for itself.


In 1886, pharmacist John Pemberton was looking for a cure for headaches. After experimenting with various ingredients, he finally created a carbonated beverage containing extracts of coca leaves and kola nuts. The name of the drink, Coca-Cola, was derived from these two ingredients. In 1892, Asa Candler bought the company for u$s2,300 and began expanding the brand nationally and internationally. Candler was a pioneer in the world of advertising and used several innovative methods to promote the brand: print advertising, illuminated signs and the promotion of free samples. During World War I, the U.S. Army sought a beverage that could be easily transported and stay fresh for long periods of time. Coca-Cola was selected and became a popular drink among the troops. After World War II, Coca-Cola became a symbol of American culture and was actively promoted around the world. By 1920 the drink began to be sold in glass bottles.


The McDonald's brothers' idea was revolutionary for the time. Although the Bar-B-Q they had opened in the 1930s had been working very well, they decided to close it in order to implement changes aimed at speeding up service. The axes of their new concept were key to the emergence of the first McDonald's in December 1948: reducing the menu to only 9 options (hamburgers, fries, drinks and milkshakes) and standardizing the processes in the kitchen, turning it into a kind of “assembly linet”. Breaking all the existing rules in the market, the McDonald's brothers stood out from the competition and their story began to make headlines across the U.S., attracting the attention of investors. In fact, in 1952, the brothers sold their first franchise to Neil Fox in Phoenix, which they used as an opportunity to prototype what future restaurants would look like. In the process, they created the yellow arches that would become the multinational's symbol over the years.


A product and a brand born in the United States more than a hundred years ago and aimed at a very specific market: outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing and climbing. The first thermos was designed by William Stanley Jr. in 1913, when he invented a portable bottle with a double-walled stainless steel insulation that gave better results than glass, which was what was used at the time as the inner lining. The version, difficult to confirm, is that he wanted his coffee to be hot throughout the day while he worked. It was so successful in countries such as Argentina that Stanley's headquarters ended up developing products only for that market, such as the “pico primer” and the steel mate.

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The american dream in every package: stories behind US products

Innovation nation: top 10 cutting-edge products

The United States is a giant and there's no disputing that. What can be discussed is who invented something. What is certain is that there are 10 devices that were patented in this country and today the whole world uses them. From something as small as a computer mouse to a submarine. It is a nation recognized for its innovation and has delivered cutting-edge and revolutionary products. In this article we share with you the 10 that have marked different historical moments.


In 2007 Steve Jobs filed the patent 7,166,791 for a system that allowed users to enjoy the iPod. Within Apple's product range, the iPhone, iPad and Mac are considered exclusive in many countries around the world.


In 1970 Douglas Engelbart patented the mouse that we use in computers. In the early years of computing, the keyboard was the most popular device for data entry or computer control. The appearance and success of the mouse, in addition to the subsequent evolution of operating systems, made it easier and more convenient, although it didn’t relegate the primary role of the keyboard.


Harold Froehlich received patent 3,104,641 in 1961 for an “underwater vehicle” named Alvin, which allowed scientists to dive to unknown places and discover 300 new animal species.

Toilet paper roll

In 1891 Seth Wheeler patented the toilet paper roll with the registration number 459.516. Initially it was marketed in packet format instead of rolls and it was usual that, to help some intestinal complications, the paper was impregnated with Aloe Vera.

Machine that flies

In 1906 brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright received patent 821,393 for a “machine that flies”, known as the first airplane in history. Although the first airplane itself was created by Clément Ader, who in 1890 managed to take off and fly 50 meters with his Éole.

Light bulb

In 1880 Thomas Edison was awarded patent 223,898 for creating the light bulb. Edison was the inventor or co-inventor of more than 1,000 patents. This made it possible for people all over the world to light their homes with electricity.


In 1840 Samuel Morse received patent 1,647 for inventing the telegraph, a device that allowed messages to be sent over long distances. The alphabetic code related to the telegraph became known as the “Morse Code”.

Electromagnetic motor

In 1888 Nikola Tesla was granted patent 381,968 for his electromagnetic motor, considered the basis for modern motors.

Neutron reactor

In 1955, physicist Enrico Fermi was granted patent 2,708,656 for his “neutron reactor”, an invention that paved the way for the development of nuclear energy.

Missile launching system

In 1965 Timothy Eddins received patent 3,224,336 for a missile launch system. It was used on the Saturn V rocket. It is part of several patents filed by NASA for the purpose of sending astronauts to the Moon.

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Innovation nation: top 10 cutting-edge products

Tips for saving money on groceries

Going to the grocery store is a must for most Americans, and many already make it more of a family weekend plan. However, this experience can be a headache if you don't control your shopping and look for alternatives to get discounts, so here are some tips for saving money on groceries.

Establish a list and a budget

The first tip you should follow before undertaking the supermarket shopping is to establish a list with all the products that are needed at home and, in parallel, a budget with the maximum money you can spend on the purchase according to your economy. In this way you will avoid making a very common mistake which is to walk around the supermarket, buy products according to your impression and spend a lot of money. A basic list should have at least three columns: one with the product, another with the meals you can prepare and the money you can invest in it. At the same time, it is important that you determine if this is going to be your monthly or biweekly purchase to calculate the amount of those products.

Avoid micro purchases

Planning is an ally of savings, so it is always advisable to make biweekly or monthly purchases. Try to avoid going to the supermarket many times during the month to buy three or four products, or only what you need for dinner at night.

Buy canned foods or foods that can be frozen

Hand in hand with planned shopping comes the tip to buy canned goods with long expiration dates that can be stored in the cupboard for a long time or meats and vegetables that can be frozen. This tip is even more useful if you shop at wholesale supermarket chains, where they offer great discounts for purchases of more than 5 units of the same product.

Price over brand

It is very common for most Americans to be loyal to a certain brand of cereal or choose to always carry the same coffee. However, a useful tip for saving in supermarkets is to prioritize the price of the products over the brand, since many times the difference between two different brands is the marketing positioning that one has over the other.

Shop at different supermarkets

Many times we choose a supermarket because it is close to home or because we like the attention of its employees and we always shop at the same place. A good way to save money is to rotate the stores to look for better deals and know what are the strengths of each one.

Take advantage of coupons

Finally, in order to get better savings, it is key that you always take advantage of all the savings coupons that stores offer on special dates, new launches or advertising in newspapers and magazines.

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Tips for saving money on groceries

After Christmas Day: a day of sales and celebration

Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26 in Great Britain and countries related to the British Empire such as the United States. Now is a day of sales and celebration. What is the origin of Boxing Day? The term is mistakenly associated with the idea of ​​getting rid of Christmas wrapping. But the truth is that this day has a much older and deeper origin, in the Middle Ages. It is believed that at that time the noble classes delivered Christmas baskets with food to their servants and the priests displayed boxes with charitable donations. Another theory says that that day the workers went to their workplace with a box for the boss to deposit money and at the end of the day the employees distributed it to them as if it were a bonus. This day is also chosen by many stores in the United States to start their sales. In the past, the custom coincided with the arrival of the New Year, but a few years ago, merchants decided to bring forward the discounts and offers to the holiday of December 26, thus multiplying their sales. The sales are so big that in some stores they reach 80%. In fact, Boxing Day has recently become as successful in the country as Black Friday. In the United States, December 26th is not celebrated as Boxing Day by the Federal Government. Therefore this can become an extension of Christmas Day when Christmas falls on a Sunday, which affects Federal offices and their services.

Recommendations for After Christmas Day:

  • Dedicate a whole day to the sales and choose specific areas to focus your search for bargains.
  • If you are going to spend a whole day searching and walking among bargains, choose comfortable shoes to last the necessary hours. Also take a backpack to put your purchases and something to eat because the lines are usually long.
  • Make a list of what you want to buy. This way you can make better use of your time and go straight to the items and products that interest you most.
  • Since you are going to buy, make your purchase useful. Take advantage of sales to buy better quality.
  • Try on clothes to be sure of your measurements. And bear in mind that sales are wild, so look out for rips and tears.
  • Save your tickets. Each store has its own return policy, but it is always essential to have the receipt.
  • Take a look at the store floor plans to familiarize yourself with the organization and layout of the sections. This way you will be able to orient yourself better once you arrive at the store and you will save time.

It is quite common for lines of customers to form early in the morning waiting for stores to open, especially clothing and technology retailers. Many of them have products with high discounts, but in limited quantities.

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After Christmas Day: a day of sales and celebration

The best Christmas deals of 2023

Christmas is getting closer and you can start shopping for gifts. There are multiple options for all budgets. If you don't want to spend too much, we propose some gifts that, although they aren’t completely original, are well accepted by people. Try to find out what that special person wants. But if you don't feel like it, you can choose from the selection we put together. There are stores with special deals for this date, such as Walmart, Forever 21, Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria's Secret, Nike or Adidas, where you can find everything and at the best price.

Wireless chargers

In practice, the Qi standard is the most common standard for wireless chargers. If the person's phone allows wireless charging, it will be compatible with the Qi standard. Also note the model and brand of the phone so that you can get advice from a retailer. In several stores of Australia you will find all kinds of wireless chargers: in the form of bases, docks or mats, and chargers that combine other functionalities such as allowing charging of smartwatches.


With seasonal changes it is always common to make a complete closet renovation, which also includes footwear. Giving sneakers as a gift is a good option and what we recommend is to buy a discreet color such as black, white or gray to avoid making a mistake. The options are endless and fluorescent colors are very fashionable. But in any case, you can always change your shoes. There are a lot of brands that have achieved a premium development of sneakers. Although the variety is wide and you can buy according to your budget.

Set of pillows

Pillows with Christmas designs are always a classic for children and you can choose this option as a gift. Also, many people love to decorate their home for the holidays and pillows would add a special touch to the place.


With puzzles, children train fine motor skills, improve hand-eye coordination and exercise concentration and patience. They also learn to solve problems with strategies and in a structured way, something that is achieved through the repetitive classification of the pieces. It is the ideal gift if you have more than one child so they can play together and collaborate in the assembly. The number of pieces depends on the age of the child. When the puzzle is finished, you can apply a light coat of adhesive protector on the image and then frame it.


Although perfumes are very personal, you can find out beforehand which one that person likes the most. Some people prefer fruity fragrances and others prefer floral, or simply a combination of the two. In the biggest stores you will find a wide variety of perfumes. Some are already a trademark of the brand, but there are always new releases for dates like Mother's Day or Christmas.

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The best Christmas deals of 2023

Christmas shopping 2023: the ultimate guide

Christmas is getting closer and it's time to start thinking about gifts. It is a complex time of the year because there are many expenses, but if you know how to manage them, you won't have any inconveniences when you go to a gift store. To avoid overspending and overloading your credit card, it is important that you take the time to plan and organize your expenses carefully. Here is the ultimate guide for Christmas shopping.

Set a budget

Set aside money throughout the year and integrate it into a monthly budget, so that in December you can use it for Christmas gifts. You should also think about how much you are willing to spend on each gift and respect the range. This way, you'll be able to buy everyone a good gift without going overboard. Budgeting isn't much fun, but you can look at it as a creative challenge. Often, carefully thought-out gifts are much more meaningful than more expensive ones.

Plan ahead

Start looking for Christmas gifts at any time of the year. You can shop with summer sales and save them for Christmas, but don't forget to make a list of what you're taking and for whom.

Go to an outlet store

With fashions coming and going, hardly anyone notices if the gift is from one collection or another. Discounts at these types of stores, provided they are properly checked, can be as much as 70% off the original price. It is a unique opportunity to get the desired savings. In several stores in the USA you can find incredible discounts this season to avoid crunching your budget.

Go for handmade gifts

We live in a world that begins to appreciate those unique objects that our grandmothers could make. The time has come to go for that which is unrepeatable. Whether you get down to work with some crafts or because you are encouraged to buy in workshops and craft stores, handmade is ideal for gifts. You can explore some craft magazines or look for tutorials on the internet to start making by yourself what you used to buy.

Buy online

The Internet is a very interesting option to buy cheap. Online shopping allows you to compare prices more quickly and access to a wide variety of products. In addition you save waiting at the cash register and fitting rooms. Price is one of the determining factors of a purchase and, therefore, we are receptive to any offer, rebate, discount or promotion that present items is paramount. In short, the idea is to buy more but spend less. We must assess what possibilities the market presents for the chosen gift and choose the option that has the best price and quality.

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Christmas shopping 2023: the ultimate guide

How to make post-Black Friday purchases that truly matter

Black Friday is over, but you still have time to buy the things you want and passed up. How to make post-Black Friday purchases that really matters? Keep in mind some great discount dates. It's just that the bargain season extends beyond Black Friday. In 2003, U.S. retailers increased store opening hours. That year, Kmart, Walmart and Sears offered pre-dawn discounts. That was the same year that Black Friday became the most profitable shopping day of the year, according to data from the International Council of Shopping Centers. Shoppers say deals and discounts are the most important factor in store choice, followed by free shipping and a convenient location. It's true that Black Friday has a great tradition in the U.S. because it started here, but if you were busy and missed it you still have a chance to buy Christmas gifts or treat yourself for little money.

Winter sales for clothing

Winter sales generally kick off on the evening of January 6 for online channels and January 7 for physical stores. It's an excellent opportunity to find great deals and renew your closet. Stores like Zara, Mango, Michael Kors or H&M often have up to 65% on some items. Go prepare your baskets at online stores and plan when you're going to go to physical stores to shop guilt-free. At Costco, for example, you can find discounts of up to 50% on jackets and parkas, first layers, socks, hats and gloves, including some products with merino wool, one of the best materials to avoid the cold. They also sell snow suits (jacket+pants) for children, ideal for them to attend school, at very convenient prices. At Academy Sports, a store specialized in sports and indoor/outdoor activities, they have very convenient prices. If you are looking for skates or snowboarding items, you have to give it a spin.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14. This holiday comes from long ago and is commemorated because in the third century in Rome killed the priest Valentine for secretly celebrating marriages of young lovers. Over the years, its celebration has spread to the whole world. On Valentine's Day it is classic for couples to give each other perfumes, flowers, chocolates or jewelry. Although of course each couple is free to decide what gift to give on this special day. That is why stores don’t limit themselves to giving discounts only on the above products but do it in different items to give variety and cover the tastes. Stores in the U.S. always prepare extraordinary discounts for Valentine's Day. You can buy chocolates and perfumes with up to 55% discount. In addition to Black Friday, there are many more options to buy on the cheap. You just have to pay attention to what is more convenient to buy on each date.

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How to make post-Black Friday purchases that truly matter

The best Black Friday department store deals for your budget

Black Friday is approaching and the Americans’ favorite stores are preparing their battery of deals for this special event. It is the run-up to Christmas and you can take advantage of it to buy all the gifts or treat yourself: whether you want to change your TV, cell phone or computer. This year's Black Friday will take place on November 24. If you are already thinking about doing your Christmas shopping, here are the best department stores to go to in the USA.


This is a true giant among international hypermarket chains and stands out for its particular operation based on a system of members who pay a fee to buy their products. In Costco you can also find great deals on toys and is ideal if you have to go wholesale shopping for Christmas. Here you will find a wide assortment of all kinds of products, including meats.


Ollie's is an American retail chain store primarily located in the eastern and southeastern regions of the United States. It specializes in discount and discontinued products, offering bargain prices for quality items. There are many ways to save money at Ollie's. You can browse their monthly flyer for the latest deals, see the greatest deals on their website or you can follow them on social media for the latest news on interesting bargains and promotions.

Sam’s Club

This chain offers exclusive discounts on seasonal products, but there are also special offers for Black Friday. Technology, home, health and beauty and grocery items are part of Sam's Club's range of opportunities to enjoy shopping at a differential price. To shop at Sam's Club, customers are required to have a membership, which comes in different tiers, such as a basic membership and a premium membership. Memberships are typically purchased on an annual basis and provide access to the store's exclusive deals and discounts.


Walmart has multiple discounts for Black Friday. Technology, fashion accessories, furniture and food are the items with the biggest offers. At Walmart you can get, for example, the latest technology TVs for u$s298 and sets of sheets for u$s19. Air conditioners, now that summer is coming to an end, are u$s100. Walmart is an American hypermarket, department store, and grocery chain. The company currently operates over 10.500 stores in 24 countries using many names depending on its size, country, and business type.


At Target you can find great deals on apparel, with sales of up to 30% on shoes for the whole family, and selected clothing for women, babies and kids. If you are thinking of renovating your home, you have excellent discounts on patio furniture and decorative items. Electronics and groceries are other products with good prices. Target has more than 1958 stores across the country, with locations in every state, including the District of Columbia.

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The best Black Friday department store deals for your budget

Cyber Monday shopping tips for 2023

CyberMonday deals are as diverse as consumer preferences. If this is your first time in the United States to join this event you should take into account these tips so you won't make a mistake.

Percentage discounts

Percentage discounts are the protagonists of Cyber Monday 2023. It is one of the most common types of promotions that you will find and consists of reducing the price of products to a specific percentage. It can vary from a modest 10% to 70% or more.

Discounts of specific amounts

To promote large purchases, specific amount discounts are a typical treasure of cyber days. Some online stores offer cash discounts when the purchase reaches a certain amount. For example, you can offer a discount of u$s1500 on a purchase of u$s10,000 or more. This allows the potential customer to save directly on their total purchase.

2×1 or 3×2 offers

2×1 or 3×2 deals are also typical of Cyber Monday in the United States. These discounts are ideal to encourage the purchase of more than one product and are a great way to sell in bulk.

Special codes for loyal customers

Stores often send exclusive discount codes to their frequent customers by email or through the store's app. They can also advertise them on Instagram and strengthen their bond with the community through this social network. To get these additional discounts, you must put the code in the online store checkout.

Free shipping after a certain purchase amount

Many stores today offer free shipping when the purchase reaches or exceeds a certain amount. This encourages users to buy more products and, at the same time, serves to save shipping costs.

Interest-free installments

Paying in interest-free installments with credit cards facilitates access to more expensive products without incurring additional charges.

Gifts or bonuses

In addition to discounts, during cyber days, some stores offer gifts or bonuses for the purchase of certain products. These may include complimentary items, gift vouchers or discounts on the next purchase. These promotions make Cyber Monday in the United States an excellent opportunity for customers to get the products they want at more affordable prices and for the business to increase the average ticket.

Other shopping tips

  • Register on the Cyber Monday site before midnight to receive the latest news.
  • Register on the sites of the participating companies to speed up your shopping process.
  • For security reasons, access the stores participating in the event only through the official Cyber Monday site.
  • If you find a product you are interested in, buy it right away. If you decide to come back later, it will probably be sold out.
  • Check your card limit beforehand.
  • Analyze the different payment options, available delivery times and exchange policies.
  • If you want to buy clothes and shoes keep in mind: use size, color and style filters. Make use of the fit and last suggestions.

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Cyber Monday shopping tips for 2023

Black Friday 2023: the ultimate guide to the best deals

Black Friday is one of the most popular events for Americans to buy at a discount, especially for Christmas gifts. But sometimes we get dazzled by so many discounted items that we buy more than we should and could seriously compromise our budget. Many Stores in the USA are ideal to take advantage of offers if you already have in mind what to choose. But even if anxiety gets the better of us, here is the ultimate guide to the best deals. Follow these tips and you won't regret it.

Set a budget

If you were writing down what things you need, the ideal was to save money for this event. It's not about spending for the sake of spending. A tip: along with your list of needs, write down on each side the maximum budget you plan to spend on that product. Keep in mind that the sum of them doesn’t exceed the total estimated value.

Analyze all the options

Don't be dazzled by the first thing you see. Also analyze the competition and look at all the options available to you. Because on Black Friday there are many stores that offer supposedly discounted items that the day before cost exactly the same. Many retailers place a variety of items with small discounts and in the aggregate don't end up making a difference in terms of savings.

Take advantage of opportunities

If you are going to have to buy Christmas gifts in a few weeks, why not take the opportunity to do it now instead of leaving it to the last minute? Remember that many of the products offered on Black Friday are limited in stock. As mentioned above, making a list of what you need will allow you to get organized and be able to evaluate options to make sure you don't come in under budget for Christmas.

Don't buy what you already have

Despite having a TV, we may find an offer that makes us think we need another one when we really already have a good set at home that we don't even use often. We should use sanity before clicking on the cart and buying it, no matter how good the deal is. There are other examples that can make us buy unnecessarily, although only you can draw the line between buying and not buying.

Research about the store

If you are looking for the best prices, it is essential to know how the store you want to buy from during Black Friday works, making sure you know the types of discounts and sales it offers. Make sure you also know if they offer 'flash offers' for a limited time, if they offer discounts by type of product and how much stock they have. If there are few units of the product you want, you should hurry.

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Black Friday 2023: the ultimate guide to the best deals

The best Cyber Monday deals on electronics

Electronics account for more than 50% of household energy costs. Using them wisely will help you reduce the value of your next energy bill. But at this point we must differentiate between savings when buying electronics and savings when using them. The first step is to choose well which computer, tablet, television or cellphone you want without compromising your salary. In the best US stores such as Best Buy, Electronic Express, BrandsMart USA or Samsung you can find a huge variety of electronic products at the best prices on the market, especially on Cyber Monday. How to take advantage of the best deals? Read this guide.

Compare prices in store and online

The same electronics may have a different price in each store. It's easy to think that the difference will be a few dollars, but it can go beyond that if there are special offers involved. That's why it's important to compare prices in different physical stores and also in their online version. You will see that the stores have similar models but with small variations in price or features. The best way to prepare yourself before buying any electronic appliance on Cyber Monday is to compare prices, first online and then in the store.

Consider private labels and second brands

To save when buying your appliances you need to look beyond the traditional brands. In the market you will find private labels and second brands. Private label brands are those sold by big chains as their own lines. And second brands are additional brands from well-known manufacturers.

Don't be persuaded by offers

Burrs are always positive, although it is advisable to analyze them first. Why buy a best computer if you are not going to use it? Even if it costs the same as a smaller one, you will spend more energy and possibly more on the purchase. There are two other alternatives to save on the purchase of electronics that can be very helpful to avoid overspending: sell your old appliance or investigate if there is any renovation plan.

Overlook extra components

When buying appliances, watch out for “extras” that you probably don't need. Typically, automatic timers on a coffee maker or special cycles on a washing machine can be a great convenience if you know how to use them, but they're not necessary. If you go through your appliances right now and take inventory, you'll find at least half a dozen items that you rarely use to their maximum capacity on special settings. Buy the most user-friendly, basic version of what you need to avoid complications down the road. Unless you have specific technical applications in mind for your appliance or if you like to read manuals and explore all the inner workings of each machine, it's best to keep it simple.

My Deals 365 brings you the discount catalogs of your favorite stores so you can renew your electronics without overspending this Cyber Monday. Keep in mind the tips so you don't compromise your budget.


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The best Cyber Monday deals on electronics

10 tips for surviving Black Friday

One of the best times of the year for Americans to save money on their shopping is approaching. If you want to give your savings a boost and find the juiciest discounts this November on Black Friday, follow our tips. It is the best option to survive this event. There are many stores that will be discounting their products and you can make a big financial difference.

1- Set a budget

The best thing you can do for your economy is to know how much you can spend these days. Check your bank account and carefully evaluate the budget you have. Even if you already know what you are going to buy.

2- Create a wish list

Take your time and make a list of what you think you will buy. It can be either your Christmas gifts or treats for yourself. Once you know what items are on the list, it's time to list them. Put them in order so you know what priority they have.

3- Use discount coupons

Many stores prepare exclusive coupons for these dates. Using Black Friday codes is very simple: just copy them and just before paying for your purchase, you can apply them and you will automatically see a discount on the final purchase price.

4- Check out the promotions in the stores

One trick to achieve greater savings is not to buy the item you want at the first online store you visit. Unless that product is exclusive to a single store.

5- Use applications to compare prices

Technology also helps a lot in these cases thanks to Internet services that record for you all the discounted prices from different stores.

6- Read the special conditions

During the days of Black Friday, the store may apply some special conditions (not accepting payment by card or changing their return policy). But they must announce it clearly and visibly for all customers to see.

7- You can request a list of complaints

All stores participating in the event are obliged to give you a complaint form if you ask for it. You must fill it out in three copies: one for you, one for them and a third one that you must present at the Consumer Office.

8- Shop only on secure sites

Before buying from any online merchant, make sure it is legal. If it is not a company you know before, do a simple search on the Internet.

9- Buy responsibly

By managing your money wisely and responsibly, you can treat yourself once in a while and still work on your financial freedom.

10- Compare prices a few days in advance

One of the best tips for Black Friday is not to blindly trust businesses. Make your wish list before and check the price of those items at the stores you shop at.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs for Black Friday this November 24. Take advantage of our tips. It is the best option to survive this event.


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10 tips for surviving Black Friday

Halloween deals: find the best deals on costumes, decorations, and candy

There is less and less left to celebrate a new Halloween party, one of the most traditional dates in the United States. Surely you are already thinking about how to decorate the house, what sweets to give to avoid challenges and what to dress up as, so below we share the best Halloween supermarket offers.


What would Halloween be without costumes? Whether it's for your kids to go out around the neighborhood looking for candy or to dress up yourself and wait for visitors, it's always important to have good costume options. Dollar Tree has a super complete catalog of costumes on sale, such as the Lady Bug Headband, with wings, headband and skirt, or the pirate costume for children, with t-shirt, swords, patch and other accessories. At Ollie's they offer super cheap prices and offers on the purchase of costumes of Marvel superheroes, Star Wars, Transformers and Disney Princesses. At the same time, they sell all kinds of accessories separately so you can create your own horror look to go out and scare.


Without a doubt you will want to have the best decorated house in the neighborhood and hear the screams of the children when they come to your door to offer you the classic “trick or treat”. At Meijer they offer great discounts on decorative objects for Halloween, such as 25% off on interior decoration figures and posters, with illuminated pumpkins, friendly skeletons, witches and ghosts. At the same time, they also have significant discounts on outdoor decoration items. At Aldi they have offers so that even your pet can scare away visitors. The Hear To Tail Cat Scratching Playhouse is only $6.99 and comes with catnip to keep him relaxed. At the same time, they offer discounts on cups, plates and bowls with Halloween phrases and decorations. At Kohl-s, meanwhile, you can find great discounts on pillows, LED lamps, ceramic pumpkins, doormats, and candles decorated for Halloween. In addition, they offer skulls, witches and ghosts to hang from the trees.


You probably want to avoid ending up with the front of the house covered in toilet paper or some similar prank, so you should always have a good supply of candy on hand to keep visiting ghosts happy. At Bi-Mart they have sweets at a good price, such as Heat English Toffee, Juniors Mint Snacks Mini or Jelly Belly Candy Corn. Meijer also has great deals on candy, like 30% off on Kit Kat and Reese's chocolates, and 2 for 1 on Peeps Ghosts and Candy Corn candies. Dollar Tree, meanwhile, offers all kinds of sweets starting at $1.25, such as the multi-pack of chocolates from the Reese's, Whooppers, Tootsie Roll and Crunch brands, or the Pops, Warheads, Mini Pops and Krabby Patties candies.

Access My Deals 365 and discover the most complete catalogs in the United States to save on costumes, decorations and candy for the Halloween celebration.


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Halloween deals: find the best deals on costumes, decorations, and candy

Halloween hacks: tips for saving money on your spookiest holiday

Halloween is one of the most popular and fun holidays of the year. Millions of Americans take to the streets in spooky costumes and exchange candy. It's a celebration for young and old and no one wants to be left out. But as much fun as it is, it's also an expensive investment. You have to buy costumes, pumpkins, decorations and candy to exchange. At the end of the day we can end up stressing over the bills. Here are some tips on how to save money on the spookiest holiday of all.

Reuse materials

Creativity is your best ally to create original and inexpensive costumes and decorations. You can reuse materials you have at home, such as old clothes, cardboard, paper, fabrics, bottles, cans, etc. You can also recycle objects you no longer use and give them a new life with a little paint, glue and accessories.

Shop around

Before buying anything for Halloween, it is convenient to compare prices between different stores and options. You can take advantage of the offers and discounts that some stores usually offer at this time of the year, or look in second hand stores, outlets or flea markets. Another option is to go online. Generally there are cheaper and more varied products than in physical stores.

Have a party at home

If you want to celebrate Halloween with your friends or family, a good option is to have a party at home instead of going out to bars or discos. This way you can save money on tickets, drinks and transportation. You will also be able to set the party to your liking and control the number of guests. To save even more, you can ask each guest to bring some food or drink, or make a simple and economical menu with seasonal products.

Light up with candles

Lighting is a key element to create a spooky atmosphere on Halloween. However, there is no need to spend a lot of money on artificial lights that consume energy and can be dangerous. A more ecological and economical alternative is to use candles to illuminate your house or your party. You can place them inside empty pumpkins, glass jars or old candlesticks for a spookier touch.

After Halloween, you'll probably be left with things you're not going to use anymore, such as costumes, decorations or candy. Instead of throwing them away or keeping them in the closet until next year, you can donate them to a charity, an educational center or a person in need. Another option is to exchange them with other people who have things that interest you or who want to get rid of what you need.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs for you to live this Halloween to the fullest. You don't need to spend a lot of money to live a real party, as tradition dictates. Be ready to buy what you need!


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Halloween hacks: tips for saving money on your spookiest holiday

Halloween is here: save big on costumes, candy, and more!

Halloween is just around the corner and Americans are getting ready for it. It's a favorite celebration for kids and teens, but it can also be a costly one.

Going to the supermarket and to the decoration stores to buy costumes can be a real headache. If you don't plan your shopping well, you run the risk of taking unnecessary products and seriously compromising your budget. And at the end of the month!

In American stores like Big Lots, The Home Depot and Sam's Club you can find great discounts to make your money go further. Save big on costumes, candy, and more!

Make a shopping list

People who don't make a list of what they need to buy for Halloween often end up forgetting what was essential and buy any kind of product instead.

Also, setting a rough budget can help you get a basic idea of how much to spend and avoid going too far over your planned limit.

An alternative is the online list method. In this case what we will do is create a series of pre-determined lists on the online page of the cheapest store. This can be one for sweets and treats and another for festive outfits and decorations.

Shop by price and not by brand

A classic mistake is to avoid lesser-known brands because they are considered to be of lower quality. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are products that are not as well known but are just as good as those of the leading brands. You just have to know how to choose.

Using these products is a good way to save on the Halloween shopping basket, as their prices are usually considerably lower.

Go to different stores

It is key to visit different branches and companies as prices can vary significantly. It is also important to know the days and places where discounts and promotions are offered to take advantage of the benefits and thus pay less.

Buy what you need

It is necessary to select in the store the amount of products we need and avoid buying in excess in case the price goes up. As a result of this action, many times we end up buying too much in items that we are not going to consume and then we finish throwing them away.

Take advantage of seasonal products

Products such as pumpkin, an icon of Halloween, are in season. Therefore, it will be cheaper to buy it close to the date of celebration. You can't miss a pumpkin at every door of your house.

Join loyalty programs

Traditionally, stores gave you a physical card (sometimes one of those that you could carry with your keys), but nowadays many of them work with mobile applications, where you can see how many points you have accumulated and on which products there are offered.

My Deals 365 brings you all the catalogs so you can enjoy Halloween in style without the expense. Not far to go!


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Halloween is here: save big on costumes, candy, and more!

How Walmart changed the way we shop

Since its founding in 1962, Walmart has built a reputation as an affordable retailer offering a wide range of household essentials. But it is evolving to ensure that it remains one of the most popular stores in the U.S.

Walmart's entry into the world of supermarketing completely changed the way we shop. Sam Walton, its creator, was convinced from the very beginning of how successful the combination of self-service (before the 1960s, there was no such thing) and discounting could be.

In the Discount Department Store (DDS) sector, it followed the path blazed by its main competitor, KMart. Although WalMart didn’t invent the discount store, it was able to spread the model across the North American continent.

The company was able to correct the mistakes of its competitors and disseminate its corrections in the North American market with surprising speed and efficiency.

And the chain has already announced a number of changes that it hopes will positively impact consumers: fast delivery speeds, home delivery services and new product selection.

This giant doesn’t want to be left behind and inaugurated its first “store of the future” concept. Dubbed the Walmart Intelligent Retail Lab (IRL), this new store features the use of artificial intelligence and a host of technology to automate tasks that for years have been performed by humans.

The newest and clearest example of this is the Intelligent Retail Lab (IRL), a huge 15,240-square-meter store in Levittown, New York, which opened its doors with more than 30,000 items and is operated by just 100 employees with the help of a huge system of cameras and sensors equipped with artificial intelligence.

The system is responsible for monitoring inventory levels to determine, for example, if staff need to take more meat out of storage to replenish the shelves or if any of the fresh produce has been on the shelf too long and needs to be removed.

Adapting to change

One of Walmart's great successes was to know how to adapt to the changes and the times. And faced with a consumer who, during the isolation caused by the pandemic, discovered the advantages of e-commerce, Walmart continued to bet on the channel to boost its business.

Post-pandemic, its digital channel reached figures higher than 15% of the company's turnover. To meet this demand, it had head offices located in the main cities of the United States.

With the arrival of this new normality, consumers have changed their habits, prioritizing the possibility of choosing virtuality for certain activities that they used to do in person. In thissense, we are facing a more connected and informed consumer who is looking for a complete, simple and fast shopping experience with personalized and exclusive offers.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of the main supermarket chains in the United States. There you can find a wide variety of products and the best prices in the market. Don't wait any longer and explore our website to find out about the best promotions.


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How Walmart changed the way we shop

Oktoberfest in the US: a guide for first-timers

Autumn is not only popular for its beautiful orange foliage scenery or seasonal fruits, but it is also famous for having some of the best and most anticipated celebrations of the entire year. This is Oktoberfest, a popular beer festival that originated in Munich in 1810 and over the years has become a tradition in its country of origin as well as in other parts of Europe and the US. If you can't travel or don't have enough money to enjoy Oktoberfest, take a trip to the supermarket and buy the beer you like best. There are options like ShopRite, Kroger, Price Chopper or Dollar Tree where you will find the best brands at affordable prices. A beginner's guide: these are the best places to celebrate Oktoberfest in the United States.

Das Beste in La Crosse (Wisconsin)

Das Beste is considered the best Oktoberfest celebration in Wisconsin. It dates back to 1961 when the tradition arrived in the United States. The festival features a cornhole tournament, lederhosen games, live musical concerts, German-themed parades and Miss Oktoberfest competitions. The festival's main agenda spans Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 at Oktoberfest Strasse, La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601.

Denver Oktoberfest in Denver (Colorado)

From September 24-26, the beer-filled Denver Oktoberfest takes place. Among the activities on offer are costume contests, mug-lifting competitions and a weiner dog derby. General admission wristbands cost about $45 and include access to live musical performances, keg bowling and free drinks.

The Standard in Manhattan (New York)

This venue brings together several area breweries to celebrate Oktoberfest on select days in September and October. One of the featured breweries is Von Trapp Brewing, which plans to offer free beers and German snacks this year while screening the movie The Sound Of Music, which is an inspiration from the brewery itself. Another guest brewery is Brooklyn's Sixpoint Brewery, which will offer live German music, frothy beer and pretzels galore.

Dallas Oktoberfest in Dallas (Texas)

During the first weekend of October, Dallas celebrates the festival with local music, all kinds of food, both American and German-inspired; and a lot of liters of beer.

Oktoberfest Nashville (Tennessee)

This Oktoberfest was established in 1980 in Germantown, a neighborhood popular for celebrating this celebration of German beer and traditions in style. The city offers German food and beer served by some of the best local establishments, as well as themed events, art for sale, chicken dances and a dog derby.

Oktoberfest at Avalon Park Orlando (Florida)

Avalon's Oktoberfest features an outdoor festival with German food, beer and music, as well as traditional Alpine dancing. Oktoberfest, despite its German roots, spread around the world and in the United States there are large celebrations for the date. Lots of beer, typical German food and dancing and singing shows are the main attractions of the festivity.

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Oktoberfest in the US: a guide for first-timers

How to celebrate Labor Day in the US

In accordance with the law, Labor Day in the United States is celebrated on the first Monday of September. This year 2023 will be September 4. Labor Day is one of 11 official federal holidays designated by the U.S. Congress, paid days off for government workers and other private employees. On these days, banks, schools, libraries, the post office and some supermarkets are usually closed. Labor Day celebrations in the United States are varied and reflect the importance of this date to society. It is common to see marches, commemorative speeches and dazzling fireworks. But it is also a day of family reunion and enjoyment. Barbecues are especially popular, where families gather to share and commemorate together. This day also serves as a reminder to all citizens of the importance of the working class in building and maintaining the country.

The Labor Day

Labor Day is the last holiday of the summer and is also a time to reflect on the history of the labor movement in the country and the rights and working conditions of workers. Labor Day is celebrated with parades, festivals and events in several states. As Labor Day is considered the end of summer, Americans flock to community pools and beaches for one last dip before those facilities close until the following Memorial Day. In sports, Labor Day kicks off the culmination phase of major league baseball's pennant race and also the last weekend before the National Football League begins. Many political pundits suggest that Labor Day marks the beginning of the election campaign season. That's because elections in the United States are held on the first Tuesday in November and many candidates indulge in giving major speeches on that day. Another tradition is the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) telethon. The televised charity campaign has been held every year since 1966 and was hosted by Jerry Lewis. The telethon is interspersed with performances by top entertainers who solicit donations to provide funds for the MDA in its fight against more than 40 neuromuscular diseases. Labor Day has a festive purpose for workers, and today is also seen as a reminder of a historic struggle for labor rights, fair wages, safe conditions and reasonable hours. The commemoration of this day also marks the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, a time for family gatherings, barbecues and recreational activities. How do you plan to celebrate Labor Day? You can watch a movie marathon or go out and enjoy some time with your family.

The first celebration

The first time this day was officially celebrated was on September 5, 1882, in New York. However, it was not until 1894 that President Grover Cleveland made it a federal holiday.

At My Deals 365 you won’t only find all the discount catalogs of the best brands in the country, but also by visiting us you will become part of the history of the United States. What you didn't know about Labor Lay, you're sure to find out here.


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How to celebrate Labor Day in the US

Labor Day 2023: a history of the American Labor Movement

In many countries, Labor Day is celebrated on May 1. However, in the United States and Canada, the holiday takes place on the first Monday in September. Officially commemorates the contributions of workers to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the country.

The first Labor Day celebration was held in New York on September 5, 1882. The date was chosen because it was roughly midway between the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving celebrations. It was celebrated with a parade sponsored by the Knights of Labor (one of the first labor unions in the United States) and approximately 10,000 workers paraded.

The Knights organized another parade the following year and in 1884 adopted a resolution calling for recognition of the first Monday in September as Labor Day. By 1894 approximately 28 states celebrated Labor Day and in that year Congress passed a law establishing the day as a national holiday.

A history of the American Labor Movement

According to the Department of Labor, the idea of creating a holiday to honor workers was proposed by Peter McGuire of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners Union or Matthew Maguire of the International Association of Machinists.

The Central Labor Union of New York appointed a committee to organize a picnic and parade to honor the workers.

On September 5, 1882, New York City held the first Labor Day parade. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that 10,000 workers participated.

Not all employers support the idea, but many unionized workers take the first Monday in September off anyway. Some unions impose fines on workers who do show up for work. Back then, workers received time off for Christmas, the Fourth of July, and every other Sunday.

In 1887, Oregon became the first state to make Labor Day a legal holiday. And by 1894, President Grover Cleveland and the U.S. Congress made Labor Day a national holiday.

According to official data, in 1983 the union membership rate was 20.1% in the U.S. By 2020, the membership rate was 10.8%. In 2020, Hawaii and New York had the highest rate of unionized workers among the states: Hawaii at 23.7% and New York at 22%. South Carolina and North Carolina had the lowest, at 2.9% and 3.1% in 2020.

Labor Day has been celebrated for more than 120 years, making it one of the great traditional holidays across the nation. Its origin lies in the celebration of the labor contribution of Americans, as well as the establishment of their union rights.

It's a date with a certain bittersweet taste. It brings with it the end of the summer season although, on the other hand, Labor Day will mean a three-day weekend for most workers and countless sales at big-name retailers.

In My Deals 365 you will not only find the discount catalogs of the best stores in the country, but you can also learn a little more about the history of the United States. Enjoy the day very much!


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Labor Day 2023: a history of the American Labor Movement

Toys R Us: the store that made toys fun again

The Toys R Us catalog was the bible of childhood for six decades. It was the must-visit before Christmas, Halloween or the arrival of the Three Wise Men.

“If it exists, it's in Toys R Us”, was the ambitious slogan with which the company showed its power in the toy world. There were long lines in the morning to buy a particular toy and even provoked fights and thefts.

The toys that lived at Toys R Us unleashed hysteria among children (and some parents) year after year, and the catalogs fed it. “Come to the home of the Magi”, read an early Christmas brochure from 1991. Behind it was printed a map to mark the stores it had in the United States.

The catalog highlighted the coveted, early Game Boy, which back then also included the Tetris cartridge, batteries and stereo headphones. Its small screen was still black and white. The Nancy doll, the mountain bike or the plastic skates also caused a sensation.

The difference of this chain was always in the size of its stores, the variety of toys, having the best brands in the market and the interaction of children with the product. These strengths made the business grow, made it the largest toy store in the world and made toys fun again.

Like the phoenix

The rise of e-commerce put Toys R Us in a difficult situation. There is no doubt that the charm of visiting a store and interacting with toys is still one of the great advantages, but the convenience of viewing an online catalog on the couch at home and placing an order without having to go out became a trend that affected its business model.

Despite its downfall, the chain adapted to the current times and changes took place: the size of the stores was reduced and online commerce was reinforced.

However, competition in the sector is now more pronounced. Today, the large toy stores operating internationally have opted to promote a fun and interactive experience that allows them to take advantage of the benefits of having physical stores. But Toys R Us is backed by history.

Despite having closed worldwide there are still Toy R Us stores open in the world, which remain open due to their great success in the place where they are located. For example, one is located in Japan and is one of the last stores open, as well as in Spain and Portugal.

There isn’t an American who hasn’t passed by a Toys R Us store and who doesn't have an anecdote to tell. This chain has marked many generations and even today, far from the splendor of yesteryear, it continues to surprise young and old alike. Your grandparents and parents will surely have a lot to tell you about Toys R Us.

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Toys R Us: the store that made toys fun again

Where to find the creamiest, cheesiest mac & cheese in the US

The origin of macaroni dates back to ancient Greece and a colony founded in Neopolis, present-day Naples, Italy. It consisted of cooking flour pasta in boiled water, then spreading butter and finally adding ground cheese. Although the recipe is very traditional in countries such as England, Switzerland, Canada and of course Italy, the United States is the country that claims it as its own and has the highest per capita consumption of this traditional dish. If you're a macaron lover or haven't tried it yet and want to experience that explosion of flavor in your mouth, we recommend some of the best supermarkets in the United States to buy. Where to find the creamiest, cheesiest mac & cheese? In stores such as Shoprite, Price Chopper, Kroger and Publix you can find a wide variety of the best macaroni.


At Shoprite the options are also varied. You will find everything at the best price: fruits and vegetables, snacks, sweets, fresh food, DIY and gift items, pet food, plants, coffee and tea, small appliances, party products, toiletries, and many more. Shoprite offers special weekly promotions that make shopping at this supermarket even cheaper than usual. In addition, Shoprite customers can take advantage of many exclusive in-branch benefits. Subscribe now to the Shoprite newsletter and don't miss out on more offers.

Price Chopper

Price Chopper offers a wide range of products including frozen foods, fresh and processed meats, milks and non-dairy products, fresh and frozen seafood, potatoes, fruits and vegetables, bread and cookies, savory snacks, candy, coffee, beer, wine, soft drinks, pet food, appliances and cereals, and much more. At Price Chopper you can always save more. Enjoy instant savings on your purchases, personalized offers every time you scroll to their website and save up to 25% on select groceries.


At Kroger customers will find a wide range of products such as fresh meat, poultry and fish, fruits and vegetables, frozen foods, deli meats, soft drinks, coffee and tea, pet food, cleaning supplies, personal care and hygiene products, office supplies and much more. There are many ways to save money at Kroger. You can sign up on the official website to receive alerts on products you want to purchase, simply click on the alert icon below the product to receive promotional alerts and Kroger will send you an email with relevant offers and promotions.


Publix offers a wide range of groceries, drugstore items, perfumery items and accessories. Most of the products are own brand and you get them at a lower price than in traditional supermarkets. The interesting thing about this chain is that you can check the previous price and the new price with the discount of each product, so you will be aware of whether the value for the purchase is convenient or not.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of the best supermarkets in the United States. There you can find the widest variety of macaroni and cheese and enjoy eating. It’s a unique experience.


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Where to find the creamiest, cheesiest mac & cheese in the US

How to make the most of your back to school budget

Back to school is complicated for parents and kids. Vacations are over for the little ones and parents have to spend a lot of money to buy all the school supplies. It's not easy to deny children a backpack or pencil case they love. But it's true that sometimes the budget isn't enough for everything, especially if there are two or three kids in the house. Managing money is an issue. How to make the most of your back to school budget? Here are some tips to help you balance your finances so you don't regret it at the end of the month. In big U.S. department stores like Target or Walmart you can find everything you are looking for at the best prices on the market.

Sort the list and prioritize

Is it important to buy scissors or should we use the ones we have at home? Will we need a 100-page notebook for PE class? Also check your children's closets to see what clothes and shoes they have left before you go out and buy a new closet.

Set a budget

Going back-to-school shopping without a budget will only set you up to spend more. Create your budget based on regular retail prices rather than current sales. Overestimating your spending will give you a little leeway when it comes time to shop. Keep in mind that your children won't need all the supplies at the beginning of the school year so you can buy things as they require them. This way you will spread the expense over time. Also, if you already know that you are going to have to buy clothes, notebooks, pens or backpacks, take advantage of the sales to find reduced prices and buy in advance.

Make the most of second hand

Reusing siblings' clothes and school supplies can be a good way to save money and encourage recycling. Another option is to look for school clothes and supplies on second-hand sales platforms on the Internet. Maybe you can also sell the books your children no longer use on the platform.

Save on transportation and food

Another important back-to-school expense is school transportation. To avoid a high cost, use public transportation or have your children walk if it isn’t too far. There is also the option of agreeing with other parents and organize to take the children to school in shifts, for example. Look for alternatives to the school lunchroom. The most advisable thing is that the children eat at home, but it is usual that the schedules of parents are not compatible and they must eat at school. To avoid the cost of the school lunchroom, you can count on the collaboration of grandparents or friends to pick up the children at lunchtime and eat at home.

My Deals 365 brings you all the catalogs of your favorite stores in the United States to make shopping cheaper. Take advantage of discounts and deals to make the most of your budget. Go for it!


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How to make the most of your back to school budget

Which new Ray-Ban model is right for you?

Glasses are part of us and not only help to see better or protect us from the sun, but also allow us to express our personality and emphasize our style. But the truth is that not all of us have the same type of face, and we will have to choose the glasses that best suit us. Ray-Ban has an incredible variety of models to choose from. Which new Ray-Ban model is right for you? Here we tell you.

Circular Face

Chubby cheeks, delicate jaw and forehead, proportional in width and length and cheekbones not protruding. Then your face is circular. To give your face more definition, look for rectangular glasses to add structure. Oversized frames will also look great because the face will appear smaller. Additionally, you can give more emphasis to the eyes with thick, full frames. Try to avoid round glasses, browline or very small frames. Our model of choice? Wins II. It is available in seven different colors and has a gold frame.

Square Face

If you have a wide jaw and forehead, your face is a square. A well-defined face like yours will do well with round or cat-eye frames because they break up the lines and add a bit of softness. Always try to create a balance, so avoid rectangular frames as they will only exaggerate the angles of your face, or frames that are too small as they will only make the face look bigger. Our model of choice? Ray-Ban Beat. It is available in six different colors and has a silver frame.

Diamond Face

If your face is longer than it is wide, your forehead and chin are fairly balanced and a little smaller than your cheekbones, your face is diamond shaped. You can highlight your delicate features with oval, round or cat-eye shaped frames because it will complement your cheekbones and add a little more volume where the forehead is a little narrower. Try to avoid rectangular or square frames as they may accentuate the width of your cheeks. Look for something delicate and fresh. Our model of choice? Marshal. It is available in seven different colors with a polished Havana frame.

Oval Face

If your face is longer than it is wide, and your forehead, jaw and chin are proportionate, then you have an oval shaped face. You can wear almost any type of lens, so have fun and experiment. Almost any frame will work for you. Some of the best ones are square or rectangular because it adds more structure to an already quite soft face. Aviators will also look great on you! Our model of choice? Clubmaster Oversized. It is available in three different colors with a blue matte frame.

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Which new Ray-Ban model is right for you?

Are you a Shoprite shopper? Here are 5 tricks you should know

Sometimes it's hard to split your salary to buy everything you want, but you can follow some simple tricks to save money at the supermarket. You don't need to be a superhero or know it all. It's just a matter of using your wits to avoid compromising your budget.

In the USA there are big chains such as Shoprite that offer excellent quality products at the best price. Although there are many Americans who prefer to shop at Kroger because they feel more identified with the origin of the brand.

Here are 5 tricks you should know before you buy at Shoprite.

Define your budget

A tip that never fails is to define your budget beforehand. That is, take just enough money to buy only what you need. Even if there are temptations like candy and sweets, you won't have enough money to spend and you will have to stick to your list. Try not to take children with you. They will want to buy everything they see and could put you in a bind. Knowing what you're going to spend is the best strategy to avoid regretting it at the end of the day.

Make a list

Once you have defined the money you will spend on monthly, weekly or daily shopping, make a list of what your needs are. Only go through the shelves of what you are going to buy and avoid being distracted by products on sale. Stay away from vices. A tip: try to incorporate in your list varied products of the food pyramid such as flours, meats, fruits and vegetables, fish or legumes.

Plan your meals

If you go to the supermarket once a week, we recommend that you plan your meals. If it is easier for you, you can use an application to organize your weekly meals and avoid double stress. When you have defined what the menu will be for each day and what you need to buy, go to your nearest store and just fill the basket with the products you have added to your list.

Buy products on sale

Buying products on sale is a good trick, although it doesn't always work. Many times we let ourselves be seduced by promotions and end up with useless expenses. We buy what's on sale just because it's cheap and not because we really need it. But if you really are a bargain hunter, you can manage to use promotions to your advantage. Seasonal produce is usually cheaper and provides you with more nutrients because of the time of year.

Recycle your food

If you overcooked and have leftovers, don't worry. We have a formula that never fails. Recycle your meals and make a new preparation with the leftovers. Don't waste anything and make the most of it. If you have leftover noodles from noon, you can prepare some delicious meatballs for the evening. Or heat up stale bread to make toasts.

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Are you a Shoprite shopper? Here are 5 tricks you should know

The best summertime deals to save at Five Below

In the USA the food market is highly concentrated in big players like Five Below. This discount chain offers all kinds of products at a lower price than in others and with a higher level of rotation. Some people prefer Ocean State Job Lot. If you have never shopped at Five Below, this is your chance. There are many good reasons: it has great prices, offers a wide selection of fresh label products and its stores are designed to make your visiting experience unique. If you browse their website, you will find incredible offers every week, a space where they share recipes and the possibility of shopping online. At Five Below there are some unique products that are worth buying if you visit this supermarket even once. Here are the best summer deals to save at Five Below.

Nashi pear

Five Below has an exotic fruit and vegetable section where you can find products that aren't easily available in the USA. One example is the nashi pear, which comes from Japan. Its shape, color and taste is different from the pear we are used to consuming in the country. You will surely become obsessed with this fruit and will want to go back to Five Below to buy more.

Patisson pumpkin

If you visit the fruit and vegetable section you can also take a Patisson pumpkin. This is a star-shaped pumpkin that originates from the American continent. It is striking because of its shape and you will surely take some home with you. Five Below never ceases to amaze you. The recipe booklet is nourished by all these fruits and vegetables. If you follow the instructions, you can become a great chef.

Italian olive oil

It's not easy to find good olive oil at a really cheap price. But at Five Below you can. The best olive oils in the world are Italian and in this supermarket chain you will find a wide assortment of the best brands. If you like to season your salads well, take two bottles with you and save one for when the warm weather arrives and you start including more vegetables in your daily menu.

Mixed nuts and dried fruit

Nuts are great to eat in winter. But if you miss the sweet bread at Christmas, it's time to buy the trail mix sold at Five Below. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the recipe Five Below posted on its website and get back to feeling like December when you were looking forward to Christmas. Our favorite cereal mix includes Southern Grove pistachios, almonds, walnuts and raisins.

Cod fillets

Cod fillet is another expensive product. Many times you avoid buying fish so you don't overspend and stick to your budget. But at Five Below you can treat yourself to frozen cod fillets if you're craving them. Make sure it always includes the label that the product has been certified for its quality standards.

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The best summertime deals to save at Five Below

How to refurnish your home for less than $1000

Do you want to decorate your house but you can't afford it? Many times we think that home decoration is really expensive and almost impossible to achieve with a small budget. In this article we will show you the opposite. There are several simple and original ideas to give your house a new look spending less than $1000. A previous tip: clean the floors first with some fresh fragrance. Then you are ready to live the home renovation experience firsthand. At major US stores like IKEA, Big Lots, Rooms to Go and Bed Bath & Beyond you'll find everything you need to bring value and timeliness back into your home without shelling out thousands of dollars. Pay attention to our tips and refurnish your home for little money.


Apart from doubling the light and allowing you to see yourself before going out, mirrors also act as decorative elements capable of marking a before and after. They should never be missing in the hall. You can place it leaning against the wall, on top of the sideboard or combine it with other objects. Try not to let it monopolize all the space, let it be part of a still life in which you can play with volumes and heights. At IKEA there are beautiful and super cheap mirrors. Our choice, which could be used in the bathroom, living room or bedroom, is the LindByn mirror. It costs $79.99.

Glass tables

Glass tables, due to their visual lightness and fragility, are great for designing more elegant rooms. They also make spaces appear larger and brighter. Always remember to add a pretty bouquet of flowers in a pretty vase and other decorative elements such as candles, books or a tray. If your house has an overload of wooden furniture and the walls are painted in a dark color, glass tables will be your best option. Try the change and you will see how the space is modified just by incorporating a glass table. At Big Lots you can find a wide variety of kitchen and patio tables. If you are a fan of barbecues and like to invite friends over, we suggest the Paloma Gray glass table. It costs $149.99.


Wallpaper will help you create more elegant environments. You don't need to wallpaper the whole room, you can decorate one wall and leave the rest with paint. In this way, you will focus your attention on one point and you won't spend so much money. This is a great way to decorate the headboard wall in the bedroom or to add style to boring homes. What about floral patterns? They are great for adding sweetness and large doses of naturalness. They come in many types: English style, with watercolor flowers, with leaf patterns. Just try to avoid bright and very intense colors. In stores like Rooms to Go or Bed Bath & Beyondyou will find all kinds of wallpapers and at a very convenient price.

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How to refurnish your home for less than $1000

5 ways to upcycle your old furniture and save money

If you are one of those people who love decorating and are always looking for good ideas to beautify your home, but don't have a lot of money... don't worry! Here we are going to give you 5 ways to upcycle your old furniture and save money. In big stores like Harbor Freight, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, ACE Hardware and Michaels you will find everything at the best price. In the USA the options are many and you can choose the store that best suits your tastes to make restoring your furniture a really fun experience. If work stresses you out, take a few minutes to make your home the best place in the world. Hands on!

Vinyl for floors

You can find some types of flooring with inexpensive materials such as vinyl or laminate flooring that will help you give your home a new look. There are an infinite number of models and designs on the market. From a carpet with a patterned vinyl to include a laminate floor with a wood effect. The choice is yours.


What bed or sofa doesn't look better with some nice pillows? While they're not too expensive and can add a touch of fresh air to your home, it's one of those things you can do yourself to cut costs. If you don't have much time, go to a store and buy the model that best suits your furniture so that it really stands out without having to change it.

New color for furniture

Painting the furniture is one of the easiest and cheapest options to give a new look to your home. Before you start renovating the decoration of the house, begin with the colors of the furniture. A good color scheme can completely change the look of a room.

Handles for cabinets

Not a day goes by without opening a drawer, kitchen cabinet, or closet door. If your kitchen cabinets are white and you're tired of looking so bland, you can buy new handles to add a touch of elegant design, especially for interior decorators. Replacing the handles of the kitchen or bedroom furniture can make them more functional, bring more warmth or a more industrial air, enhance their minimalism or, on the contrary, make them more decorative and colorful. You have a multitude of options: minimal, bar, leather, porcelain, chrome. Enjoy creating.

Another chance for your lamp

Perhaps your dining room lamp has become a little obsolete. With a small investment and a little electrical DIY you can give a new look to your dining room lighting. Change the light bulb in the room or simply renew the look of your old light fixture. You can get advice from the employee of one of the stores or dive on the internet to give the lamp a more personal touch and make it stand out in the environment where it will be located.

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5 ways to upcycle your old furniture and save money

Five must-have Ikea products to upgrade your kitchen

Are you ready to update your kitchen? A dream kitchen needs all the necessary tools and accessories for cooking, eating, and meal preparation. IKEA has the low-cost home furnishings and storage solutions you are looking for.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the options they offer? Well, we looked for and organized five must-have Ikea products to upgrade your kitchen and make the purchasing experience less intimidating for you.

Modular kitchen

If you don't have room in your kitchen for a coffee maker and other small appliances, consider getting a modular kitchen. To compensate for a lack of wall space, this furniture is an excellent alternative to a kitchen renovation, requiring minimal installation time. They are compact, yet they provide enough kitchen counter and storage space. Choose from a variety of versatile modular kitchen units at an affordable price.


They are not only utilitarian, providing easy access to ordinary goods, but they also allow you to add a personal touch to the room. They make the kitchen appear larger and more open. With open shelving, everything finds its way back to its designated location, and it's really easier to keep organized. The best aspect is that they are reasonably priced.

Drawers organizers

These items keep your kitchen tidy, organized, and clutter-free. Bakeware, chopping boards, and platters can be stored on their sides, making them more accessible and less prone to damage. Use hooks and clips to keep snack and sauce packets front and center so they don't get lost. They are also incredibly useful in displaying exactly how much you have, allowing you to plan your grocery trip and avoid overspending while wasting less food. Drawer organizers will give your kitchen a new lease on life.

Kitchen islands

Kitchen islands are a must-have in every kitchen renovation. They can add more cupboards, drawers, shelves, and counter space to your kitchen. So, if you don't already have one, now is the time to get one. They may dramatically enhance the flow of a kitchen by introducing a centerpiece and establishing a social place for cooking, dining, and relaxing.

Kitchen sinks

Your kitchen sink receives a lot of usages, and an outdated or damaged sink can detract from the overall look of the kitchen. Upgrading to a new sink type will help ensure that your kitchen remains both elegant and useful. IKEA kitchen sinks are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Whatever the size and style of your kitchen, you're likely to find what you need.

A remodeled kitchen will increase the selling value of your home as well as the value of your future. When you have good ideas and a shopping list and know where to buy them, working in a renovated kitchen becomes a lot easier. As you well know, Ikea has a wide range of products at reasonable prices to help you in the process.

Also, remember to check out My Deals 365 for the finest home and furniture brochures, deals, and rewards.


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Five must-have Ikea products to upgrade your kitchen

5 amazing power tools under $100

Are you starting your DIY projects at home and having to borrow all the tools from your neighbor? Well, it's time to invest some money in amazing and necessary power tools. So whether you are starting or you are an expert, having the proper power tools is a must.

Cordless Drill

Do you still have some folded curtains in the bag? or some shelves waiting to finally see the light? Well, it's time to get a cordless drill. This multi-purpose power tool can drill pilot holes and fix screws in wood, concrete, brick, metal, and plastic. Some experts may recommend using a percussion drill since it is lightweight and easy to operate.

Cordless Screwdriver

Did you buy a new shelf, but you are too lazy to put it together because it has too many screws? Then a cordless screwdriver is perfect for you. It is a multi-purpose electric hand tool used to drive screws. When compared to their manual counterparts, they help reduce time and effort on activities that need a large number of screws, such as building flat-pack furniture.


Who doesn't have an old coffee table or dresser that needs a makeover? With just a simple new paint coat, it can be transformed into a stylish new piece of furniture. An electric sander is a power tool used to smooth and polish surfaces as well as remove material. According to experts, a random-orbital sander is one of the most effective electric sanders.

Nail gun

Replace your hammer and nails to save time and energy. A nail gun is a powerful tool used to shoot nails into a target material rather than swinging a hammer for each nail. A nail gun can easily finish furniture projects and trim. Is your furniture or wall looking dull? Upgrade your cabinets and hardwood flooring; pin decorative moldings with a nail gun.

A jigsaw

One of the most useful tools you can own is a jigsaw, and some people say it is a great place to start the power tool journey. It allows you to cut delicate angled forms, circles, curved profiles, and patterns. Cut artistic designs into the wood with a jigsaw, and style your home with some handmade wooden decorative pieces—the sky is the limit!

We all know that power tools aren't cheap, and some of them may cost a fortune. But you can quickly choose the best site to buy power tools from this post and save money. If you're seeking products at a low cost, Harbor Freight, McCoysand, and Home Depot are excellent choices. If you're looking for member benefits, ACE Hardware is the place to go. They offer a unique discount mechanism known as Ace Rewards.

When you become a member, you will receive various prizes for purchasing things. Black and Decker and Stanley are for do-it-yourselfers. They are currently offering up to 20% off. You will find incredible opportunities to save money in the DIY and hardware categories, with over 20 store catalogs full of offers, promotions, and discounts.

Now that you have your toolbox updated, it is time to choose your next DIY project and nail it!


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5 amazing power tools under $100

How to create the perfect look for less than $50

Why would you want to seem ordinary when you can look spectacular? One of the most common fashionable old sayings is "never look dull." The good news is that you can update your style for less than $50, allowing you to seem trendy without breaking the bank! While the final months of winter are coming, spring deals are starting to pop up. Take advantage of the warmer weather without breaking the bank and look fabulous for less than $50. Yes, you can dress to feel like a million bucks without overspending. Looking fashionable is for more than just folks with six-figure wages. To appear attractive, you don't have to acquire the latest from the most prominent designers.

Basics come first

Walk away from trendy clothes that will pass with the season and stock up on basics first. It is essential to first understand the basics. You'll have a lot more freedom when it comes to putting outfits together this way. Furthermore, while trends come and go, your quality basics will last for years. Go for basic T-shirts, a couple of pairs of pants, white blouses, jeans, and a little black dress when you go shopping. You can then create the remainder of your wardrobe around those products. Remember that your essentials may also be influenced by your unique style. Make sure the clothes you choose are comfortable to wear. Invest in natural and high-quality fabrics like cotton, silk, wool, and linen. They are long-lasting, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Denim is a favorite, and it goes on sale often. Old Navy and Forever 21 offer most jeans in all sizes and shapes.

Accessories come second

Matching accessories is the simplest and most cost-effective method to liven up a neutral look. Accessories, whether a bag, scarf, hat, glasses, belt, or jewelry, can make or break an outfit. Try different things and see what you can come up with. Keep things simple since, more often than not, one well-chosen piece has a greater impact than several. Investing in minimal and structured bags elevates your look. Simple designs and plain colors can help improve any outfit. Structured bags match most clothes and thus save a lot of money. It can be worn with a variety of outfits. Large bags and bright colors should be avoided because they can overshadow your clothing. In your closet, you should have at least one white and one black structured bag. It is also critical to look after your bags. Cotton: On has a wide range of bags, from an underarm bag to a cross-body bag, in different colors and shapes, and they are all at a great price! These stores are on sale and offer great deals on accessories. Search Dickies for great deals on belts. DKNY certainly provides high quality; look for their seasonal sales. Establishing your style while being affordable requires more than just shopping sales; it's about understanding how items go together and finding small ways to create a complete look using pieces you already own and love. To sum up, wear your essentials alone, combine them for a simple, casual style, or add a few accessories to create a different look.


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How to create the perfect look for less than $50

Alternative grocery brands that are cheaper and better than the originals

As inflation continues to drive up prices, Americans are seeking additional methods to save money on regular grocery shopping. If you need to save money on groceries, go with store-brand products, which may cost less than name brands while still being just as good in terms of quality or quantity. Private brands, also known as private label or store brands, are made and sold for a specific retailer and are meant to compete with brand-name goods. These private brands are at the heart of food retailer price and selection strategies, and they are becoming increasingly popular. Savvy shoppers will find excellent options at Kroger, Price Chopper, Food 4 Less, Save a Lot, and Aldi stores.

If you shop at Kroger frequently, then you know that they own some of the greatest store brands. The grocer's "private label" portfolio includes Kroger's Simple Truth, Private Selection, Home Chef, and Heritage Farm, among other brands that families know they can trust. At Food 4 Less, you will find all the private brands offered at Krogers and more. They offer digital grocery coupons to help you save on your shopping list.

PICS by Price Chopper is a line of store-brand products that offer high quality and premium value to stock up on while staying within your budget. Go through the digital coupons and save them to your account. SHOP. Shop at your local Price Chopper for products on your shopping list. PICS products are chosen and evaluated by customers before being placed on their shelves, so you know exactly what you're receiving.

Aldi is another well-known retailer known for its brand. Aldi brands account for more than 90% of the products sold. The quality of what's inside the box, package, or bottle is comparable to well-known national brands at significantly higher price points. SimplyNature, Fit & Active, and LiveGfree are the only brands available at the store.

Ginger Evans, Kiggins, and J. Higgs are among the brands available at Save a Lot. Interesting names, eh? Its brands are named after former employees of the company. At this store, you will save money, stretch your bucks, and truly show that private-label items represent an excellent chance for buyers to optimize savings without sacrificing quality.

The vast majority of Lidl's items are private labels. They recently launched Peak Harvest, a new private-label range of products with more than 50 items such as apples, tomatoes, mushrooms, lettuce, and ready-to-eat salads. Most retailers, including Lidl, provide great deals. They offer several discounts on exclusive private-label items that are worth planning a trip for.

Inflation may be putting stress on your budget, particularly when it comes to groceries, but there are ways to combat it. These stores, and their private brands, offer you a wide selection of high-quality private-label products in a compact store format.

My Deals 365 has all of the most recent grocery bargains and promotions. Discover incredible deals in supermarkets near you to get the most bang for your buck.


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Alternative grocery brands that are cheaper and better than the originals

Where to get the best Cinco de Mayo deals on food and drinks

Fancy some tacos and margaritas? Well, Cinco de Mayo is the perfect day to try some of the best Mexican recipes! Americans across the US take the opportunity to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with parades, parties, mariachi music, folk dancing, and Mexican food. Load your plate with molé, tacos, burritos, chilaquiles, guacamole, and, of course, margaritas! Doesn't it sound delicious?

While many think Cinco de Mayo is Mexico’s Independence Day, what Cinco de Mayo celebrates is the Mexican victory at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War. Despite being a significant event in the USA, where it is about commemorating Mexican culture and heritage, Cinco de Mayo is not considered a national holiday in Mexico.

Cinco de Mayo does not begin without guacamole. It is the perfect appetizer to get the party started since it takes no time to make and is hard to resist. With jalapeños, hot sauce, and cumin, it has just the right amount of heat, with lime juice and cilantro to balance it out. If you need Cinco de Mayo's best appetizers, Shoprite is the right place to go! Shop for Yucatan Guacamole, Cacique Queso Dip, and Stacy’s Pita Chips for the day.

Do you love pico de gallo? This classic Mexican tomato dip (or sauce) adds a boost of flavor to just about any Mexican meal. The perfect pico de gallo has each fresh component clearly visible yet is so finely diced that you get some of everything with each spoonful. El Super is the perfect store for you to find the best deals along with the best fresh ingredients to make this delicious dish. A week before the holiday, the store usually has special offers.

Do you enjoy eating tacos, but the thought of making the tortillas is overwhelming? Los Altos Ranch Market has got you covered with great deals on tortillas that taste homemade. Find the tortillas and fresh filling ingredients such as beef, chicken, pork, or fish and shrimp, and toppings like salsa, guacamole, and sour cream, and enjoy your tacos!

Kick off your Cinco de Mayo morning with chilaquiles. Nothing compares to a delicious plate of chilaquiles with eggs featuring chorizo, salsa verde, thick tortilla chips, and queso fresco for breakfast. Food Lion's deals for the date include all the fresh ingredients you need to prepare for the occasion.

End the special day in style with authentic lime margaritas! There is nothing better than celebrating Cinco de Mayo by honoring Mexico's beloved tequila. Margaritas are the perfect cocktail to make for a Cinco de Mayo party. Keep it simple and buy a ready-to-drink bottle from Walmart. It is simple to prepare with a quick salt or sugar rim and takes all the time out of squeezing limes and measuring tequila.

We have rounded up the best dishes ideas and places to buy the freshest ingredients to help you celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a fun fiesta at home.


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Where to get the best Cinco de Mayo deals on food and drinks

Super Bowl Sunday: 5 tips to save on snacks and drinks

Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest sporting event of the year in the United States. Friends and family gather to eat good food, have a few drinks and just have a good time. The NFL's big event will be played on February 12. For the Kansas City Chiefs it will be the third final in four years. The Philadelphia Eagles, who have had a great season, will be going for their second title. Like any big event, the Super Bowl can be costly. Here are some tips to have a great time and not spend a fortune.

Organize a party and avoid the bars

It's always tempting to go to a bar and be part of what will be a great atmosphere on game day. However, the money spent on food and drink is a lot. Between the pregame show and halftime you could be there consuming more than you thought. Have a potluck and invite family and friends over. You can choose chains like Walmart, Costco, Sam's Club, Kroger or Aldi to always shop for the best price. If you take advantage of the deals, you'll make your budget go much further.

Share food and drink

Another great way to save money is to have your guests provide their own drinks and snacks. As the host, this will not only save you money, but there will also be a variety of options on the table.

If you order food, make it pizza

If you don't want to spend the energy and time cooking, pizza is always an option. There are great deals to be had and you won't have to worry about a guest disagreeing with the food choice, as everyone likes pizza.

Avoid packaged foods

While frozen or microwavable food purchased at the supermarket is convenient and tasty, it can be relatively expensive. One often buys fairly small quantities at high prices and, truth be told, they are not very filling. For example, mozzarella sticks, small pizzas, sausages and other similar snacks. If you are offering a main course, you don't need to serve a great dish. It may be more economical to serve chips and dips and order a couple of pizzas when everyone has an appetite. And it will almost certainly be cheaper than buying 21 boxes of frozen sandwiches.

Divide grocery shopping

Maybe you're the person designated to go to the grocery store and do the shopping to live through Super Bowl Sunday. However, it doesn't have to mean all the expenses are on you. Make a general list of snacks, food, soda and alcoholic beverages to be consumed, pay for them yourself and then split the costs. The Super Bowl is one of the best days of the year if you're a sports fan and it's a fun time even if you're not. Just be sure to keep our recommendations in mind to keep your budget in check.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs from the supermarkets Americans choose most so you don't spend a fortune on Super Bowl day. Enjoy and watch your budget.


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Super Bowl Sunday: 5 tips to save on snacks and drinks

How to buy the perfect Super Bowl setup without breaking the bank

The NFL's big game will be played on February 12. For the Kansas City Chiefs, it will be the third final in four years. The Philadelphia Eagles, who have had a great season, will be going for their second title. The great champion of the Super Bowl 2023 will be known in a little more than a week and surely you are already preparing everything for that day. Between food and drinks, the expense can be very big. Even more if you are planning to buy a new TV to watch the game with more pixels and better resolution. Don't worry. Here are some tips on how to buy the perfect TV without breaking the bank. In large U.S. chains such as B&H, Brandsmart USA, LG, Best Buy and Walmart you can find great options and at very good prices.

Screen size

To answer the question about the inches of the TV, it is essential to evaluate the details of the environment in which the equipment will be placed. Specifically, the distance between the couch and the screen. The resolution must also be taken into account in the test. It isn't worth spending hundreds of dollars on a 60-inch TV if the space you have is small. You can opt for a smaller screen that fully suits your needs.

4K or 8K?

The newest screen resolutions offer more picture quality and definition. Regarding 4K, it has four times more definition than Full HD: 3,840 x 2,160 and 1,920 x 1,080, respectively. The key to take into account when choosing the TV resolution is the available content. Over the years, there are more and more movies, series and programs in 4K, even sports broadcasts. But now, in the midst of 2023, it must be said that most of the content isn't offered in that resolution. Much less in 8K. That said: buying a 4K TV is a bet on the future, knowing that the content with that resolution will surely massify over the years.

The operating system

The “smart or not smart” dilemma is a thing of the past. Today, if you buy a TV, it will be smart. This means that it has an Internet connection and usually a package of applications. The key is to know the details of the operating system included. There are several on the market (the Android TV version, LG's WebOS, TizenOS on Samsung TVs, among others) and the general advice is to choose screens with some of the popular software. Some TVs boast of being smart although they arrive with very basic software that includes few options. Sure it will have YouTube and Netflix, but sometimes it is impossible to download other applications. If you make the expense, make it for a worthwhile device.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of your favorite electronics stores in the United States. There you can analyze the different options they offer to buy the TV that best suits your needs and without overspending.


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How to buy the perfect Super Bowl setup without breaking the bank

5 must-have kitchenware products to save time while cooking

Whether you are a skilled or novice cook, some kitchen devices are essential. Having the most important kitchen utensils on hand will greatly simplify your life. Smart and simple cooking usually requires the use of the right equipment. You can gradually buy a stock of needs that will make your life much easier. Cutting back on meal prep, lengthy cooking, and kitchen cleaning is at the top of everyone's priority list. So here is a list of five must-have kitchenware items to help you save time while cooking.

Food Processor

The food processor is one of those gadgets that you might not believe you need until you have one and find yourself using it for everything. Aside from chopping and mixing, most food processors come with other blades and accessories that allow you to grate, slice, and whisk. Electronic Express has up to 45% discounts on a wide range of food processors. An immersion blender is a less expensive but equally effective alternative to a mixer. Blenders are helpful kitchen tools that can handle a variety of tasks such as beverages, soups, sauces, and more. P.C. Richard & Son offers high-quality stick blenders at the lowest price.

Slow cooker

The slow cooker reduces the temperature and takes low and slow cooking to new heights. Slow cookers help tenderize pieces of meat due to the protracted, low-temperature cooking. Aside from the benefits of cooking a roast in a slow cooker rather than an oven, this gadget is a terrific way to save energy. Find the culinary warming drawer at ABC Warehouse. The Architect Series II warming drawer will add versatility to your kitchen. It may be used to warm many items at once or to proof bread, and it has a slow-cook setting that is great for roasting beef and fowl.

Kitchen utensils

Cutting food to size, cooking food over an open fire or on a stove, baking, grinding, combining, blending, and measuring are all common culinary jobs. P.C. Richard & Son has the best grilling tools and utensils. They sell stainless-steel tongs, spatulas, and meat forks that can withstand even the most extreme temperatures. At Best Buy, you can find the best-selling food preparation utensils. They offer different utensil sets that will truly simplify your life.


Cookware and bakeware are also required for meal preparation. Because eggs and pancakes are best prepared on a nonstick surface, every household needs a nonstick pan for morning duty. A saucepan is ideal for cooking pasta and vegetables or simmering sauces and beans. These pans are great for roasting vegetables, baking meats, toasting nuts, and, of course, baking cookies. Sheet-pan dinners also provide for easy clean-up. Find the most appealing set for you at Electronic Express, with discounts of up to 40% on cookware.

Food Storage Containers

Because you can neatly store your rice, pasta, dry baking goods, snacks, and even spice packets and meal mixes in storage containers, you will save both time and money in the kitchen. They will not only help you find what you need in your pantry at a glance, but they will also keep ingredients fresh. Best Buy has a wide selection of food containers that you should not overlook. Whether you're reheating frozen food or bringing a meticulously prepared lunch to work, you cover it all with their container sets that go from 8 to 20 items.

Having the most important culinary instruments in your kitchen allows you to cook quickly and simply. Remember that My Deals 365 brings you the best offers and deals.


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5 must-have kitchenware products to save time while cooking

Are you a Macy’s shopper? Here are three affordable alternatives:

Macy's is a well-known retail chain in the United States; it is widely recognized as one of the world's largest department stores. It sells everything from clothing, accessories, and cosmetic products to home goods, furniture, bedding, and more. Furthermore, Macy's maintains a loyalty program that provides discounts and other perks to frequent shoppers. This giant has become one of America's favorite retailers for a good reason. However, having a variety of options that are all equally good and have great deals to offer is always a good thing. Here are three places that are as good as Macy's, where you can shop a wide selection of products and save money.


Target Corporation is one of the country's largest general merchandise retailers. Target operates 1,494 stores in 47 states. Clothing, home decor, electronics, toys, health and beauty products, and consumables are all available at Target. It also provides shoppers with a photo studio and a store-branded credit card. Target also has a pharmacy (not in all stores) and has lately expanded its $4 generic prescription medicine program to all of its pharmacies. Target is also well known for its commitment to sustainability, with a wide range of ecologically friendly products and outstanding customer service.


Kohl's is a one-stop shopping destination for almost anything. They carry everything from fashion and accessories to sports equipment, toys, electronics, and bed and bath goods, as well as fashion divisions such as plus size and men's big and tall. Kohl's is a well-known department store chain in the United States. Since its inception in 1962, the firm has grown to become one of the largest retailers in the country. Kohl's is dedicated to giving customers a pleasurable shopping experience and is constantly offering deals and discounts. The giant offers a loyalty program, client rewards, and vouchers.

JC Penney

J.C. Penney, another national department store famed for its low prices, sells everything from men's and women's clothes to furnishings, sportswear, and electronics at accessible costs. They've also partnered with Sephora to boost their makeup and beauty options, making them a wonderful alternative to Macy's for items like makeup and fragrances. It has nearly 800 stores in the United States and Puerto Rico. JCPenney also carries exclusive labels such as St. John's Bay, Stafford, and Worthington, as well as popular brands such as Nike, Levi's, Calvin Klein, and others. Furthermore, the chain provides services such as design consulting—what a win!

These three retailers are a great option when it comes to finding everything you need thanks to their extensive product assortment and low costs. You never know what the Deal of the Day will be at these big box stores, so checking in on a regular basis can result in the sweet sound of savings ringing. Get the most recent offers and promotions at My Deals 365. Find incredible deals at these big retailers near you to get the most bang for your buck.


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Are you a Macy’s shopper? Here are three affordable alternatives:

The best store for DIY bargain hunters

The best store for DIY bargain huntersHome Depot, Lowes, Harbor Freight, and ACE Hardware are the go-tos if you are looking for DIY bargains. They are all well-known for being the perfect places for all home improvement and DIY project needs. They're also quite different, and we'd like to go over all of that in depth to help you make some purchasing decisions.

Let us begin with The Home Depot, which is best known for its seemingly limitless selection of styles, brands, colors, and patterns. The aisles are wide, clean, and well-stocked in every department. They provide all of the craft supplies that a homeowner could possibly need. People who want to learn more about DIY projects can attend workshops. The store provides same-day paid delivery to nearby customers.

Lowe's is the same size as Home Depot, but it is clear that the store caters to non-professionals; there are a lot more project-related labels and materials. The store also offers workshops, shipping, and store pick-up. To get the best deal, take advantage of seasonal discounts on their website or use their price match system to find the best prices for your purchases. Use your Lowe's credit card to gain access to their exclusive member benefits.

Harbor Freight is well known for its extensive price matching policy and lowest prices. The retailer will beat a competitor's price for a year after your purchase, so keep the receipt and compare prices. Shopping at the online store entitles you to special benefits and discounts. Using a Harbor Freight coupon code when shopping online means you are saving money on tools, DIY supplies, and other hardware. To begin saving money right away, download the Harbor Freight app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

ACE Hardware has a good selection of tools, grills, hardware, home improvement, and lawn and garden products.In general, the store tends to feel local, even though it's a chain. Every location is independently owned, and for that, they are known for having knowledgeable employees. The shop owners also have extensive experience with home improvement, which makes it perfect for DIY projects. You can earn 10 points for every dollar spent on most in-store and online purchases, and get free store delivery with qualifying online purchases of $50 or more.

Despite the fact that The Home Depot caters to professionals such as contractors and interior designers, the store will also price match, which means that if you shop wisely at The Home Depot, you will never truly lose money on home improvement projects.

While Ace Hardware, Lowe's, and Harbor Freight have their advantages and attract more DIYers, Home Depot is the clear winner when it comes to price and quality. All in all, the store you choose will only be for the project you are willing to do.

My Deals 365 brings you the best discounts and booklets for your DIY project, which contain the best weekly, monthly, and yearly promotions, as well as current offers and discounts.


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The best store for DIY bargain hunters

Best Buy vs Electronic Express Which store offers the best deals in 2023?

We're ready to use all those new holiday gift cards and start shopping now that the holidays are over. Did you think the holiday shopping season ended on Christmas Eve? Think again, because most winter clothing, electronics, holiday decorations, fitness products, and toys are discounted after the holidays. You won't find these kinds of deals any other time of year, and the discounts just keep getting better until they're all gone. Below, you can check out these two stores offering deals you won't want to miss. Let's see which store offers the best deals in 2023.

Best Buy is one of the world's largest multi-channel electronics retailers. It sells items at regular low prices online for delivery or in-store pickup. They have a large computer section with laptops, desktops, printers, routers, and other items. Portable devices, smart home equipment, game consoles, and audio devices are also available.

Its "Deal of the Day" section offers low prices on the best products across all Best Buy categories. Keep in mind that these online offers are available for a maximum of 24 hours or until they run out, so don't think twice and buy what you need as soon as possible.

In addition to other benefits, members receive special discounts on products, services, and protection plans. When you use your My Best Buy® Credit Card, you won't pay interest if you pay in full within 12 months on storewide purchases of $299 or more. Customers who are pleased with Best Buy frequently mention the return policy, price matching, and competitive pricing.

Electronic Express has long been a market leader in high-quality, name-brand electronics and appliances at rock-bottom prices. They carry the latest electronic equipment for your smart home, such as televisions, computers, and household appliances.

Electronic Express prides itself on offering cutting-edge products to its customers at affordable prices. They offer deals after Christmas that you don't want to miss. In addition, in the "best sellers" section, you will find unbeatable prices on a wide range of products, such as washing machines, televisions, video games, speakers, and much more.

They have over 2,000 items in stock, multiple stores nationwide, a 30-day return policy, and select items qualify for free shipping. Payment plans for financing are also available to members. Do you want more? If you visit the outlet store page of the Electronic Express website, you can save up to 80% on certain items. People frequently praised the company's fast delivery process; they reported receiving their products weeks earlier than if they had purchased elsewhere.

Aside from technology, both companies offer a few smaller categories, such as appliances, including washers, dryers, and refrigerators at Best Buy. Electronic Express, on the other hand, has furniture and mattresses, outdoor living, watches and sunglasses, and other products.

For even better deals and an easy way to save money on your purchases, check out My Deals 365 page. It's the most trusted way to find out about upcoming sales and new products.


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Best Buy vs Electronic Express Which store offers the best deals in 2023?

When is the best time to do your Christmas shopping?

Christmas brings a lot of festive cheer, but it also brings a lot of stress and a big to-do list for some. Shoppers are likely to buy earlier than usual to avoid out-of-stocks and shelf gaps, with many stores already warning of Christmas stock shortages due to recurring supply chain delays. Some people say that the best time to buy gifts is soon after the Christmas holidays, so you should buy the presents one year in advance. Others would rather wait until November to save money on Black Friday shopping. If you haven't started your Christmas shopping yet, now is the time. You're not alone if you're looking for last-minute Christmas gifts. Last-minute offers abound on the Saturday before Christmas and in the days preceding it. Don't waste time going into every store you come across; instead, browse through these stores, check out their promotions, and start shopping to save money and time at popular retailers. Make a list and double-check it. Decide for whom you want to buy gifts this year, then let's get started on the wrapping.


If you're looking for last-minute holiday gifts, Costco can help. Here are a few to consider: Costco features a wide selection of inexpensive men's, women's, and children's clothes. You can get soft sweatpants, toasty sweaters, and pajamas for all of your aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews.


Walmart is your one-stop shop for Christmas shopping in 2022, with items for the entire family ranging in price from $25 to more than $100. Many of the hottest toys of 2022 have had their prices reduced by the merchant, including huge reductions on Lego sets, Barbie dolls, Disney figurines, and other kid favorites.


The retailer exemplifies the expression "everything for everyone," from books to beauty goods, kid's toys to kitchenware, which makes it an easy destination to check off your whole holiday gift list. They have gathered the best selections for him, her, children, babies, pets, and more!


Macy's is the place to go for bedding, jewelry, mattresses, presents, shoes, furniture, kitchen appliances, beauty, luggage, vacuums, clothing for the entire family, and more. Save BIG with Macy's discounts, deals, and promos!


BJ has the best holiday prices on hundreds of things this season, so stock up. This Christmas season, shoppers may get fantastic bargains on a wide range of popular categories, including toys, technology, home, fitness, and much more. BJs.com provides Instant Savings for huge discounts on your favorite products.

JC Penney

Find the best deals on everything from clothing to household appliances this Christmas season. They sell matching family sweaters, quirky presents, toys, and so much more at unbelievably low costs. If you're on a tight budget, browse our gifts by price point—gifts under $15, gifts under $25, and gifts under $35—to locate the right gift without breaking the bank. Already feeling overwhelmed? We understand. Ask yourself, "Who are you shopping for?" to help you streamline your shopping experience and browse through the most suitable store for you.


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When is the best time to do your Christmas shopping?

Who has the best deals on Christmas trees?

Waiting until Christmas Eve to get a tree is a ritual for some. For others, it is just finding good deals. If you want to buy an artificial Christmas tree this year, the best deals will be in the sales shortly before Christmas. Nonetheless, you will most likely find the lowest costs, but there is the risk of missing out on the best-looking trees, including the species, size, and fullness desired. Artificial Christmas trees have practically endless options in terms of size, style, color, and, most importantly, pricing. Because these trees won't dry out and can be reused year after year, the best time to buy one is anytime it's at the best price, which may be at any time of year and from anywhere in the world. With hundreds of variations available in-store and online, purchasing an artificial Christmas tree is easier than ever. Here are the best sites to buy an artificial Christmas tree.


The store has a wide selection of artificial trees that are suitable for both tiny apartments and larger houses. Lowe's Christmas tree prices start at about $30 and go higher depending on the size you choose. You can buy different tree types, shapes, hues, and lighting schemes. You'll be able to select from a variety of sizes, ranging from modest 3-foot trees to massive 12-foot trees.

Home Depot

The Home Depot has a large selection of Christmas trees in stock. At Home Depot, you can shop in-store or online and pick up your products the same day you buy them. Getting an artificial tree has never been easier, thanks to the option to compare different models and sizes. Find their most classic artificial Fraser fir Christmas tree, which will last for years.


Walmart's website provides hundreds of real and artificial tree selections from well-known brands, and their prices are unbeatable; smaller trees start at just $20. You may also buy a live Christmas tree from Walmart online and have it delivered right to your house. There is also a wide selection of pre-lit trees that will illuminate the holy night with their warm white glow.

Williams Sonoma

Look through their fantastic stock to find a choice of tree types and sizes, as well as lighting options. If you are looking for a more natural appearance, make your dreams of a white Christmas come true with their Snowed Twig Faux Tree in a Decorative Planter. They also have a best-selling wreath made of fresh and dried natural materials that may be displayed indoors or in a covered outdoor area to welcome the Christmas season.

This holiday season, compare the best deals you can find at those retailers to get your Christmas tree without going over budget. This holiday season, give your loved ones a Christmas tree that will live on in their memories for a lifetime. Before you start looking for a Christmas tree, go to My Deals 365 and check out the latest deals and savings opportunities! Merry Christmas!


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Who has the best deals on Christmas trees?

5 stores to buy cheap Christmas decorations

Do you want to know where to buy the best Christmas decorations? If you think your Christmas decorations could use a refresh, the retailers listed below have everything you want. Light up the outside and the inside of your house with new charming decorations.

Seasonal decorations don't have to be expensive to make a statement, and they could be just what you need to get ready for the busy holiday season. Here, you can find the best places for all of your Christmas decoration needs. Shop today to find incredible prices and have fun shopping!


Looking for low-cost Christmas decorations? Throw pillows, artificial trees, indoor decor, comfortable candles, and more items are available at Walmart. You can sort by room (from "joyful living room" to "joyful kids' room") or budget (there are many options under $25 and even under $15). Decorate your home with eye-catching Christmas items from Walmart. They offer the cutest mini Hallmark ornament sets. There are many options, from Disney characters to Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, and so much more. Grab their great deals before they are gone!


It is also a great place to buy seasonal decor. Costco has a great selection of holiday savings offers. This 3-piece flocked tree set will brighten up your home this holiday season. You can use them almost anywhere, and the best part is that they are battery-operated, so they will not increase your electricity bill. With festive greenery from Costco, you can complete your Christmas décor. From flocked white wreaths to gorgeous lighted garlands, they have the greatest Christmas wreaths and garlands for inside and outside your home, all at affordable warehouse rates.


Ollie-Day is overflowing with Christmas merchandise! They have outdoor inflatables and lights, Christmas décor, holiday pillows, throws, bathroom sets, artificial florals, and so much more at up to 60% off. They have wrapping paper galore with a huge assortment of colors and patterns to choose from, cute gift bags, and decorative signs that really work with the budget. Ollie's has fantastic deals on string lights; their solar-powered string lights will brighten up your home while saving you money on your electricity bills.

Ocean State Job Lot

Come shop at Ocean State Job Lot for the best bargains on seasonal supplies such as gift-wrapping goods, home decor, holiday baking ingredients, and more. Ocean State Job Lot is a one-stop Christmas shopping destination with amazing prices and a large assortment. With their fantastic selection of Christmas goods at affordable prices, you can give your family a special holiday experience without going over budget. Everyone will enjoy sitting around a beautifully adorned Christmas table. Ocean State Job Lot has a large variety of Christmas dining table décor that everyone will love and enjoy.

These stores have every kind of Christmas decoration you need, from elegant Christmas trees to tables and wreaths for door decorations. And remember that in My Deals 365, you get the best offers and discounts this holiday season.


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5 stores to buy cheap Christmas decorations

The Best Christmas Gifts for People Who Have Everything

Not everyone makes it simple when it comes to buying gifts. Finding holiday gifts for friends who are always the first to add the latest gadget or fashion accessory to their cart may prove to be the most challenging task of all. Just because someone has everything does not mean you have to spend all your holiday money or energy on them. Many affordable presents and creative ideas will impress everyone on your list. Let us cross some items off your Christmas to-buy list.

Cooking gifts

Make this year one to remember with this fun and festive breakfast of waffles; after all, being with the family is the main thing during the holidays. This Dash mini waffle maker that you can find at Target is perfect for making Christmas morning breakfast even more special. Add a recipe book to the waffle maker and challenge the family to a waffle contest. The entire family will enjoy spending the holiday making delicious and festive waffles.

Gifts for kids

The little ones in the family always have many toys, and thinking of special gifts for them becomes difficult. And to make matters worse, being cooped up indoors during the long, cold winter break can be boring. Check out this Stained Glass Solar System Arts & Crafts Kit. Kids can color the planets and more items, hang them as a mobile, or stick them on the window. They even glow in the dark. Isn’t it great? Another fabulous and glowing present is this Discovery Kids Planetarium space projector. Kids can see stars, galaxies, planets, and spaceships. With this fascinating toy, your children can explore the wonders of our universe in the comfort of their living room or bedroom. Shop these gifts or explore the most popular brands at Macy's.

Gifts cards

Gift cards are perfect for people who are always updating their homes or simply appreciate the opportunity to buy things they truly like. Gift cards range from $20 to $200 at JC Penney, and the recipient can select from a variety of categories, including clothes, home furnishings, fine jewelry, footwear, accessories, beauty products, and services. The Home Depot also offers lovely customized gift cards. Cards come in a variety of designs and can be purchased in both plastic and electronic formats. So, you can personalize your gift card. A gift card gives them access to everything from home essentials and decor to clothes and pantry staples.

Gift baskets

Gift baskets are a quick and easy way to show how much you care. You can personalize each basket to tailor it to a specific event, personality, or time in someone’s life. At Walmart, you can make your own personalized custom gift baskets. The store offers products for less than five dollars and various baskets. You can choose products and put them in gift basket groups based on categories such as cooking, beauty, free time, craft making, wine lovers, and many more. These baskets are meant to brighten the lives of your loved ones.


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The Best Christmas Gifts for People Who Have Everything

Fashion deals for the season

Autumn has only just begun, but the deals are in high gear, so if you're looking to update your wardrobe, check out these stores. Shop now for fashionable wardrobes and timeless pieces. Prepare to save a lot of money with the new autumn discounts. From dresses to activewear, pants, shoes, and accessories, they are all available to snag now—while you still can.

All the season's latest trends are in Zara, combining leather pants and cropped tops to keep your look cool. Look at this ribbed long-sleeve crop top from forever21, perfect for the cooler weather. The knitwear will be worn through the autumn/winter season and Primark offers a wide range of kit wear for the family. Chunky shoes aren't exactly new, but they're constantly getting stylish updates that keep them in the spotlight. Toss on a pair and wear them with your favorite jeans and sweaters during these cooler months. Discover the hottest trainers to work into your wardrobe this season at Notherstom.

Basic wear

Mom jeans and high-rise jeans are both stylish and classic. They have been popular for a long time and we don't see them going away anytime soon, so this is a good investment pair of jeans. Old Navy has the most recent styles of women's jeans.

Coats are one of those wardrobe essentials that are a must during the cooler months. The best thing about cold weather is styling coats and layers. For this, dresses are perfect. Check out this leather/moto FAUX LEATHER JACKET and this long sleeve V-neck midi dress at Zara's, and take your style to the next level.

Clothing Deals For The Entire Family

This season, get ready to spend time outdoors with our original patterns. Puffers and parkas work for every member of your family. Get excited because there's a massive sale on Nordstrom with up to 60% discounts. They have puffer jackets in a wide array of colors and styles for winter that you'll adore.

Get the whole crew cozy and comfortable with matching pajama sets. If you want to find the perfect pajama set, Primark has a wide range of pajamas for the family. Traditional Red Tartan, Reindeer Sleeper, and Green Festive Print Minky sets are available. Nothing is cuter than matching your pets. Each of our matching pajama styles includes a matching pet outfit, so your furry family members can join in on the fun.

Any outfit can easily be boosted with accessories. They are a reasonable and cheap option to change your wardrobe without making a complete wardrobe makeover. Headscarves are one of the trends that we may anticipate returning for the fall. Forever 21 has the best offers and variety. Eyewear has become a fashion accessory. Notherstom offers everything from oversized sunglasses to bold frames to dress up your outfits.

This season has so much to offer.Take advantage of all the stores and find the best fall offers that My Deals 365 brings you!


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Fashion deals for the season

Expert tips to save big during Black Friday

Black Friday is approaching, one of the most anticipated dates for Americans to take advantage and buy at a discount everything they couldn't afford during the year. If you have saved dollars, this is the opportunity to get them out from under the mattress. But don't splurge. You may get carried away buying and severely compromise your economy. Here are some tips to save big during Black Friday. Stores like Costco, Wal-Mart, Target, Sam's Club and BJ's adhere to the event and are reliable places to shop on these dates.

Define a budget

You should be clear about how much money you are supposed to spend before you start the shopping process. Black Friday is tempting and you might start shopping compulsively just because you see products on sale.

Compare prices

All stores that adhere to Black Friday compete by discounting the same products. That's why you have to compare prices. You may see a discounted product in a specific store, but in another one it may be cheaper. Of course... you have to make sure that it does not include shipping costs or after-sales service. This could make your purchase more expensive and not be favorable.

Prioritize what sells out fast

Be smart and if you are interested in a product you should prioritize it before it runs out. Don't search for other things and go directly to the most important. Especially if we are talking about mobiles, tablets or game consoles. They are the first to disappear. The lack of stock of some products and the big discounts in the days leading up to Black Friday can cause many products to be sold out and you are left wanting. Always keep an eye on the product is a useful item. If it is no longer available, don't get discouraged and look for it again in another color. It is very common to find the same model but in another color and at the same price on sale. And if it's a cell phone, it will probably be under a case.

Check the real savings

Many stores play with percentages to show discounts. It's an eye-catching way to get you to buy with ads like “40% off” or “Everything with 20% off”. When you see offers where the percentage is highlighted, check the price very well. A 5% discount on an u$s800 cell phone is better than a 21% discount on a u$s15 flash drive. The real savings are much better on more expensive products, when the cheaper ones are just a few dollars change.

Follow the offers live

It is advisable to update the websites of the stores from time to time, as they will be adding new offers that are activated, those that are no longer available, coupons and much more. Entering the pages to “see what's on” is a necessary strategy, although it will surely be difficult to find something in the flood of discounts.

My Deals 365 brings you the best discount catalogs of your favorite stores. Take advantage of this opportunity and find out before anyone else what the offers are.


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Expert tips to save big during Black Friday

Cyber Monday vs Black Friday. Which one has the best deals?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two dates that offer you the best deals of the year to buy all kinds of products. Stores like Home Depot, Michaels, Best Buy, Sears, Electronic Express or Wall-Mart pull out all their heavy artillery to seduce Americans with bargains, promotions and irresistible prices. At the beginning, the two events were differentiated by the type of items they put on sale, but now those barriers are blurred and you can find everything on both Cyber Monday and Black Friday. But, which is the best day to buy? There is no one day per se that is cheaper to buy, but rather it depends on your circumstances and the products you are looking for.

Black Friday: advantages and disadvantages

Black Friday, being the best known date and the one that originated precisely in the United States, is the one chosen by the vast majority of companies to launch their offers on a massive scale. Many stores also offer discounts on the previous days, but it is always better to buy on the specific date. On the appointed day, we can find discounts on all kinds of items in retail stores and online stores. Currently, Black Friday is also the day on which most companies offer their technology products, up to 85% more than on Cyber Monday. In addition, there are firms that only participate in Black Friday, so you will have more variety to choose from. But the disadvantage is that the products with the best prices fly, so if you are not fast enough you could be left with nothing. There are thousands of people waiting to buy the same as you.

Cyber Monday: advantages and disadvantages

Cyber Monday, on the other hand, is the day chosen by many companies to get rid of all the stock they didn't manage to sell the previous Friday. For this reason, the sales can be even bigger than on Black Friday. The recommendation from here is that you choose that day to buy “whims”, those products that you could buy only if you find an incredible offer. Also keep in mind that Cyber Monday is the day when you can find the best discounts on non-technological products, such as clothing, shoes or beauty products. Cyber Monday was actually a marketing strategy started in 2005 to encourage online shopping when it was not as widespread as it is today. As a curiosity, it was established on the Monday following Black Friday and not, for example, on Saturday, because people preferred to shop from the office, where the Internet connection was faster than at home. According to your needs and your budget, you will know which event to choose. Another plus point of Black Friday is that you can take advantage of its offers to buy Christmas gifts with bigger discounts.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of your favorite stores so you can make the most of Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Don't miss them.


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Cyber Monday vs Black Friday. Which one has the best deals?

5 stores offering Black Friday deals in 2022

Black Friday is almost here! Yes, the most significant commercial day of the year is almost upon us. That means HUGE deals, long lines, and, of course, a never-ending feed of YouTube videos where people fight over a toaster.

Still, it is the best chance to get amazing deals for the holidays without paying extra. Inflation has been rough in the US, and people are looking for a way to get the best bang for their buck. Black Friday usually offers discounts to save up to 70% or 80% on selected items, and that is quite a lot when buying an expensive video game console, home appliances, or quality furniture.

Of course, not every store will be offering such heavy discounts. Many might be cutting down on deals during 2022 due to rising prices and staff shortages happening all over the US.

So, where can you find the best deals? Should you search online or rush into a store before anyone else? If you are still planning your Black Friday strategy, here are 10 stores offering Black Friday deals in 2022.


You can't think about Thanksgiving without thinking about Macy's. This famous department store has been around for many decades. In fact, it has been around since BEFORE Black Friday was even a thing, so you can be sure they know how to offer door-busting deals during the season.

While Macy's is not a bargain store by any means, you can find pretty attractive discounts during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Labor Day. Since they own and operate over 512 retail stores in the US, you can drive to a Macy's near you during the discount season or go to their website to find out if there is anything you may find interesting enough to buy.

Another great thing about Macy's is their Christmas spirit. During November and December, they decorate their stores and offer amazing decorations for your home and garden. It truly feels like one of those holiday movies come to life! Taking a walk around the store is an interesting (and cheap) thing to do with the family.


Walmart is one of America's biggest employers and also one of the most important retailers in the world. With a whopping 4600 stores nationwide, chances are you have a Walmart near you no matter where you live.

They are also one of the largest eCommerce companies in the US, competing with giants like Amazon and eBay. So, is Walmart a store you should add to your Black Friday shopping spree? The answer is YES!.

The company is famous for its Black Friday deals and discounts. During November, prices on selected items can drop up to 80%, especially seasonal products, toys, and appliances.

While some say the biggest discounts Walmart has to offer during Black Friday can only be accessed at their physical stores, they have managed to create a very tempting eCommerce seasonality site where customers can get early-bird discounts and shop all day during Black Friday.

So, if you are in the market for appliances, toys, grills, or technology, Walmart is a must-visit location during Black Friday and Christmas. Be sure to arrive early, since lines can get pretty long. (And we mean tailgate camping long).


Target Corporation is one of the most valuable retail brands in the United States. Not only that but they are also one of the most diverse department stores, with everything from home appliances to fashion and seasonal products.

They are also one of the biggest Black Friday players in the country, and that is saying something. Target is usually cheaper than some of their counterparts by design, but their prices can get ridiculously low during Black Friday, especially during the last week before the event starts.

The best way to access premium deals is to become a member of their circle club. How? Easy! download their app, subscribe, and go shopping! The best part of the deals is that even after Black Friday, Target will send you discounts and promotions that can make you save hundreds of dollars every time you shop.

If you want to start your shopping list a little early, you can visit the Black Friday section on their website to check out some of the early-bird deals the store is offering. Some of them are really good, but limited in stock, so don't miss your chance to save!

Looking for the best Black Friday deals? Look no further! My Deals 365 has the latest catalogs, flyers, brochures, and weekly ads from all your favorite stores. We update our catalog database every day to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. Visit My Deals 365 and become a bargain expert today.


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5 stores offering Black Friday deals in 2022

Cheap smart home devices

After a long day at work, you need to relax. You want to return to a smart, efficient, and comfortable home. By using simple commands, you can set the lighting to a relaxing ambience, adjust the thermostat to a comfortable temperature, and relax on your sofa while listening to your favorite music.

Almost all of your home's appliances can be connected to the internet and controlled remotely. Your house can become smart simply by making some savvy changes. Here are some of the devices you'll need to set up your dream house, as well as the best places where you'll find plenty of opportunities to save.

Smart assistant

Virtual voice-controlled assistants make it simple to control smart home products by speaking simple commands. Electronix Express and BestBuy have to offer you a wide range of smart assistance. Explore them and find the most suitable for you.

New Egg takes a step further by offering smart sets. These sets include two or more virtual voice-controlled assistants, a wifi smart plug, and other accessories. Listen to music, order food, control your lighting, and more.

Smart lighting

Lighting is often the first step in the home automation process. Upgrading them is relatively simple and cost-effective. Smart light bulbs work with Alexa, Google Home, and Siri. Find the best white and colored ambience bulbs offered at New Egg and Electronics and grab the chance for special discounts. You can not only turn on or off the lights but also change the setting to an ambient atmosphere.

Relax with this colossal 32" LED 720P Smart TV and integrate it with Google Assistant found at ABC Warehouse. Use your voice to turn on or off the TV, access entertainment, or change channels; search for and show your Google Photos. Manage your Google calendar as well as your daily routines.

Security cameras

Would you like to worry less and enjoy your home better? Then, improve your home security and monitor your home in real-time. Smart home security cameras could detect any motion and auto-track the moving target. You will receive an alert message on the phone app, which will allow you to check what happened.

Keeping your home safe without paying expensive installation fees is using smart locks. It is undoubtedly the most significant component of a smart house. A smart lock allows you to easily unlock and close your door, but it also monitors who enters and leaves your home while you're gone. Allow specific access rights for family, guests, and people you trust.

If you are willing to make the changeover to smart technology, you should do so. The benefits of smart renovations are lower energy costs, increased comfort, and improved home security. What's not to like about smart homes being beneficial for both our budgets and the environment?

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Cheap smart home devices

Tips to get the best Halloween Deals in 2022

Halloween is one of the most awaited seasons of the year. It is a chance to dress up, eat candy, and have a terrific time. Make the most of the spooky season with Halloween decorations, from colourful costumes and hanging ghosts to animated figures. To help you gear up with all the spooky decor, customs, and candies, here are the best sales you can shop for today!

Give Your Front Yard a Spooky Makeover

Inflatable yard decorations are the ideal holiday decoration. They are so simple to set up; just plug them in, turn on the air pump, and stake them down. Once deflated, they do not take up much storage room. So what are you waiting for? Make your house the spookiest in the neighborhood with The Home Depot's inflatables and scary animatronics. All sizes of figures will make your house stand out from the rest. This is a unique opportunity you don't want to miss, and as they say, no tricks just treats.

Light up the night with Lowe’s bestseller Halloween-led light set at a price you won't believe. All visitors will be greeted and illuminated by the cutest Airblown® inflatable characters. Their lovable jack-o-lantern designs, pre-lit with warm white light, are perfect for the little ones. Lowe's knows how to make Halloween right, with just the appropriate amount of creepy crawlies and spooky spirits.

Spooktacular Fun

At Walmart, you'll find Halloween costumes on sale for every style and price range. Find the most trendy costumes for $5. Halloween isn't just for kids—adults and pets enjoy dressing up, too! Browse for the best family costume and feel the Halloween magic. There are so many options to choose from: the skeleton family, the bee family, the clown family, the frozen family, and so much more!

Plan a fun night for the whole family! The GuassLee 121-Piece Halloween Balloon Arch Garland Kit is perfect to set the tone and create a lively and eerie atmosphere. Set the table with Halloween tablecloths, linens, and creepy theme glasses to share with friends and family. Check out Walmart's Halloween tableware to bring ghoulish glamour to your home.

Stop By For a Bite

Trick-or-treat! The best Halloween candy you need for this season can be found at Target. The spookiest selection of candies and goodies at cheap prices. Stock up with bag sizes from 50 pieces to 251 or more pieces. Find all kinds of candies and treats, including organic candies and snacks. Add spooky fun to your Halloween season by surprising your family with the most terrific cookie castle. With this cookie-baking set, you can make orange, purple, and green monster cookies with edible eyeballs with this Haunted Mansion Chocolate Cookie Kit. Baking is a fun activity to enjoy with family and friends while making a tasty treat.

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Tips to get the best Halloween Deals in 2022

The best stores to renovate your bathroom on a budget

When we think about rooms in the house, the busiest one is the bathroom. The whole family uses it. It is the first place you visit in the morning and the last before going to bed after a long day. There's no doubt that a clean, visually pleasing bathroom is a particular delight.

Bathrooms should be functional and also pleasing to the eye. Ready to give your bathroom a quick face-lift? Don't worry! You do not need a lot of money to build the bathroom of your dreams! Here you have some do-it-yourself ideas and the best stores to renovate your bathroom on a budget.

A fresh look

Nobody likes unclean and mouldy bathrooms, but thankfully, they are simple to update. Start by cleaning the surfaces and choosing an essential oil such as lemon, eucalyptus, or tea tree to keep it light and airy. True Value offers weekly deals where you can find household cleaners and essential oils that would give your bathroom a deep-cleaning feel.

There's nothing like a fresh coat of paint for an almost instant makeover. Use paint specifically for bathrooms since they are moisture-resistant and mould-resistant. You will find the best promotion on painting coats at Ace Hardware. The Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines cabinet paint will give a fresh look to those old bathroom cabinets.

All in place

Bathroom storage is sometimes overlooked, yet having enough space to hide all the bathroom stuff is essential. Over-the-toilet storage and wall-hung vanity units have several distinct advantages. They save space while providing enough storage for all of your bathroom essentials.

Look at what Menards offers in their bathroom cabinets and storage areas. Get a little extra space with their large selection. You could also think about adding a couple of shelves with some pretty boxes and baskets to keep everything in its place.

Finishing Touches

Bath rugs and linen shower curtain sets can make a difference. You will find the best promotions at Lowe's, where you can choose from easy-to-clean to a luxurious variety of bath rugs. There are also elegant shower curtains with a variety of rods and rings. You will not know which one to choose!

New hardware will help make an old bathroom feel brand new. Do not miss up to 40% off at The Home Depot and get your new stylish champagne bronze cabinet pulls. Remember that low-cost bathrooms do not have to be any less impressive than more expensive options.

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The best stores to renovate your bathroom on a budget

The best places to get Labor Day deals in 2022

Labor Day is a very significant date for Americans and brings with it a multitude of discounts in many stores to honor workers.

It is also a good opportunity for retailers to take advantage of the traditional Labor Day sales and extend the offers to the days leading up to Labor Day.

In schools, public administrations, and many establishments it is a non-working day. But others, such as stores, celebrate this special day with events and discounts.

Here are the best stores to make the most of your budget and enjoy bargain opportunities.

Some commercial establishments will open their doors to the public this Monday and others will return to business on Tuesday because they are giving their employees a day off. But you can also take advantage and shop online.


For Labor Day, Costco is offering sales on a variety of items such as home furnishings, apparel, and electronics up to 50% off. There are discounts on essential groceries of selected brands and delivery services for the date to get everything you need without leaving your home.


At Target you can find great deals on apparel, with sales of up to 30% on shoes for the whole family, and selected clothing for women, babies, and kids. If you are thinking of renovating your home, you have excellent discounts on patio furniture and decorative items. Electronics and groceries are other products with good prices.

Sam's Club

This chain offers exclusive discounts on seasonal products, but there are also special offers for Labor Day. Technology, home, health and beauty, and grocery items are part of Sam's Club's range of opportunities to enjoy shopping at a differential price.


Walmart has multiple discounts for Labor Day. Technology, fashion accessories, furniture, and food are the items with the biggest offers. At Walmart, you can get, for example, the latest technology TVs for u$s298 and sets of sheets for u$s19. Air conditioners, now that summer is coming to an end, are u$s100.


This megastore offers up to 35% off on selected appliances for Labor Day. You can also take advantage of Sears' 40% off on clothing for the family from the best brands. And if you are thinking of renovating your home, you have an exceptional reduction of 60% off on tool sets, wrenches, and ratchets.

My Deals 365 brings you all the catalogs of your favorite stores. Labor Day is an excellent opportunity to review them and take advantage of discounts and promotions on products in different areas. Make the most of the date and get your money's worth. It's an opportunity you can't miss!


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The best places to get Labor Day deals in 2022

The best Labor Day deals to beat inflation in 2022

Labor Day sales have already started! And that means it's time to get your shopping list ready and, of course, the absolute best value for your money.

While inflation in the US remains high, there are still plenty of opportunities to save on everything you need to get during Labor Day week.

According to consumer analysts, summer clothing, appliances, and furniture are some of the items with the biggest discounts, but you can find just about anything you need with at least 10% to 30% off on selected stores.

If you are thinking about starting a new shopping spree, here are some amazing deals to beat inflation during Labor Day week.

Sofas and Mattresses

One of the big categories during Labor Day is furniture. Both indoor and outdoor furniture products are on sale, and since we are also closing in on some important clearance sale dates, it is the perfect opportunity to redecorate and renovate your living spaces.

• Our recommendation: Broyhill Dancaster Sectional Sofa • Discount price: $974 • Original price: $1299.99 • Get it at Big Lots

Sneakers and shoes

School has started again, and that means your children will probably need new clothes. Labor Day is a perfect opportunity to get quality apparel at discounted prices. Sneakers and shoes tend to be really expensive, but with Labor Day promotions, you can save up to 50% on selected items, and that definitely helps!

• Our recommendation: Unisex kid’s shoes • Discount price: $20 to $45 • Original price: $34 to $75 • Get it at Macy's

Smart TVs

You can’t have a good sale season without some crazy deals on electronics! That being said, there are some items that present a better saving opportunity than others. When in doubt, 4K TVs are usually the way to go, since they provide the biggest bang for your buck.

For those soccer fans out there, it is the perfect moment to get your world cup tech setup. And that also includes a good surround sound system, some smart gadgets and, of course, a BIG television screen.

• Our recommendation: Samsung 75-inch AU800 Crystal UHD Smart TV • Discount price: $899 • Original price: $1899 • Get it at Electronic Express

Grills and Firepits

Summer may be ending, but there is still plenty of heat to go around! Labor Day deals are always a good opportunity to renew your patio furniture, barbecue grills, fire pits, and decorations. Since most stores are already offering promotions on outdoor furniture, you can even combine some promotions to get better prices. The key to getting a good deal on patio furniture and grills is to get them at the right time, and this is definitely the best time to get them.

• Our recommendation: Propane BBQ Grill with lid • Discount price: $199 • Original price: $249 • Get it at The Home Depot

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The best Labor Day deals to beat inflation in 2022

What to know before buying patio furniture

Patios, terraces, gardens, and balconies are gaining prominence and are the new scenarios for meetings. Increasingly avant-garde designs enhance outdoor spaces and the architectural value of your home.

These tips for selecting and buying outdoor furniture are all you need to know before you start spending money. It's summer and party season in the United States, so it's important to have good patio furniture that provides great comfort and functionality for guests. Careful planning will ensure that your outdoor living space is magnificent.

Make a list

The first thing you should do is to analyze and think about what you would like to have on your patio. Do you want to use it as a dining room on summer nights? Do you have in mind to organize dinners or parties in this place? All this is necessary and will serve as a guide to know what kind of furniture you should have.

In case you just want to have a few cocktails every now and then in the evening, you won't need a dining table. Choosing some good, wide and comfortable seating and some side tables will be enough.

Think about storage

You'll give more years of life if you store your patio furniture in a place to protect it from extreme cold or heat. In seasons when you won't be using your patio furniture, a garage or basement can be ideal. Furniture such as teak chairs or wrought iron sofas will last longer if you store them when not in use.

If you don't have a lot of storage space, it's best to look for patio furniture that folds flat and can be easily disassembled. With everything in order, you will have more space for the activities you want to do.

Choose the color

When purchasing patio furniture, we don't have to limit it only to natural wood tones. Other shades such as white, black, or metal pieces may be suitable. Vibrant colors are also widely used in outdoor furniture and complement such as colorful cushions or various decorative pieces can give it that distinctive touch you are looking for.

Invest in quality

One thing you should pay attention to is the quality of the materials. Plastic chairs or tables may look attractive, but over time they will fade and dry out. Some products made of wood or wicker have the same problem. All this makes it necessary to buy with care, checking both the opinions of other consumers or specialized personnel to advise us.

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What to know before buying patio furniture

Products to make your curly hair look amazing

If you're looking for the best products to make your curly hair look amazing, you've come to the right place.

Determining each step of your ideal routine can be difficult, whether you want to eliminate frizz, define your curls or moisturize them. But with the products we recommend here, you can get the defined curls you love without going to the salon or overspending.

Every curly-haired girl is looking for a well-defined curl, but sometimes curls seem to have very bad days. Frizzy, barely defined, or plagued with limpness are some of the worst characteristics of this hair type.

Kick heat damage and take a chance! Here are some of the best products to make your curly hair look amazing.

Spray cream

Sometimes the only thing that results in a messy, undefined curl is tangles. The curls are all bunched together, tangled, and don't have space for that perfect ringlet to form on its own.

Get rid of those tangles! Use a spray cream to help detangle, add moisture and revive your curl pattern. This is a great product because it can be used on wet or dry hair.

Flexible curlers

Provide fabulous waves without the damage you'd get from using a hot curling iron. Simply roll your damp or dry hair in the flexible curlers for a couple of hours. These are soft and comfortable enough to use day or night. You can apply mousse before styling for longer-lasting results.

If one of your main goals is to have long, naturally wavy hair without perming or heat styling, you've found the perfect product for you.

Hold Mousse

If you're a girl who wants natural-looking curls, don't just rely on the magic hair wand and try a hold mousse. It works to add texture to your hair while helping to keep it hydrated and frizz-free.

We recommend applying two to three teaspoons of mousse to your hair and then rubbing from root to tip to distribute.

Second-day shampoo

To help revive second-day waves and curls, it's ideal to use a special shampoo for curly hair. If your curls or waves become limp or flat, use this product to help bring them back to life. Simply spray on your hair and use your fingers or curling iron to reshape the curls. In addition to defining your curls, it provides hold and helps repair damaged hair.

Having perfect curls every day without using a curling iron or a flat iron is not easy, but here are some options to choose from depending on the type of curly hair you have. My Deals 365 has the latest catalogs from your favorite brands. Find the best stores all in one place and start getting your hair back in shape for defined, strong and healthy curls. Go for it!


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Products to make your curly hair look amazing

5 products to celebrate the fourth of July

The fourth of July is always a time for celebration. A moment to light up your grill, invite your friends over, and enjoy the fireworks. It is also a time to remember what brings us together and honor the core values that make America the amazing country it is.

It is also a time of deals and offers on everything red white and blue. From swag to decorations, the fourth of July has something for everyone.

Here is our list of the 5 best products to celebrate our great nation.

1- Inflatable 4-foot tall Uncle Sam

Move over, Santa Clause! The real white-bearded American hero is here and he is 4-foot tall. This inflatable Uncle Sam is just what you need to let your neighbors know you are proud to be an American and also, a guy with a lot of storage space.

Uncle Sam is perfect for both night and day BBQs since it lights up from the inside and can be tethered to your lawn in case the wind feels like taking him for a ride. It can be easily installed indoors and outdoors, just plug it in and you are good to go.

Get it at Walmart

2- Patriotic Flocked Star Bunting

Party like it's 1777 with a patriotic flocked star bunting! This product is perfect for those who want to show their American pride with a little more taste, dare I say, southern charm. Perfect for daytime and nighttime outdoor gatherings. Most of them are 36 in. x 72 in, so you can add them to your door, stairs, fence, or window!

Get it at The Home Depot

3- Americana River Tube Two-Seater

What is more American than a nice BBQ by the pool? A nice BBQ by the pool with an inflatable two-seater with built-in cup holders! I mean, yes, it can be a little over the top, but how could the greatest nation on earth settle for less?

Get it at Macy's

4- American Flag Solid Cotton Napkins

Yes, the fourth is a time to party, celebrate and honor the ones that build this nation. That is why sometimes it is a good idea to be tasteful when choosing our patriotic homewares. And nothing says tasteful like pure cotton napkins with an engraved flag on the side.

Perfect for a nice little dinner with friends, or a family event. Just try not to wipe your mouth on the red, white, and blue, unless you want to spend the rest of the evening doing the dishes.

Get it at Pottery Barn

5- Patriotic Paper Dinner Plates

If you are throwing a barbecue for your family, seize the opportunity to impress them by switching regular (and boring) white paper plates for Patriotic Paper Dinner Plates! Made in the USA, these paper plates are super sturdy and build to handle even the biggest burger you can imagine.

Perfect for a fourth of July party, labor day, themed parties, and any day you feel the need to celebrate living in the land of the free. 100% recyclable and compostable, just the way it's meant to be.

Get it at Kroger

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5 products to celebrate the fourth of July

Homemade healthy food for your pet

In the United States we are seeing more frequently that families decide to change the balanced diet of pets towards a homemade diet. Besides this is an interesting trend, there are some tips you need to know before getting into the kitchen to prepare a dog meal. For sure your dog will thank you for altering its everyday diet but you must pay attention to what to buy at your grocery store.

Your pet and his life stage

The very first thing you need to analyze is the life stage of your pet. A young dog will have a very different diet from an older dog, for instance. In addition, it is necessary to explore whether your pet is a high-energetic one or it has a more sedentary routine. Other aspects such as race, health condition and weight are important to look at. Before going to the store and getting into a homemade diet, please check with your vet for correct guidance.

More control

One of the key advantages when cooking food for your dog is that you have more control over the ingredients and types of nutrients you are giving to it. Most of the times when we go shopping for balanced food at a store in the United States, we don’t look at the ingredients used. If we don’t pay attention we might be affecting the health of your dog. In order to know exactly what your best friend is getting, homemade diets are great.

3 key components

When it comes to cooking there are three elements you need to take into consideration: protein, fiber and carbohydrates. The correct mix of these will guarantee the good shape of your dog. As for proteins the most common thing to use is high-quality animal protein. As for fibers and carbs there are a bunch of vegetables and grains to choose from. Sweet potatoes are excellent options as well as raw carrots. Green beans, broccoli, pumpkin and apples are other goods to buy at a store in the United States. Corn, quinoa, oatmeal and rice are some grains to use too. Always remember that waste is not real food, that means that leftovers can’t be considered as a daily diet.

What to avoid

There are a number of ingredients that are not suggested for dogs. Chocolate, grapes, coffee, walnuts, avocados, racins, onions, garlic, cinnamon and high-sodium foods are all in the not-to-buy at the grocery store list. Dog’s digestive system is not the same as ours so we have to be very careful on what we incorporate on its diet. Some of these foods can cause big trouble and compromise the wellbeing of your dog..


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Homemade healthy food for your pet

What a perfect barbecue looks like

Sunny days invite us to go out and have a nice barbecue day. In the United States many families choose to have one barbecue in the garden for gathering with relatives and friends or celebrating birthdays and special days. ¿What if you don’t have one? We want to give you a quick guide in order for you to make a correct purchase at the home appliances store.


Yes, when it comes to buying a new barbecue what you want to guarantee is that you have enough room for any meal and any occasion. At the different home appliances stores in the US you may find a wide range of options. First of all check the room you have in your backyard before buying. Keep in mind that a spacious barbecue will give enough versatility to host many different gatherings. A big barbecue also gives you the chance to cook separate types of food and arrange better the elements on the grill.

Heating method

The heating source is another aspect to take into account when buying a barbecue at an american store. There are 3 methods: charcoal, permanent gas or propane. Whether the first one is the cult option as you can have very smoky food, propane should be the best way to go because it has all the advantages of permanent gas but you don’t have to make any adjustment with a constructor. Propane gas will give a regular heat and cooking process that won’t let anything get burned.


As for the materials in which the barbecue is built there are many choices. You can go for aluminum or sheet metal, which are cheaper options, or you can have a high-quality and long lasting experience with stainless steel. This structure provides a solid experience and won't give you any trouble when taking care of it. The grills are also important as are a key element when cooking. You want to look at stores in the United States for porcelain-coated if you want to be at the top level or for stainless steel if you like a mid-range but useful choice. Get a barbecue with a hood for better cooking results and don’t forget to acquire a cover for when it is not in use.


You will see this denomination at the home appliances stores in the US when buying a barbecue. BTU means “British thermal unit” and has to do with the maximum amount of heat a barbecue can achieve with all burners on, the horsepower of it. Your BTU choice will be determined by the cooking surface but keep in mind that 75 to 100 BTUs per in2 are needed.


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What a perfect barbecue looks like

How to renovate your home on a budget

Renovating your house is one of those things that comes to mind every time you see a leaking faucet, a wall that needs a fresh coat of paint, or a room that could be used for something other than storing all those boxes with old pictures and seasonal clothes.

One of the main reasons we frequently give up on the idea is that it is just too expensive and time-consuming to fit into our busy schedules. Yet, there are many ways to start transforming your house or apartment into something that resembles one of those amazing Ikea catalogs. Here are some tips to start renovating your home on a budget.

Start small

When you think about renovation, the first thing that comes up is a massive tv-like makeover involving lots of different areas and a considerable degree of chaos. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way!

The best way to kickstart your renovation is to start small. Pick just one room, make a plan, take inventory, and a checklist and make sure to set a time frame to do the work. We recommend you avoid places you need to use on a daily basis like the kitchen, or the bathroom since the work might take a few days.

Also, pick tasks you are familiar with or that you think you can manage, such as painting, replacing furniture, hanging ceiling lights, or installing new drapes. Visit hardware stores like The Home Depot or Lowe's and ask an expert about prices and quality.

Don´t start changing faucets or heaters before you know how much work you can take. If you start small, you will be able to accomplish a lot with very little frustration.

Pick a style beforehand

Renovations are a perfect chance to give your home a fresh new look. If you renovate room by room without a plan, chances are you will end up with a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing design-wise.

So, before you embark on a quest to create a better living space, you might want to think about what type of space you are aiming for. If you need ideas, you can browse catalogs, go to Pinterest or visit decor stores. Once you find a style that suits you, then you can start thinking about how you can make it work in every room.

You can also check out some tools from stores like Harbor Freight to know if you are going to need help in your project.

You might end up selecting different types of paints and even floors because of it, so do some research and have fun!

Know your materials

This is a crucial part of the renovation process. The quality and characteristics of every material you use can be the difference between making something that lasts or spending the next few years cursing your past self because of that vinyl floor that keeps acting up.

If you are painting both indoor and outdoor, go to a hardware store and ask about styles, finishings, and types of paint that might work on your walls before you even decide on a color.

Some things might look great in a picture, but not in your home, so it's important to understand how materials will combine to make a smart choice and save money in the process.

My Deals 365 brings you the best catalogs, weekly ads, and daily deals to save on everything you need to renovate your home. Get the latest brochures from the most popular DIY & Hardware stores in the US. Get the best value for your money today!


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How to renovate your home on a budget

What to know before buying a car

Buying a car is one of the biggest investments anyone can do. There are many things to consider when thinking about switching your vehicle, and they are all equally important. Here are a few things you should know before buying a car.

Take a test drive

Liking a design is a good thing, liking the way it feels to drive the car is another. Many vehicles look great but when you hit the road, they can be stuffy, heavy, uncomfortable, small, or lacking basic technology. Before you even ask for any other information, request a test drive, take it for a ride and think about how it would feel to be stuck in traffic, go to work or drive your kids to school every day for the next couple of years. If you like the way it feels, then you can move on to the next step.

Do some research

When it comes to cars, there is no shortage of brands, models and price ranges to pick from. Shopping for a car without information can lead to a lot of problems. Today you can find just about anything you need to know before you even set foot in a dealership. Search for expert reviews, safety ratings, model variations, prices for parts, release dates for new models, technology, and accessories that might interest you. You can even find groups that share their experience with a particular model to ask them for advice. Whatever you do, never go shopping without doing some research.

Make sure you can afford it

It’s very tempting to spend a little bit of extra money and get a car that seems a lot better than the one you originally wanted. After all, what’s the big deal about getting a better vehicle? Well… before you swipe that credit card you might want to ask about all those extra costs that will certainly show up the minute you start the engine. The first one is insurance. Some cars pay a lot more insurance than others, and sometimes the gap can be ridiculously high. You should also consider gas, parts, accessories, maintenance costs, and taxes. While some of them may not seem like such a big deal, they will almost certainly pile up and increase your budget. Always make sure you can pay before you say yes.

Consider used cars

If you were thinking about buying a brand new car, a used one might not sound like a tempting proposition, but there are lots of arguments in favor to consider. First of all, new cars lose a portion of their value as soon as you take them out of the dealership, making them a less profitable investment. Then there is the matter of costs, used cars are cheaper but that doesn’t mean they are the worst. You can find used cars in excellent conditions and with just a couple of hundred miles for a fraction of what it costs to buy a new one. So don't discard used vehicles before you start browsing.


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What to know before buying a car

The best sustainable fashion brands in 2022

For the last few years, fashion has been in the spotlight, and not always for the right reasons. Many brands, especially fast fashion brands, have been called out for not being environmentally friendly, hiring companies with bad working conditions, or promoting misleading campaigns about the way they manufacture their collections. Fortunately, some brands started listening to their customers and moved forward with bold plans to design fully sustainable and eco-friendly business models. Here are some of the brands that are spearheading ethical fashion.


The American brand that specializes in outdoor clothing is also one of the most ambitious names in fashion when it comes to sustainability. They are a certified B corporation with Fair Trade Certificates, organic cotton products, environmental sustainability initiatives and gives back. The brand also promotes inclusion with plus sizes and gender-neutral collections. Patagonia is now offering streetwear collections with the same standards to accommodate the needs of urban customers.


A household name and an all-time classic. In the last decade, Levi’s has promoted some radical changes in its manufacturing and distribution channels, creating newly sustainable collections made with organic cotton, recycled linens, and some of the best practices in the fashion industry. The denim giant has also introduced new technologies to reduce water use in its factories while providing better working conditions for all its workers both locally and overseas.

People Tree

People Tree is widely recognized as one of the pioneers in the fair trade and sustainable fashion movement. With more than 20 years of experience developing sustainable clothing, the brand is also vegan (PETA approved) and uses biodegradable materials in almost all its products. They focus mostly on urban fashion with a wide range of options to pick from and, most importantly, they ship all their products globally, so you can try it no matter where you are!

Vege Threads

An Australian fashion company specializing in everyday basics, Vege Threads is also one of the world's leading sustainable fashion companies. All their products are certified eco-friendly, with biodegradable materials and natural dyes, they promote ethical manufacturing and give back initiatives. They also sell swimwear, denim, and activewear. The brand is an example of ethical trading and develops plus-sized options as well as gender-neutral designs to fit the needs of modern customers.


Based in Paris, France, Sézane carries out a legacy of sustainable production, promoting alternatives that benefit both customers and the environment. The brand sells mostly online to avoid increasing its carbon footprint. They have adopted fair labor standards, natural & sustainable materials, and recycled packaging, and all their infrastructure is powered by renewable energies. They specialize in leather goods, denim, knitwear, shoes, jewelry, hats, and accessories, proving that you don’t need to sacrifice quality to be sustainable. The brand was created by a philanthropic initiative called DEMAIN, which helps children get access to quality education and equal opportunities in developing countries.

My Deals 365 brings you the best catalogs, promotions, and discounts to save on everything you need to renew your closet with an eco-friendly style! Get the latest deals for all your favorite stores in one place and get the best value for your money.


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The best sustainable fashion brands in 2022

4 mistakes people make when buying clothes online

Shopping for clothes online has never been easier. Thanks to the eCommerce boom, there has been an explosion of new and interesting fashion brands all over the world. Big brands have also established online marketplaces expanding their reach and providing new ways to pick your new favorite outfits. Still, there are some things you need to consider before you click the add to cart button. Here are 5 common mistakes people make when buying clothes online.

Not Checking Measurement Tables

This is by far the worst mistake you can make. We know some fashion items look amazing in the picture, but before you consider adding them to your collection, check the measurement table to see what size you need to get. As with all brands, sizes can have subtle but important variations and if you are not extra careful, you might end up with something that is a bit too loose or a bit too tight.

Missing out on deals

Fashion stores are always offering deals, promotions, seasonal discounts, and clearance sales. The same goes for their online shops! There are many ways to save while shopping online and most of them require little to no effort at all. Some companies will give you vouchers just by subscribing to their newsletter or creating an account on their website. There are also many websites that offer coupons and discounts for fashion stores directly, so you can plan ahead of your next online shopping spree. The most important thing you have to know is this; When it comes to fashion, never buy something at full price.

Not reading the return policy

This is especially important if you are buying at an online-only company or one that is overseas. Even if you check the measurements, there is a slight chance that the product won’t be just what you expect and if the company has a bad return policy, then that is when the real problem starts. Some companies allow you to just ship the product back and get store credit, a new item, or even a full refund, but others make the whole process unnecessarily complicated and tedious. So, before buying anything, check their return policy. Sites usually have a FAQ section where they answer any and all questions about this matter, so be sure to read it carefully. A minute of your time might save you hours of frustration.

Considering price over quality

Many stores offer prices that seem too good to be true, and they often are. The internet is full of posts about women who bought cheap clothes from bargain dealers only to end up with incredibly flawed dresses, coats, and shirts. So, if you are going to buy from an unknown store with no physical stores nearby and very low prices, try doing some research and be aware there might be some problems down the road. Sometimes it is better to spend a little extra knowledge you are going to get just what you want.


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4 mistakes people make when buying clothes online

The perfect home office shopping list

For many of us, working from home has become the new normal. Turning a room or even a small corner of your house into a full-time office space can be challenging since there are lots of things to consider. While some can be small and ordinary, others can have a crucial effect on your health and wellbeing. To help you adapt, here are some of the things you need to set up your perfect home office.

Ergonomic chain

If you are going to spend serious money on something, then this is it. The average worker spends 7 hours a day sitting in an office chair. Using regular chairs, sofas or even stools can lead to back problems, dizziness, and regular headaches.

Today, there are a lot of ways to get a good ergonomic office chair for a fair price and we guarantee they are worth the money. Just think about it, you are going to be sitting on it at least 40 hours a week, so think of it as a very smart investment.

A desk

It may seem like an obvious choice, but the truth is many people work remotely using a living room table, coffee table, or even their own lap while sitting on the floor. An office desk can help you organize your work better, keep your things where they should be, and help with your posture.

There are many types of desks, including stand-up desks for those who want to innovate a little. Before you make your decision, browse a little bit to find the one that fits your needs and more importantly, your room size.

High-Speed internet router

Nothing can be as frustrating as working with a slow internet connection. Today, broadband has become as essential as any other tool and fast broadband makes everything a lot easier to manage.

Your internet speed will most certainly vary depending on your router quality and the city you live in, but nowadays almost every country has decent internet. Getting a faster internet connection will speed up your work, plus, after you are done, you can binge-watch your favorite show without delays.

HD Monitor

If you own a laptop or a MacBook, you are probably used to working within the confinements of a small screen. Even though it may be ok for a couple of days to work from your local coffee shop, if you are going to set up a proper office at home, then you need to buy a monitor.

A decent screen may cost a little bit of money, but it will provide lots of benefits when you need to work efficiently. Remember to adjust the height, distance, and light patterns to get the most out of your experience. You can browse for different types of screens online or in your local tech supplier, there are tons of brands, resolutions, and qualities to pick from. If you don’t work with design or editing software, you can pick up a decent monitor for a lot less.

If you want to save money on office products, My Deals 365 is the best place to find deals, promotions, and catalogs to get the best value for your money at your favorite stores! Get the latest catalogs from Staples, Home Depot, Best Buy, Office Depot, and many others.


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The perfect home office shopping list

The best products to buy online

With all the time we are spending indoors, online shopping has replaced most of the trips we used to take to our local stores. Today it seems like everything can be bought without moving from our couch. But when it comes to online purchases there are some products that offer a lot more benefits than others. Here are some of the best products you can buy online.

Gift Cards

The gift that keeps on giving, literally. Gift cards are an amazing way to present someone with the option of getting just what they want at their favorite store. Today, you can purchase Gifts Cards directly at the brand´s online marketplace and send them via email, code or even a JPEG file. Plus, they are a perfect last minute gift to get in a minute!


There is a reason Amazon is the number one book seller in the world. Buying books online is easier, faster and better. You can even download previews and reviews before you decide to hit the add to cart button. You can even buy audiobooks narrated by famous authors if you feel like listening to it while commuting or before going to bed. However you like to get your daily read, there is a universe of books waiting just a few clicks away.


Whether it's wine, beer, liquor or whisky, you can find it online. Although your local store may be packed with quality drinks, getting a specific brand or product can sometimes be tricky, especially when it comes to more sophisticated types of alcohol. Luckily, there are many online stores that specialize in all types of drinks and beverages, some of them can even import rare brands for the right price, so don't be afraid to try something new.

Plane Tickets

The internet, slowly but surely, became our new travel agent. Today, there are dozens of apps that compete to get you the best plane tickets money can buy. By combining the right date, company and hour, you can get tickets almost 30% or 50% cheaper than the ones you find on a company's website. Some apps offer full vacations packages and seasonal sales that can turn out to be a real bargain. If you are planning your next trip, we recommend you download a couple of travel apps to find the best deals to get to your next destination.


What's the point of going to a store to get a computer? You can check out details, specs and perks without leaving your house, watch a couple of reviews and buy your new computer from a specialized online marketplace, some of which offer amazing discounts and refurbished items for a fraction of their original price. There are many stores that even offer worldwide shipping, so you can get additional accessories, gadgets and upgrades from overseas. Some companies, like B&H offer tax free deliveries to their international customers, so be sure to check out every international store before you decide.


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The best products to buy online

Best tools for diy lovers

There are a billion DIY channels out there and they all tell you how to make furniture, decorate your home, create nifty accessories or build an interesting object your kids can play with. They usually don’t tell you that every project needs a special tool if you want to build it the right way, and getting them all can be quite expensive. That is why we are going to talk about the 5 most important tools every DIYer needs to get started.

Cordless drill

Reliable, versatile, and an absolutely fundamental addition to your tool kit. Cordless drills are more expensive than other types of drills, but they offer many perks that are more than makeup for the added price. With a cordless drill, you can forget about extension cords and power cuts. Take this tool everywhere and work the way you want to. If you are new to the craft, we recommend you buy middle-priced drills since pro brands can considerably increase your budget. Some drills also come with a variety of bits and accessories, so consider looking for an offer that includes at least some regular bits, it can save you a lot of money!


You’d be amazed to know how many projects require sanding. If you are working with wood or concrete, sanding can be an essential part of the process. Luckily this is a relatively cheap tool that can be purchased in almost any retail shop. Some DIYers recommend getting an orbital sander first since they are easier to use, but you can also get a dish sander for heavier projects or a finishing sander if you are looking for an all-purpose tool. Whatever you decide this is definitely one that you must not miss. You will notice the difference when the work is finished.

Circular Saw

If you are not used to being around tools, circular saws can be quite intimidating. Still, if handled with care, it can be one of the tools you use the most. Circular saws are used to make straight cuts, replacing heavier tools as the table saw or the miter saw. In this case, we really recommend going for one of the better brands since safety is a really big factor here. It's great for smaller, quick cuts and there are also cordless circular saws available if you need to take it to the garden for some handy work.


So, we already said that the circular saw is probably the most convenient tool to make straight cuts, but if you want to add some curves to your project, you will need a jigsaw. Commonly used on wood and metal sheets, jigsaws work like a charm when you want to add a little style to your cuts or create original furniture designs. Some jigsaws come with a laser guide and we strongly recommend you get one that has it. As with most tools, there are cordless and regular jigsaws with a range of add ons, so think about what type of projects you want to build before buying this one.


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Best tools for diy lovers

3 Essential garden tools you should buy

No work is as demanding and satisfying as landscaping. With a little bit of effort, you can turn a small patch of grass into the perfect place to relax, make a barbecue or just enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet. If you want your garden to look just like you imagine it, then you will need the right tools for the job, and while there are literally dozens of interesting choices, there are some items that are just essential for the job. Here are 5 garden tools you should buy right now.


If you already worked with plants, dirt, and wood, we probably don’t have to tell you how important it is to have a good pair of gloves. Gardening gloves provide comfort, protection, and a good grip to handle prickly tasks like removing splinters, rooting a new tree, cutting branches, and adding some compost to your lawn. If you never bought a pair of garden gloves, we recommend trying a pair to know your size before you buy a pair. They should be durable but not too bulky. They should also be water-resistant, thick, and, ideally, with longer wrists to provide extra protection. To extend their durability, keep them dry and away from the sun when you are not using them.


Also called Pruning Shears, hand pruners are specially designed to keep plants under control when they grow too big or wander into the wrong places. They are composed of a sharp blade that puts pressure on a flat surface, making the cut clean and fast. There are several types depending on your needs, but if you don’t have any, to begin with, we recommend getting a Bypass Hand Pruner since they are the most versatile of them all. Remember, your pruner should fit in the palm of your hand comfortably as well as sharp if you want to cut all sorts of plans without putting in too much effort.


Like with hand pruners, trowels come in many shapes and sizes depending on your needs. If you are going to build garden planters and make a hobby out of your garden, then you should probably consider getting several of them, but if you are just starting and want an all-purpose tool, then we definitely recommend going for a transplanting trowel. They are great when you are working among densely planted borders and can also be used to dig a hole for new plants, prepare the soil for new seeds and move plants to new and bigger pots. Medium quality trowels are stainless steel, resistant to rust, and have ergonomically designed tangs. We recommend getting one that covers at least those three things since cheaper ones can break easily when you are working with hard soil. There are many other tools you should consider, including rakes, saws, and lawnmowers depending on the size of your garden and the time you have to work in it. However, with these three tools you will already be able to start getting your garden ready for summer.


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3 Essential garden tools you should buy

What to know before you buy furniture online

In the last two years, eCommerce has become the new normal. We buy everything online, clothes, games, groceries, and yes, even furniture. For some, buying a couch online feels somewhat strange, since we are used to trying furniture before we find a place for it in our living room. Yet, buying furniture online can be a great decision if you consider some very important things. Here is what you should know before buying furniture online.

Read the reviews

A rule of thumb for everything you do online. Products with lots of reviews and a considerable rating tend to be safe bets. If a product has few reviews you might want to wait until other buyers try it before you make your purchase. Websites like Amazon have a verified purchase certification to avoid fake reviewers that might alter the product score. Remember, when in doubt, just look for products with many reviews and a positive average. If you do that, chances are your product is going to be just what you expect.

Always read the return policy

This is a big one. When buying an impractical, heavy product like a couch, a dining table, or a closet, you need to know what can happen if there is a problem. Will the company replace it? do they pick them up or will you have to take a giant box back to the store? Can you get your money back or are they just going to give you store credit? These are all important questions you should ask before hitting that “Add to Cart” button. No matter what you do, always read the return policy.

Consider shipping costs

Another tiny detail that can ruin your experience. Some stores may offer bargain prices but terrible shipping costs. Others may be a little more expensive and give you free shipping. It’s easier when you are buying from a local store, but when it comes to national or even international sellers, shipping becomes a critical factor to consider, not only because of the price but also because of the estimated delivery date. If you don’t have a specific store in mind, try looking for those who offer the best shipping options, you might end up saving a lot of time and money.

Read the descriptions carefully

The devil is in the details, and that is particularly true when it comes to furniture. Yes, photos might be nice and present the product as an amazing new addition to your home office, but still, carefully and meticulously read every detail before you say yes. Is it the right size? Is the quality of the materials up to your standards? Is it going to fit through your door? Product pages tend to be misleading and can sometimes get you into a world of trouble. If you have any doubts, don’t be afraid to ask the company for more information. Remember once it gets to your home it is going to be yours for better or worse.


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What to know before you buy furniture online

Why you should try online grocery shopping

Of all the things you probably already buy online, groceries might be one of those that still feel a little off. After all, we are used to the experience of grocery shopping at a supermarket where we can see the products, find promotions, and sometimes even get a couple of delicious free samples. And while all that may be true, online grocery shopping offers plenty of benefits. Here are some of the reasons you should make the switch.

No checkout lines

Have you ever been stuck in a checkout line that seems to take forever? Well, if you shop online that will never happen again. Just that should be enough to convince you that it’s worth a shot.

Online shops never close

We have all been there. You get to the store a little late and suddenly you are the only customer still browsing fruits at the produce section while feeling a little bit guilty about making everyone work a little longer for your satisfaction. Online shops are open 24/7 and allow you to take as long as you need to research how many carbs are in that peanut butter jar you like so much.

Free Delivery

Nothing like getting what you need without moving from your couch. In the case of groceries, that means the end of dilemmas like “how many bags can I carry in one trip without losing an arm?” or “How long until the ice cream in the bag starts to melt?”. Most supermarkets will deliver all your groceries directly to your doorstep for free and most likely within a time frame that works for you.

Saves time

A trip to the supermarket usually involves making a list, getting in your car, driving to the supermarket, parking your car, going in, walking from aisle to aisle getting different things, waiting in line, paying, getting to your car, loading bags and hoping they will fit, driving back, unloading your car and organizing everything. Sounds exhausting? it is. When you shop online, you can just log in, pick your products and pay while pretending to pay attention to a zoom meeting.

Lots of options

Have you ever stopped at an aisle looking for a product only to find a hundred brands and prices for the thing you want? Comparing products at the store is downright impossible unless you carry an excel spreadsheet with you at all times. When you shop online, you can find every brand there is on a single page, compare prices and sizes making a choice that’s right for you.


Yes, online grocery stores have tons of deals, coupons, and vouchers. Many marketplaces offer a wide range of benefits just for subscribing to their newsletter, logging on, or answering a couple of questions after making a purchase. You might even find better deals using different payment options or shopping on a specific day of the week. Check out your supermarket’s webpage to find promotions you probably didn’t know you could get.


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Why you should try online grocery shopping

Family friendly board games you can buy at any hypermarket

Board games are making a huge comeback worldwide. With quarantines and remote work in almost every country, many families have started playing games together to create new ways to communicate, spend quality time with their loved ones, or just to log off for a little bit. When looking for titles that present an alternative to family classics like Monopoly, Cluedo, or Risk, finding the right product can be challenging. Here are five family-friendly board games you can buy online or at your local hypermarket.


One of the most popular board games in existence, Settlers of Catan is a perfect game for families with kids over 12. The rules are simple, you build, trade, and expand to gain enough points to win. The game requires strategic planning, a little bit of luck, and above all, a lot of negotiation. It is a perfect game to teach your kids the value of getting along, thinking ahead, and even basic economic theories like supply and demand without boring them to death. If you have younger kids, there is a version of the game called Catan junior that works as the perfect gateway game to prepare them for the real thing. If your family liked Monopoly, they will adore Settlers of Catan.


Looking for a laid-back game you can set up in seconds and play for hours? Then you will definitely like Dobble. It’s a quick reaction game that requires constant attention and quick reflexes. The game can be played in a variety of ways, it is cheap, small, and super easy to learn. It’s one of the funniest family-friendly party games and a must-have in any board game collection. The game costs around 4,600 HUF at stores like Tesco, but you can also get it online.


This one is a classic. One of the few board games based on a movie that has actually outlived the movie’s popularity. Originally published in 1995, the game uses common board game mechanics such as dice rolling, card drafting, and pawns that move on the board. It’s a fun game to play with children above 8 years old who enjoy a challenge. The game is simple, but it quickly turns into a cunning race to get to the end and scream Jumanji! like you are a 90s kid that thinks Blockbuster will last forever. It is also a fairly cheap game and it is very easy to find a copy at any convenience store.


Do you enjoy asking silly questions? How about solving mysteries? If the answer is yes, Hedbanz will be right up your alley. A classic guess for the game adapted for the whole family, the game will make you ask and answer questions to discover what animal, object, or person you are before other players do. It is thrilling, funny, and gives way to a lot of interesting after-game conversations. Probably the easiest game on the list, perfect for short sessions and after-dinner conversations.


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Family friendly board games you can buy at any hypermarket

Biggest mistakes people make at the supermarket

Groceries are one of those things that take time and money. If you ever made a monthly budget, you know that the supermarket represents an important portion of all monthly expenses. There are many things you should consider before, during, and after going to the supermarket and while some of them are just details, there are others that can end up saving you a ton of money. If you think that making a list or using credit card rewards is enough, we are here to tell you those tricks are just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some of the biggest mistakes people make when shopping at the supermarket.

Shopping without rewards

Nowadays supermarkets and grocery stores are always giving away new coupons, reward cards, and loyalty discounts. Since there is a lot of competition, rewards are usually interesting and can make you save a lot of money on selected and discounted items. Signing up for a reward card program or a newsletter only takes a few minutes and gives you access to a lot of exclusive benefits. No matter where you shop for groceries, chances are you are missing out on amazing deals right now. Ask your local clerk next time you are at the store or visit their webpage for more information.

Making small purchases

Like almost every other business, the more you buy, the more you will be able to save at the supermarket. Many credit card and loyalty programs give you big discounts and points if you make a big purchase. Buying just a few items can also make you miss out on promotions like 3 items for the price of 2 or discounts on a second item of the same category and while they may not look like a big deal, promotions pile up and make a difference when you get to the cashier. Make a list and try to go just once or twice a month… and speak about dates…

Not reading weekly ads

Weekly ads are probably one of the easiest ways to save without making any effort. They are the way supermarkets promote their biggest deals of the week, promotions, and seasonal sales. If you are looking for a way to save without subscribing to anything or collecting coupons, then weekly ads are the way to go. You can usually just download them from the supermarkets’ website or any website that specializes in catalogs and weekly ads.

Being hungry

This is a golden rule for all you savers out there. Never go to the supermarket while hungry. Doing this is probably the best way to end up with a whole lot of unnecessary snacks and microwave meals you will instantly regret buying the second you are out the door. Ideally, you should go shopping for groceries with your stomach full. You will be amazed to see how many of those guilty pleasures you like so much are not really as necessary as you thought they were.


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Biggest mistakes people make at the supermarket

Must have tools everyone should own

Every house needs a good toolbox. It doesn’t matter if you are a hard DIYer or just a parent with few nifty skills, there are some tools that will always come in handy around the house to save you a world of trouble. Get your overalls ready, because we are going to talk about essential tools everyone should own.


Probably the most essential tool of them all. If you look around your house you will notice the number of screws attached to almost everything you own. Screwdrivers come in many shapes and sizes but if you don’t already own one we recommend you get a double screwdriver with slotted and Phillips tips.


When it comes to tools, hammers are in a league of their own. They are useful for carpentry, framing, nail pulling, assembling furniture, hanging portraits, and all kinds of things that require a decent amount of force. As with every tool, there are many types of hammers, but if you are going to own just one, we recommend you get a regular claw hammer, it’s the most versatile of them all and probably the only one you will ever need.

Tape Measure

This one is for all of you out there who ever tried to guess the exact measure of something just by looking at it. Tape measure always comes in handy when you are trying to find out if a table will fit in your living room, how wide is your door, how to position your new oversized bed in your regular sized room, and other things of the sort. Tape comes in many shapes and sizes, our advice is to buy something that’s over 10 meters.

Electric Drill

The handyman's all-time favorite. While the other tools on the list are considered hand tools, this is the only power tool we consider essential, and for good reason. Do you need to hang a new picture on the wall? make a hole in your cabinet to make room for some cables? How about adding a few screws to a faulty chair? If the answer is yes, then you most certainly need a drill in your life. Our advice is to get a cordless drill, it is a million times more practical, and it’s well worth the difference.


Wrenches are used to tighten or loosen hexagonal nuts. This is a lifesaver whenever you need to fix a leaking faucet, a clogged sink, or a rusty radiator valve. If you are not very familiar with tools, this one might sound a little far from essential, but after watching a few how-to videos on YouTube you will quickly realize how easy it is to fix some of those things that plumbers charge a fortune just to come and inspect. Just one little piece of extra advice; despite being heavy and made or iron, wrenches are not hammers, so don’t use them to hit objects because you will risk running a perfectly nice tool.


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Must have tools everyone should own

Safety tips for online shopping

In the last two years, online sales skyrocketed far beyond anyone’s expectations. eCommerce has become a multi-billion dollar industry that is now able to substitute almost every physical store in existence, constantly providing new ways to pay, shop, and find interesting bargains from the comfort of your couch. Despite all of this, there are still a few things you need to check before you click that buy button. Here are just a few of them.

Always check the return policy

Buying online is quite easy. Returning items...not so much. Before buying a product you know you might have to return, such as clothes, electrical appliances, or shoes, make sure the company provides an easy way to return, refund, or change the product you want to get. Some stores take care of the whole process for you while others make it nearly impossible to give the product back or just don’t offer any refunds at all. Yes, we know in this day and age returning an item should be an easy task, but you’d be amazed to know how many websites have terrible return policies. Be smart, dig a little deeper before buying something you might regret.

Be sure the website is secure

This one is for those suspicious sites that offer things that seem too good to be true. While respected and well-known sites are usually safe, some less notorious marketplaces that offer designer clothes, tools or a variety of As-seen-on-tv products can end up stealing your data and personal information. The best way to know if the site is secure is to check for the padlock symbol, the website address should always start with https:// and the site must appear on a simple google search.

When in doubt, always credit, never debit

When shopping on a site that you haven't tried yet, always go for the credit card. That way, if they ever steal your data or make a suspicious purchase, you can report the incident, cancel the card and get your money back. Paying with debit means that your money gets transfered almost instantly and getting that amount back will be a lot harder and slower than you might think. Another alternative is to use payment methods like PayPal, that way, scammers will not be able to get hold of your bank details.

Use different passwords

According to cybersecurity experts, users tend to use the same password for every website. This is a critical mistake. Although it might take some time and probably some memory to have different passwords, if you ever get hacked, you can be sure the problem won't extend to your other accounts and services. If you have trouble remembering too many passwords, try using different numbers, adding a comma or a capital letter to mix things up. Sure, it is not nearly as comfortable as a one size fits all password, but it's 100 times safer. You might also want to add a two step password protection on sites that allow this kind of access to make your account even harder to crack.


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Safety tips for online shopping

Things you should only buy at the grocery store

The last two years kickstarted an eCommerce revolution. Due to social distancing and strict hygiene protocols, most stores had to reconvert or adapt to keep being competitive mostly through their online marketplaces. For all of us, buying online has become a habit and rightly so, it is convenient, comfortable, and saves time. Still, there are some things you might want to consider before clicking the add to cart button. Here are some things you should only buy at the supermarket.

Frozen Foods

Frozen foods have many advantages, they last longer, keep most of the flavors intact, and are usually a lot safer to eat than fresh foods. When it comes to safety, it is important to consider that frozen products need to be kept frozen during their preparation, packaging, storage, distribution, retail holding, and display. This is called the “Cold chain” sequence, and while most places make sure that this process is carried without any interruptions, no one has higher standards than supermarkets and grocery stores. When you buy frozen meat, ice cream, or vegetables at your local supermarket, you can rest easy knowing that you are not going to have any problems when you open it.

Fresh meat and seafood

Like with frozen food, meat and seafood are especially hard to handle. Stores need to be ready to store products in the freezer as soon as they arrive and sell them before they start going bad. Supermarkets run a daily routine check on all their fresh products, making sure they are in proper condition. While your local butcher or seafood store might sound like a nicer option, their standards and regulations are not nearly as strict as those of your local supermarket or grocery store. When buying meat, especially for a family, you can never be too careful.

Cheese and deli products

Another deliciously complex product to handle. Cheese is one of the most popular products worldwide and (luckily) comes in many sizes and types. While it is a lot easier to store and preserve, some types like mozzarella, ricotta, and brie can lose their flavor or constitution if they are not properly kept. Deli products, like ham, turkey or pastrami also need to be kept under proper conditions to be served without any complications. When it comes to all things Deli, there is no place like the grocery store.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Nothing like picking your own fruits and vegetables. When it comes to getting the right tomato for a salad or strawberries for a summer smoothie, the best way to get exactly what you want is to touch and feel what you are about to purchase. There is no substitute for this type of selection, not yet anyway, and while some shops have started sending preview pictures of this kind of item, the only way to really know what you are getting is to try it for yourself. Plus, you can always amaze your significant other by sharing curious data about the qualities of kale on the way to the car.


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Things you should only buy at the grocery store

Don’t start baby shopping until you read this

What to expect when you're expecting? Well, many things and one of those is certainly a whole lot of shopping for your new baby. Those little adorable beings come with many needs and usually, first-time parents rush in to buy as many things as possible without considering a couple of particularly important things. So, before you go on your next shopping spree, here are some things you need to know.

Do some research.

Are you looking for a milk warmer? A car seat? Bibs? Then you probably noticed there are thousands of types and brands to choose from. Sometimes people tend to believe that the price determines the quality of the product, but this may not be the case when browsing baby items. Before you make any decision, you might want to read a little bit about safety tests, materials, warranty extensions, and brands to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. While some of these products will have a short life, others, like strollers, will be there for a long, long time and you don’t want to end up with an expensive bulk that doesn’t fit in your elevator or is just too heavy for you to carry. Ask around, read blogs, and do some digging to find the product that works for you.

Don’t get too many clothes.

Oh, baby fashion, you handsome devil. Yes, there are a billion styles, colors, collections, and accessories that you would love to get as soon as you find out you are pregnant, and they are all just so cute and soft! While all of that may be true, buying clothes too soon is one of the easiest traps in the game. The truth is that when it comes to babies, there really are no right sizes until you know how big or tall he or she will be. If you buy too many things too soon, you may end up with a whole bunch of clothes that are simply too small or too big. The best thing to do is wait a bit, get to know your little one and get what you need when you need it. And if you already bought a couple of things that won’t fit, don’t worry, you can always present it at your next baby shower.

When you buy diapers, buy a lot.

Do you know how many diapers a newborn baby goes through on an average day? The answer to that question is 12. Yes, 12 diapers a day. That’s 360 diapers a month not counting any accidents or very “heavy” days. First time parents often underestimate the importance of having a well-stocked diaper station ready for any and all situations, and while no one recommends buying too many before the baby is born, it is important to consider them on the budget once the little one is out of the womb. One of the best ways to get the right size is to ask your hospital nurse about sizes before you leave or just try different types until you find the one that works better. After all, all babies are different.


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5 Tips to save money on tools

Having the right tool kit at home is very important. If you happen to be a DIY enthusiast or just enjoy fixing things by yourself, you know there are a ton of tools out there, and getting a good set can be quite expensive. However, there are many ways to get everything you need without breaking the bank. Here are 5 tips to save money on tools everyone should know.

Shop Combo Kits

For the average handyman, combo kits offer a wide range of tools for a fraction of what they can cost when bought separately. Some wireless combo kits work with the same battery pack, allowing you to save on accessories and unnecessary add ons. Additionally. combo kits are a great way to get a variety of items that you wouldn’t normally consider for your shops, such as reciprocating saws, orbital sanders, and even oscillating blades. Plus, they are a great way to start your own workshop.

Get a brand you can trust

When it comes to tools, brands matter. A good brand means quality, power, and most importantly, it means you won’t need to replace your tools a couple of months after you bought them. If you are looking for one or two tools that you will use for long periods of time or heavy-duty work, you may want to invest in something that’s reliable. Getting a good tool will save you money in the long run and will allow you to do your work knowing you can push your gear to the max without fear of losing it.

Get real about your goals

It’s easy to get excited when you buy tools. After all, there are a million different types and sizes and they all seem like an interesting choice for that new project you are thinking about starting during your holiday. Before you go on your next tool shopping spree, ask yourself how many times are you actually going to use the tool before hiding it in your garage for a couple of years. Table saws are really cool, but are you really going to start being a weekend woodworker? if not, probably consider a circular saw, it’s just as good and fits in a locker.

It’s all about the deals

Yes, as with many other items, deals make a real difference. If you are not in a rush, try for seasonal sales or special offers. You can end up getting 20% or even 30% off some expensive tools, and that means saving a whole lot of money. Some places offer excellent payment options if you join their loyalty programs or sign up for their newsletter. When it comes to tools, even a small discount makes a big difference.

Never buy cheap tools

We can not stress this enough. Cheap tools are not only a bad investment, they can even be dangerous in more ways than one. Ask an expert, browse a blog but never buy something that is just too cheap to be true.


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5 Tips to save money on tools

5 Tips to save at the supermarket

Shopping for groceries always takes up a large portion of the monthly budget. That is why it is always important to be on the lookout for new ways to save money without making any unnecessary purchases that can definitely put weight on your bill. Here are five tips to save while shopping for groceries.

Consider your options.

People tend to go shopping at a nearby supermarket either out of habit or comfort. If you want to get better prices sometimes you need to consider going the extra mile. Nowadays you can simply browse catalogs from other supermarkets online without leaving your home. Some places have special promotions, sales, or discounts depending on the day you are doing your grocery shopping. Don’t be afraid to explore new places, it is the best way to get the best bang for your buck, plus, you can even end up finding a new favorite venue!

Avoid impulse buying.

Have you ever noticed how all the candy seems to be conveniently placed near the checkout? Or how sugary treats are placed so that kids may grab them? That is because every supermarket is designed in a way that will persuade you to buy impulse items like chocolates, sweets, and seasonal products. When you go to the supermarket, try to focus on the things you need before choosing to indulge in any guilty pleasures, more often than not, you will find you probably did not need that super-sized peanut butter chocolate bar after all.


Speaking of everything you need; it is extremely important to have a grocery list before you even think about going to the supermarket. Sometimes, people make semi-complete lists because they think they know what they need, leading to a lot of unnecessary items in their carts. So, always have your list ready to go and make sure everything is in there. A little digging at home can save you a lot of time and money.

Think about switching brands.

The average customer looks for the brands they always buy. It brings comfort to know you are buying something you already know, but sometimes you end up paying a lot more for something you want but don’t necessarily need. Before you go shopping, think about the brands you usually buy and try to find a better alternative. You may end up finding a new favorite shampoo for half the price while you do it.

Coupons, coupons, coupons.

Coupons are a great way to save money. Today, you can find coupons for almost anything and that is an incredible opportunity to save on groceries. Sometimes you can get in-store coupons, other supermarkets allow you to download digital coupons from their website or their app and others simply give them away on other websites that specialize in vouchers and discounts. Before you leave your house, try to get as many of those as possible. They will make a real difference when you add them up.


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5 Tips to save at the supermarket

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