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The best Black Friday department store deals for your budget

The best Black Friday department store deals for your budget

Black Friday is approaching and the Americans’ favorite stores are preparing their battery of deals for this special event. It is the run-up to Christmas and you can take advantage of it to buy all the gifts or treat yourself: whether you want to change your TV, cell phone or computer. This year's Black Friday will take place on November 24. If you are already thinking about doing your Christmas shopping, here are the best department stores to go to in the USA.



This is a true giant among international hypermarket chains and stands out for its particular operation based on a system of members who pay a fee to buy their products. In Costco you can also find great deals on toys and is ideal if you have to go wholesale shopping for Christmas. Here you will find a wide assortment of all kinds of products, including meats.



Ollie's is an American retail chain store primarily located in the eastern and southeastern regions of the United States. It specializes in discount and discontinued products, offering bargain prices for quality items. There are many ways to save money at Ollie's. You can browse their monthly flyer for the latest deals, see the greatest deals on their website or you can follow them on social media for the latest news on interesting bargains and promotions.

Sam’s Club


This chain offers exclusive discounts on seasonal products, but there are also special offers for Black Friday. Technology, home, health and beauty and grocery items are part of Sam's Club's range of opportunities to enjoy shopping at a differential price. To shop at Sam's Club, customers are required to have a membership, which comes in different tiers, such as a basic membership and a premium membership. Memberships are typically purchased on an annual basis and provide access to the store's exclusive deals and discounts.



Walmart has multiple discounts for Black Friday. Technology, fashion accessories, furniture and food are the items with the biggest offers. At Walmart you can get, for example, the latest technology TVs for u$s298 and sets of sheets for u$s19. Air conditioners, now that summer is coming to an end, are u$s100. Walmart is an American hypermarket, department store, and grocery chain. The company currently operates over 10.500 stores in 24 countries using many names depending on its size, country, and business type.



At Target you can find great deals on apparel, with sales of up to 30% on shoes for the whole family, and selected clothing for women, babies and kids. If you are thinking of renovating your home, you have excellent discounts on patio furniture and decorative items. Electronics and groceries are other products with good prices. Target has more than 1958 stores across the country, with locations in every state, including the District of Columbia.

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