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BrandsMart USA is one of the leading Consumer Electronics and Appliance Retailer in the Southeast and one of the largest Appliance Retailers in the country. With 9 retail stores in South Florida and the Atlanta area and growing ecommerce presence, BrandsMart USA continues its legacy of offering everyone's favourite brands at very low prices.

The history of BRANDSMART USA: what is BRANDSMART USA?

BrandsMart USA is the South's #1 Retailer for Consumer Electronics and Appliances. Established in Miami in 1977, they have grown into a retail leader in South Florida and Atlanta. BrandsMart USA has a reputation for providing top quality merchandise from leading manufacturers at discount prices. BrandsMart USA currently operates 10 stores in the South Florida and Atlanta area. The Atlanta area has 2 BrandsMart USA superstores. The South Florida region has 7 BrandsMart USA superstores and 1 Clearance Center.

What kind of products can I find at BRANDSMART USA?

Each BrandsMart USA store stocks a huge selection of televisions, large and small appliances, audio, video and home theatre equipment, exercise equipment, car stereo components, tablets and computers, cellular telephones, furniture, mattresses, thousands of accessories and so much more.

What brands can I find at BRANDSMART USA?

Customers can choose from over 500 name brands and nearly 50,000 different items, all first quality directly from the manufacturers. Some of those brands are Apple, Samsung, LG, among many others.


How to save mony at BRANDSMART USA?

BrandsMart USA offers clearance sales in their different products to make room to new ones, from Tv’s, cell phones, to many others.

Meet BRANDSMART USA's competitors

Some of BrandsMart USA top competitors are The Source, The Brick, Action Link and Fry’s Electronics.

BRANDSMART USA exclusive benefits

BrandsMart USA offers a membership program with exclusive benefits such as lowest price guarantee, first alert notices on sales and promos, and special financing on selected items.

Discounts offered by BRANDSMART USA

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