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Family Fare is an American supermarket chain. It is a division of SpartanNash. It operates in Michigan, North Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Frequently asked questions about FAMILY FARE

When was FAMILY FARE created?

It opened in 1966 in Holland, Michigan. Since 1966, it has been opening stores in Michigan, and eventually expanded to other nearby states.

It expanded into Indiana in the late 1980s with four stores, but they were eventually closed. Family Fare was expanded by Family Fare in 2007 when some locations in Felpausch were converted. In 2014, it opened its first locations in North Dakota, and in 2016 it entered Nebraska. In 2018, it reached Minnesota.

What brands can I find at FAMILY FARE?

Some of the brands available at this store include Lipton, Herdez, Purina, Schweppes, Cheerios, Kellogg's, Campbell's, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Swanson, and Hershey's.

How to save money at FAMILY FARE

The store chooses a free item for every week, and there are weekly ads and digital coupons available on the website.

Who are FAMILY FARE's main competitors across the country?

Family Fare's competitors include Aldi, Meijer, Kroger, and Walmart.

How to get exclusive benefits at FAMILY FARE

With the Yes Rewards program, you will have access to digital coupons, featured clubs, and other special perks.

Through the clubs, you can earn gift cards according to your interests.

Discounts offered by FAMILY FARE

Get stocked on groceries and other essentials at the best price! We'll keep you informed about the latest deals and discounts so you can get the best value for your buck. From pet food and baby products to products and personal hygiene essentials, Family Fare has got you covered. Stay tuned to save money and get rewarded for your loyalty.

The brochures and catalogs contain the best weekly, monthly and yearly promotions, with offers and discounts available today in stores. To check the updated prices you can also browse the official website online: https://www.shopfamilyfare.com/


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