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Hays Supermarkets is a family owned and operated company that is headquartered in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, United States. They also have stores in West Helena, Caruthersville, Paragould, Blytheville, Hayti and Wynne.

Frequently asked questions about HAYS SUPERMARKET

How to save money at HAYS SUPERMARKET

Hays Supermarket offers their customers digital coupons as well as weekly deals as an easy way to save money. You can find them online and in-store. Also, the Hays Rewards Card gives you the possibility to get rewards. The more you use the card, the greater your benefits. Your card earns you rewards each and every time you shop, and it is free.

Discounts offered by HAYS SUPERMARKET

Hays Supermarket is waiting for you. My Deals 365 always recommends you the best. Discover which store is nearer to you and shop your groceries at Hays Supermarket, it will not disappoint.

The brochures and catalogs contain the best weekly, monthly and yearly promotions, with offers and discounts available today in stores. To check the updated prices you can also browse the official website online: https://www.hayssupermarkets.com/

When was HAYS SUPERMARKET created?

The company has an illustrious history dating back to 1906 with the original founders, David and Mattie Hays King. They established King Mercantile in Long, Oklahoma, Indian Territory that year. David and Mattie added two more stores in 1913, in Gore and Webbers Falls, Oklahoma. Their family had grown during these years of business development and in 1918 they moved to Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Over the years, the store has seen many changes. Hays Supermarket was established as a family owned and operated company in Blytheville, Misisipi, Arkansas in 1935.

What brands can I find at HAYS SUPERMARKET?

Hays Supermarket commercializes brands like Prairie Farms; Best Choice; Pillsbury; Totino’s; Hot Pockets; Armour; Starkist; Campbell’s; Tropical Fantasy; Mr Pure; Glade; and CK, among others.

HAYS SUPERMARKET have deals on Black Friday?

Hays Supermarket joins the Black Friday and offers great savings opportunities, with unmissable discounts on selected products from leading brands of beverages, frozen foods, fruits and vegetables, bakery, cleaning and much more.

At My Deals 365 you will be able to find the best Hays Supermarket brochures for you to plan your shopping and find the most outstanding savings, with promotions and discounts to make your budget work to the maximum.

During the next Black Friday, which this year is on November 24, you will enjoy discounts in supermarkets of up to 50%, including fruits, frozen food, grocery, snacks, vegetables, meat, bread, cheese, dairy, non-alcoholic drinks, frozen yogurt, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Snickers, Country Crock, Maruchan, Red Baron, nespresso pods, Coffee-Mate, DiGiorno, Old El Paso, Yoplait, Sargento, Nature Valley, Ben & Jerry's.

As its name suggests, Black Friday takes place on Friday, but most stores extend their offers throughout the weekend, such is the case of Hays Supermarket, which has all kinds of sales on the best domestic and imported products.

In addition to the catalogs of the most prominent supermarkets in the country as Hays Supermarket, in the blog of My Deals 365 we give you tips and advice to take advantage of the offers of Black Friday, with recommendations to enjoy the promotions, compare prices and avoid falling into scams.

As every Black Friday, My Deals 365 is the best place to know in advance the most important offers of supermarkets in United States.

Who are HAYS SUPERMARKET's main competitors across the country?

Some of Hays Supermarkets' competitors around Arkansas and Oklahoma are stores like Arkansas Acme,Safeway, City Grocery; Hudson’s Supermarket; Harps Food Stores and more.

How to get exclusive benefits at HAYS SUPERMARKET

Hays Supermarket provides their customers with special benefits that make their shopping experience a better experience. You can download their free mobile app and access to the latest news and organize your shopping list. Subscribing to their mailing list you will get their news, special promotions and more. On their website you will find useful recipes as well.


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