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Price Cutter is an American supermarket chain based in Missouri. Price Cutter has been in the market for over 100 years and offers a wide assortment of products to its customers. Besides, Price Cutter has many stores distributed throughout the Missouri area.

What kind of products can I find at PRICE CUTTER?

At Price Cutter, customers can find a wide variety of products from bakery products such as sweets and desserts, breads, donuts, sugar-free baked goods. Also, Price Cutter sells beers, wines and beverages, dairy, deli products, frozen foods, natural and organic products such as fruits and vegetables, milks and creams, eggs, cream cheeses, yogurts and more. They also sell meats, seafood and drugstore products.


Frequently asked questions about PRICE CUTTER

When was PRICE CUTTER created?

Price Cutter's history began in 1919 when John Ramey, its founder, opened a small grocery store in Springfield, Missouri. Due to the success of that small store, the company soon expanded and opened seven other stores.

In 1946, after the crisis of World War II, Ramey sold the supermarket to businessmen in Kansas City. At that time, the stores operated under the Ramey name, but in 1993 the company changed its name to Price Cutter.

Nowadays, Price Cutter has a total of 47 stores, all of them in the Missouri area, mainly in Springfield. After 2010, the company continued to grow and in 2012 acquired seven Summer Fresh stores in southern Missouri, of which 29 operate under the Price Cutter name and the rest under its other brands: Food Pyramid, Summer Fresh, Cash Saver, among others.

What brands can I find at PRICE CUTTER?

At Price Cutter, customers can find products from well-known brands such as Kellogg's, Old Orchard, Dunkin, Classico, Blue Bunny, Manwich, Nabisco, Coca-Cola, Kretschmar, Babybel, Sargento, Smithfield, Buddig Premium, Jimmy Dean, Johnsonville, Carando, Ball Park, John Morrell, Louis Kemp, Tyson, Vlasic, Mott's, Jumbo Snax, Juicy Juice, Lipton, Armour, Truvia, Luzianne, Ghirardelli, Kool-Aid, Dorothy Lynch, Rotel, among others.

How to save money at PRICE CUTTER

Saving money at Price Cutter is very easy through the coupons they publish on their official website. With Price Cutter coupons, customers can get great discounts at the stores. Also, Price Cutter publishes offers and promotions in their weekly brochures.

Who are PRICE CUTTER's main competitors across the country?

Price Cutter competes with other Missouri supermarket chains like Kroger, Hen House, Price Chopper, Safeway, Thriftway, Town & Country, Trader Joe's, Patricia's Foods, Piggly Wiggly, Save A Lot, Sunshine Market, Schnuck Markets, Riceland Foods, among others.

How to get exclusive benefits at PRICE CUTTER

Price Cutter offers its customers a wide assortment of products and the possibility to buy online and have them delivered to their home. Price Cutter has an important network of stores, so there is always a Price Cutter near you. They offer digital and printable coupons on their website.

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