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Hmart is a Korean American supermarket chain that specializes in Asian foods and is operated by the Hanahreum Group. They have 84 stores in 17 states, making them the largest Asian American grocery store chain, and over 100 stores worldwide.

What kind of products can I find at HMART?

Hmart sells a wide selection of Korean products, snacks, instant food, coffee, juice, tea, ginseng, rice, gochujang, soy sauce, canned food, seaweed, ramyun, kimchi, supplements, appliances, kitchenware, skin care products, and baby products.


Frequently asked questions about HMART

When was HMART created?

In 1982 the first Han Ah Reum store was opened in Woodside, Queens. The business expanded quickly, opening 10 stores by 1992, 17 by 2005 and 22 the year after that. In 2004 the stores were renamed Hmart, with the exception of the original store.

In 2003 Hmart became an international chain when they opened their first location in Coquitlam, Canada. In 2011 they began operating in the United Kingdom.

In 2017 Hmartopened a 43,000 square foot store in California.

What brands can I find at HMART?

Hmart has several exclusive Asian brands, like the natural, fertilizer free brand Doomesan, Choripdong, the seafood brands Polar Bird and Eoseon, the korean cuisine brand Han Sang, Save Plus, Daifuku, Fremo teas and beverages, O!Brand, Samhak, Haio and HC Fresh.

How to save money at HMART

Look in their weekly ads for selected products with reduced prices. In Hmart’s web store you can find their Flash Sales, updated every Monday. They also offer limited time deals and events, and online only promotions. In their Weekly Best section you can find many products for $9,99 or under.

Who are HMART's main competitors across the country?

Hmart competes with other Asian American chains like Zion Market, Arirang Supermarket, Assi Plaza and Asian Food Grocer. They also compete partly with large retail distributors like Amazon and grocery chains like Aldi,Kroger, Randalls, Cosentino’s Food Store and Fareway Stores.

How to get exclusive benefits at HMART

Get a Smart Card for free to receive gift certificates back with your purchases, access to extra discounts, special savings, and special entry into their Sweepstakes throughout the year.

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