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Pep Boys is an American automotive aftermarket service chain. Since 1921, Pep Boys has been the nation's top automotive aftermarket chain w/ quality auto repair & car parts in 800 locations across 35 states & Puerto Rico.

The history of PEP BOYS: what is PEP BOYS?

The original "Pep Boys" were Emmanuel "Manny" Rosenfeld, Maurice "Moe" Strauss, Graham "Jack" Jackson, and Moe Radavitz, four friends who, in August 1921, chipped in $200 apiece to open a single auto parts store. They dubbed it Pep Auto Supply Company after noticing a shipment of Pep Valve grinding compound on the shelves.

The name of the company emerged in pieces. “The Pep Boys” came from a policeman who worked near the store: Every time the officer stopped a car for driving without lights during night-time hours, he would tell the driver, "Go see the boys at Pep" for a replacement oil wick (what cars used as headlights in those days).

A few years later, on a trip to California, Moe Strauss noticed that many successful West Coast businesses used their owners' first names. One he liked was a dress shop called "Minnie, Maude and Mabel's". As soon as Strauss returned to Philadelphia, the company's name was officially changed to "The Pep Boys – Manny, Moe & Jack".

In April 2019, Icahn Enterprises, which owns and operates Pep Boys, announced new fleet-specific Pep Boys Mobile Crew vehicles to provide on-location maintenance and repair. The move adds smaller-format fleet vans to the Pep Boys Mobile Crew equipped with repair supplies and staffed by trained technicians to complete common fleet maintenance and repair needs on-location.

What kind of products can I find at PEP BOYS?

Pep Boys offers their customers a full range of products from their various departments. From, tiers, tools, oils and chemicals, everything can be found in Pep Boys.

What brands can I find at PEP BOYS?

Pep Boys partners with the following brands: Pennzoil Motor Oil, Kumho Tire, among many others.


How to save mony at PEP BOYS?

Pep Boys’s website has a special section for sales according to stock availability.

Meet PEP BOYS's competitors

Pep Boys's top competitors include LKQ, U.S. Auto Parts Network, Safelite and AAMCO.

PEP BOYS exclusive benefits

Pep Boys offers their customers the possibility to apply for their own in store credit card, with special financing for 6 moths on purchases of $199 - $749.99, or 12 moths on purchases of $750+.

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