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Sellers Bros is an American supermarket chain with over 12 stores and 5 convenience stores in Houston, Texas. The company sells a wide range of goods at low prices, competing with local discount stores and warehouses.

What kind of products can I find at SELLERS BROS?

Sellers Bros offers a wide range of products such as beauty products, beans, soft drinks, beef, poultry, steaks, fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, tea, cream, dressings, microwave meals, bread, cookies, ice cream, cleaning products, wine, beer, canned goods, and many other items.


Frequently asked questions about SELLERS BROS

When was SELLERS BROS created?

Sellers Bros was created in 1921, by three local entrepreneurs named George R. Sellers, Joseph L. Sellers, and John L. Sellers. The three of them set out to create a grocery business that sold via direct mail, allowing their customers to select which items they wanted to acquire via catalog.

Over the years, the business kept expanding until eventually, they opened several grocery stores and supermarkets to better accommodate the needs of their growing customer base. In the 1990s, Sellers Bros started targeting the Latino market in the Houston area via radio and newspaper advertisements, adding traditional Mexican products to their catalog, and buying existing properties to get closer to the Latino community.

By 1999, Sellers Bros had already acquired some businesses to keep their prices low, like local produce farmers and businesses, adding them to their supply chain.

What brands can I find at SELLERS BROS?

Sellers Bros offers an extensive catalog of widely known brands such as Nivea, Picot, Kotex, Growers Pride, Tropicana, Farmhouse, Tonys, La Michoacana, Blue Ribbon, Tide, Raid, Scott, Ensueño, Quaker, Nescafé, Act II, and many other brands.

How to save money at SELLERS BROS

You can subscribe to their flyer, get seasonal discounts on their website or find the best prices for your purchases at their stores. Use their webpage to discover Sellers Bros venues near you.

Who are SELLERS BROS's main competitors across the country?

Sellers Bros competes with local and international brands. Their main competitors are 99 Cents Only Stores, Fiesta Mart, Old Time Pottery, Big 8 Foods, Western Beef, Grocery Outlet, Food City, Buy For Less, Save-A-Lot, Foodland, Stop & Shop, Acme Fresh Market, and Fareway.

How to get exclusive benefits at SELLERS BROS

The best way to get exclusive benefits at Sellers Bros is to access their weekly specials through their website. Discover all their discounts and perks such as special deals on selected items, seasonal sales, and many more.

Will SELLERS BROS have deals on Black Friday?

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Discounts offered by SELLERS BROS

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