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El Rancho Supermercado is a growing independent Hispanic chain of supermarkets in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. It is headquartered in Garland and commercializes Hispanic products in its communities.

What kind of products can I find at EL RANCHO?

El Rancho Supermercado sells a large variety of products such as fruits and vegetables; fresh and frozen seafood from around the world; beef, pork, and poultry cut to the customer's preference by trained butchers, and a delicious variety of sweet bread, cookies, and more. They also sell traditional desserts like tres leches cakes, jellies, flan, and chocolate.

They have a great selection of cakes for any occasion like weddings, Sweet 16, or baby showers. At their stores, customers will find the largest selection of authentic Mexican, and Latin American cuisine: from tacos made with the freshest high-quality ingredients to juicy carnitas and tortillas. Fresh cheese, turkey, ham, and pork chorizo are also found in El Rancho.


Frequently asked questions about EL RANCHO

When was EL RANCHO created?

El Rancho Supermercado opened its doors in 1988 with the goal of making the Hispanics living in the United States feel at home.

Their family traditions were kept alive as El Rancho grew all over Texas. Today, they have more than 10 stores in the Dallas and Fort Worth area and are in expansion in Houston.

What brands can I find at EL RANCHO?

El Rancho Supermercado commercializes different brands, most of them from Latin America. Some of them are Cacique; Klass; Tepachito; D’Gari; Jarritos; Frutal; Mineragua; Quesos La Ricura; Bush’s Best; Camaronazo; Sangría Señoral; Mundet; Niagara; Bimbo; La Moderna; La Costeña; La Vaquita; El Amanecer and their own brand, El Rancho.

How to save money at EL RANCHO

At **El Rancho Supermercado **it’s easy to save money. They offer everyday sales to their customers and digital coupons that can be found on their website.

Who are EL RANCHO's main competitors across the country?

Some of El Rancho’s competitors are stores like Fiesta Mart Inc; Save Mart Supermarkets; Trader Joes; Giant Food; Alex Lee Inc; Meijer Inc.; Costco; El Rio Grande; Gristedes Supermarkets, among others.

How to get exclusive benefits at EL RANCHO

El Rancho Supermercado cares about making your shopping experience unique. That is why they organize events to bring together their clients, employees and the community. The events are made to enjoy live mariachi performances, face painting, raffles and more.

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