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DeCicco & Sons is an American supermarket chain that is currently operating around 10 branches throughout the region.

Frequently asked questions about DECICCO & SONS

When was DECICCO & SONS created?

The DeCicco & Sons company started in 1973 by John, Joe, and Frank DeCicco in a tiny storefront in the Bronx, DeCicco’s grew slowly but surely into the thriving business that is working today. Over the following years, DeCicco & Sons’ built itself a well-cemented reputation of being the food market of choice for those who have a serious love for food and cooking.

What brands can I find at DECICCO & SONS?

DeCicco & Sons sells and distributes a selection of local and international branded products. Some of the known labels include Minute Maid, Heinz, Campbell’s, Blue Mountain, Tostitos, Kraft, Boar’s Head, Annie’s, Aunt Jemima, Poland Spring, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Hellmann’s, Tropicana, and many more.

How to save money at DECICCO & SONS

There are multiple ways for customers to save money with DeCicco & Sons. DeCicco & Sons is constantly making sure that customers are satisfied with their promotions. You can check out DeCicco & Sons current weekly offers available on their website to find their best prices and sale deals for you.

Who are DECICCO & SONS's main competitors across the country?

DeCicco & Sons mostly competes with other similar stores and companies also operating in the United States. Some of the shops DeCicco & Sons competes with include Super Supermarket, Food Plus Supermarket, CTown Supermarkets, and TwinCity Supermarket.

Is DECICCO & SONS currently open?

Some of DeCicco & Sons’ branches are open Monday to Saturday from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm and on Sundays from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm.

How many DECICCO & SONS stores are across the country?

In the United States, there are currently 10 points of sale located in New York.

How to buy DECICCO & SONS products Online

Browse through the DeCicco & Sons website and create your own account on their online shop. With your account, you can register and start adding items to your shopping cart as well as track your orders and select your favorite products. Also, don’t forget that DeCicco & Sons offers delivery options for your online purchases.

How to get exclusive benefits at DECICCO & SONS

DeCicco & Sons’ customers can take advantage of many exclusive benefits with the store. Subscribe to the DeCicco & Sons mailing list and don’t miss out on their great deals and their latest news. Be the first person to receive DeCicco & Sons newest sale deals delivered right to your inbox.

Discounts offered by DECICCO & SONS

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