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Micro Center is an American electronics chain of stores based in Ohio and specialized in the sale of computers and computer supplies.

Micro Center has a wide network of stores distributed throughout 16 states.

What kind of products can I find at MICRO CENTER?

At Micro Centers customers can find a wide assortment of products such as desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, iPads, tablets, All-in-One desktops, gaming PCs, monitors, printers, keyboards, mice, scanners, projectors, processors, graphics cards, tv tuners, case fans, cpu fans, water cooling kits, usb flash drivers, cell phones, cell phones accessories, boards, tools and supplies, wireless routers, bluetooth and adapters, antennas and signal boosters, wireless access points, ethernet cables, keystones, wall plates, among others.


Frequently asked questions about MICRO CENTER

When was MICRO CENTER created?

Micro Center's history dates back to 1979 with the founding of its first store in Columbus, Ohio by John Baker and Bill Bayne, two employees of the Radio Shack Company. The first Micro Center store was located on Lane Avenue where the Upper Arlington shopping center is located.

Micro Center was very quickly accepted by customers and its first store had the advantage of being located close to Ohio State University, where the computers were in great demand by students.

Micro Center expanded its business and in the following years experienced a strong expansion process. By 2009, they created the "18-minute pickup" concept, a service where customers who purchase their products online can pick them up at the nearest store in 18 minutes.

Nowadays, Micro Center has a total of 25 stores distributed in 16 states including Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, California, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Missouri, Texas, and Virginia.

What brands can I find at MICRO CENTER?

Micro Centers sells products of well-known brands such as Acer, AMD, Appel, ASUS, BOSE, Brother, Crucial, Dell, Epson, HP, Intel, Lenovo, LG, Linksys, Netgear, Nvidia, PowerSpec, Samsung, Shure, TP-Link, WD, Razer, Logitech, Inland, Adesso, Microsoft, Corsair, SteelSeries, Cooler Master, among others.

How to save money at MICRO CENTER

Saving money at Micro Center is very simple by taking advantage of the offers and promotions published in their online store. Also, on the company's official website it is possible to find refurbished products at discounted prices. They also have a "Hot and Deals" section, where customers can find a wide selection of discounted products. Micro Center regularly publishes offers through its brochures.

Who are MICRO CENTER's main competitors across the country?

Micro Center competes with other companies focused on the sale of computers and accessories such as Fry's, Best Buy, Radio Shack, T -Mobile, Newegg,Costco, among others.

How to get exclusive benefits at MICRO CENTER

Micro Center offers its customers a wide assortment of products of recognized brands at very convenient prices. In addition, unlike its competitors, it offers specialized technical service. Also, Micro Center offers the innovative concept of 18-minute pick up, so customers can purchase their products in the online store and pick them up instantly at the nearest store.

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