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Jewel-Osco is a supermarket chain with locations in the Greater Chicago area. It is headquartered in Itasca, a western suburb of Chicago.

It currently has 188 stores across northern, central, and western Illinois, as well as eastern Iowa, and portions of northwest Indiana. Both Jewel-Osco and Jewel are currently subsidiaries of Boise-based Albertsons, LLC. After 1983, the Jewel and Osco stores consolidated together. They can be found in one large store. They present to the customers as one unit. A customer may check out items from any store at either the Jewel or Osco registers. Jewel and Osco merchandise can be found commingled throughout the store.

However, each operating unit keeps its own separate marketing identity to the public. It is estimated that 80% of all households in the Chicago Metropolitan Area shop at a Jewel-Osco at least once per month.** Jewel-Osco **currently employs 45,000 associates.

What kind of products can I find at JEWEL OSCO?

At Jewel-Osco, you will find baby care products, beverages, bread and bakery goods, breakfast products, canned goods, condiments and spices, snacks and candy, dairy products, eggs, deli meats, flowers, frozen foods, fresh produce, grains and pasta, ingredients for international cuisine, meat and seafood, paper products, cleaning and household supplies, personal care and health products, pet care supplies, and various alcoholic beverages.


Frequently asked questions about JEWEL OSCO

When was JEWEL OSCO created?

In 1899, Frank Vernon Skiff founded Jewel in Chicago. The company started out as a door-to-door coffee delivery service. It later expanded into delivering non-perishable groceries, and later into grocery stores and supermarkets. It delivered coffee beans that were exported from South America. In 1902, Skiff partnered with Frank P. Ross and the venture was renamed Jewel Tea Company.

The company expanded throughout the mid twentieth century. In 1934, Jewel Food Stores merged with the Jewel Tea Company. In 1937, Jewel Tea Company purchased an eight-story building in Chicago's Central Manufacturing District, which served as Jewel Foods Stores' headquarters until 1954.

In 1961, Jewel acquired Chicago-based Osco drugstores. It expanded into the home improvement retail market in 1972. The first Jewel-Osco food-drug combination stores were built in 1962.

Before 1970, Jewel Stores were typically located on arterial city streets. However, between 1970 and 1990, Jewel moved or expanded most of its stores to freestanding buildings with ample parking areas.

What brands can I find at JEWEL OSCO?

Some of the brands you'll find at Jewel-Osco are Dole, Red Baron, Lean Cuisine, Breyers, Luigi's, Drumstick, Cool Whip, Tillamook, TruFru, Lay's, Nerds, Doritos, FritoLay, Tostitos, M & Ms, Schar, Arm & Hammer, OxiClean, DUDE, all, Quaker, Cheerios, Kashi, Just Crack an Egg, Eggo, El Monterey, Red Lobster, Aquaphor, Power Crunch, Purpose, Kiss, Banana Boat, Olay, Irish Springs, Dove, Old Spice, Aveeno and Neutrogena. Jewel-Osco also has a range of exclusive brands: O Organics, Open Nature, the Signature family of brands, Lucerne, Waterfront BISTRO, Primo Taglio, and debi lilly design.

How to save money at JEWEL OSCO

You can save money at Jewel-Osco by browsing the “Deals” section of the website.

Who are JEWEL OSCO's main competitors across the country?

Jewel-Osco's competitors include Whole Foods Market, Albertsons Companies, Walmart, Sam's Club and Meijer.

How to get exclusive benefits at JEWEL OSCO

You can get exclusive deals at Jewel-Osco by browsing its Weekly Ad, where you will find digital coupons you can use at the store.

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