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Best tools for diy lovers

Best tools for diy lovers

There are a billion DIY channels out there and they all tell you how to make furniture, decorate your home, create nifty accessories or build an interesting object your kids can play with. They usually don’t tell you that every project needs a special tool if you want to build it the right way, and getting them all can be quite expensive. That is why we are going to talk about the 5 most important tools every DIYer needs to get started.

Cordless drill

Reliable, versatile, and an absolutely fundamental addition to your tool kit. Cordless drills are more expensive than other types of drills, but they offer many perks that are more than makeup for the added price. With a cordless drill, you can forget about extension cords and power cuts. Take this tool everywhere and work the way you want to. If you are new to the craft, we recommend you buy middle-priced drills since pro brands can considerably increase your budget. Some drills also come with a variety of bits and accessories, so consider looking for an offer that includes at least some regular bits, it can save you a lot of money!


You’d be amazed to know how many projects require sanding. If you are working with wood or concrete, sanding can be an essential part of the process. Luckily this is a relatively cheap tool that can be purchased in almost any retail shop. Some DIYers recommend getting an orbital sander first since they are easier to use, but you can also get a dish sander for heavier projects or a finishing sander if you are looking for an all-purpose tool. Whatever you decide this is definitely one that you must not miss. You will notice the difference when the work is finished.

Circular Saw

If you are not used to being around tools, circular saws can be quite intimidating. Still, if handled with care, it can be one of the tools you use the most. Circular saws are used to make straight cuts, replacing heavier tools as the table saw or the miter saw. In this case, we really recommend going for one of the better brands since safety is a really big factor here. It's great for smaller, quick cuts and there are also cordless circular saws available if you need to take it to the garden for some handy work.


So, we already said that the circular saw is probably the most convenient tool to make straight cuts, but if you want to add some curves to your project, you will need a jigsaw. Commonly used on wood and metal sheets, jigsaws work like a charm when you want to add a little style to your cuts or create original furniture designs. Some jigsaws come with a laser guide and we strongly recommend you get one that has it. As with most tools, there are cordless and regular jigsaws with a range of add ons, so think about what type of projects you want to build before buying this one.


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