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Expert tips to save big during Black Friday

Expert tips to save big during Black Friday

Black Friday is approaching, one of the most anticipated dates for Americans to take advantage and buy at a discount everything they couldn't afford during the year. If you have saved dollars, this is the opportunity to get them out from under the mattress. But don't splurge. You may get carried away buying and severely compromise your economy. Here are some tips to save big during Black Friday. Stores like Costco, Wal-Mart, Target, Sam's Club and BJ's adhere to the event and are reliable places to shop on these dates.

Define a budget


You should be clear about how much money you are supposed to spend before you start the shopping process. Black Friday is tempting and you might start shopping compulsively just because you see products on sale.

Compare prices


All stores that adhere to Black Friday compete by discounting the same products. That's why you have to compare prices. You may see a discounted product in a specific store, but in another one it may be cheaper. Of course... you have to make sure that it does not include shipping costs or after-sales service. This could make your purchase more expensive and not be favorable.

Prioritize what sells out fast


Be smart and if you are interested in a product you should prioritize it before it runs out. Don't search for other things and go directly to the most important. Especially if we are talking about mobiles, tablets or game consoles. They are the first to disappear. The lack of stock of some products and the big discounts in the days leading up to Black Friday can cause many products to be sold out and you are left wanting. Always keep an eye on the product is a useful item. If it is no longer available, don't get discouraged and look for it again in another color. It is very common to find the same model but in another color and at the same price on sale. And if it's a cell phone, it will probably be under a case.

Check the real savings


Many stores play with percentages to show discounts. It's an eye-catching way to get you to buy with ads like “40% off” or “Everything with 20% off”. When you see offers where the percentage is highlighted, check the price very well. A 5% discount on an u$s800 cell phone is better than a 21% discount on a u$s15 flash drive. The real savings are much better on more expensive products, when the cheaper ones are just a few dollars change.

Follow the offers live


It is advisable to update the websites of the stores from time to time, as they will be adding new offers that are activated, those that are no longer available, coupons and much more. Entering the pages to “see what's on” is a necessary strategy, although it will surely be difficult to find something in the flood of discounts.

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