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How to make the most of your back to school budget

How to make the most of your back to school budget

Back to school is complicated for parents and kids. Vacations are over for the little ones and parents have to spend a lot of money to buy all the school supplies. It's not easy to deny children a backpack or pencil case they love. But it's true that sometimes the budget isn't enough for everything, especially if there are two or three kids in the house. Managing money is an issue. How to make the most of your back to school budget? Here are some tips to help you balance your finances so you don't regret it at the end of the month. In big U.S. department stores like Target or Walmart you can find everything you are looking for at the best prices on the market.

Sort the list and prioritize


Is it important to buy scissors or should we use the ones we have at home? Will we need a 100-page notebook for PE class? Also check your children's closets to see what clothes and shoes they have left before you go out and buy a new closet.

Set a budget


Going back-to-school shopping without a budget will only set you up to spend more. Create your budget based on regular retail prices rather than current sales. Overestimating your spending will give you a little leeway when it comes time to shop. Keep in mind that your children won't need all the supplies at the beginning of the school year so you can buy things as they require them. This way you will spread the expense over time. Also, if you already know that you are going to have to buy clothes, notebooks, pens or backpacks, take advantage of the sales to find reduced prices and buy in advance.

Make the most of second hand


Reusing siblings' clothes and school supplies can be a good way to save money and encourage recycling. Another option is to look for school clothes and supplies on second-hand sales platforms on the Internet. Maybe you can also sell the books your children no longer use on the platform.

Save on transportation and food


Another important back-to-school expense is school transportation. To avoid a high cost, use public transportation or have your children walk if it isn’t too far. There is also the option of agreeing with other parents and organize to take the children to school in shifts, for example. Look for alternatives to the school lunchroom. The most advisable thing is that the children eat at home, but it is usual that the schedules of parents are not compatible and they must eat at school. To avoid the cost of the school lunchroom, you can count on the collaboration of grandparents or friends to pick up the children at lunchtime and eat at home.

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