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The best summertime deals to save at Five Below

The best summertime deals to save at Five Below

In the USA the food market is highly concentrated in big players like Five Below. This discount chain offers all kinds of products at a lower price than in others and with a higher level of rotation. Some people prefer Ocean State Job Lot. If you have never shopped at Five Below, this is your chance. There are many good reasons: it has great prices, offers a wide selection of fresh label products and its stores are designed to make your visiting experience unique. If you browse their website, you will find incredible offers every week, a space where they share recipes and the possibility of shopping online. At Five Below there are some unique products that are worth buying if you visit this supermarket even once. Here are the best summer deals to save at Five Below.

Nashi pear


Five Below has an exotic fruit and vegetable section where you can find products that aren't easily available in the USA. One example is the nashi pear, which comes from Japan. Its shape, color and taste is different from the pear we are used to consuming in the country. You will surely become obsessed with this fruit and will want to go back to Five Below to buy more.

Patisson pumpkin


If you visit the fruit and vegetable section you can also take a Patisson pumpkin. This is a star-shaped pumpkin that originates from the American continent. It is striking because of its shape and you will surely take some home with you. Five Below never ceases to amaze you. The recipe booklet is nourished by all these fruits and vegetables. If you follow the instructions, you can become a great chef.

Italian olive oil


It's not easy to find good olive oil at a really cheap price. But at Five Below you can. The best olive oils in the world are Italian and in this supermarket chain you will find a wide assortment of the best brands. If you like to season your salads well, take two bottles with you and save one for when the warm weather arrives and you start including more vegetables in your daily menu.

Mixed nuts and dried fruit


Nuts are great to eat in winter. But if you miss the sweet bread at Christmas, it's time to buy the trail mix sold at Five Below. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the recipe Five Below posted on its website and get back to feeling like December when you were looking forward to Christmas. Our favorite cereal mix includes Southern Grove pistachios, almonds, walnuts and raisins.

Cod fillets


Cod fillet is another expensive product. Many times you avoid buying fish so you don't overspend and stick to your budget. But at Five Below you can treat yourself to frozen cod fillets if you're craving them. Make sure it always includes the label that the product has been certified for its quality standards.

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