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The best tricks to save money at Costco in 2024

The best tricks to save money at Costco in 2024

How many times do you leave your house with the idea of buying specific products and come back with bags full of unnecessary items? Try to be careful, prepare your list thoroughly and avoid compulsive shopping.

Taking advantage of the offers of the main supermarkets in the USA is a good option to take care of your budget. Chains such as Costco, Target, KMart and Walmart offer discounts and promotions both in their physical and virtual stores that you cannot miss.

Here are the best tricks to save money at Costco in 2024:

Make a list by sections


Think about the sections of the supermarket and what you will need in each one of them. Decide which meats you are going to buy, which fruits you want or the frozen foods you need. Not only will you save at the supermarket, but you will also waste less time. This tip is useful for online shopping.

Don't shop hungry


Going to the supermarket hungry makes you buy what you don't really need. Having an appetite greatly affects our choices, especially when we browse the aisles of cookies and candy. It is advisable to go to the supermarket with a full stomach.

Pay attention to discounts


To reduce expenses, you can look for special offers in advance, write down discounts and promotions and check the brochures of the supermarket. Nowadays there are many subscriptions available on the Internet and even cell phone applications that send alerts and notifications with the latest offers.

When you go to Costco, don't forget to check the promotions by carefully reading the label and the name of the product. Try to make the most of loyalty cards as well. They are a way to access exclusive coupons and save money on groceries.

Buy seasonal offers


The expiration date of products can be important for savings. When a product is about to expire, supermarkets tend to lower its price. To avoid waste you can buy these products that usually have labels with a different color to warn the consumer.

Always check the price per unit, price per liter or price per kilo before placing a particular item in your shopping cart.

Compare prices


Nowadays almost all supermarkets allow online shopping and detail the prices of their products. In this way we can compare and choose the cheapest products. Once you have done the previous survey, you will be able to choose the cheapest establishments in your area. In many chains you can buy the same products with an abysmal difference in price.

Costco offers you the best prices in the market. You can shop at this chain with no worries knowing that you will find discounts that other supermarkets don’t.

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