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Tips for saving money on groceries

Tips for saving money on groceries

Going to the grocery store is a must for most Americans, and many already make it more of a family weekend plan. However, this experience can be a headache if you don't control your shopping and look for alternatives to get discounts, so here are some tips for saving money on groceries.

Establish a list and a budget


The first tip you should follow before undertaking the supermarket shopping is to establish a list with all the products that are needed at home and, in parallel, a budget with the maximum money you can spend on the purchase according to your economy. In this way you will avoid making a very common mistake which is to walk around the supermarket, buy products according to your impression and spend a lot of money. A basic list should have at least three columns: one with the product, another with the meals you can prepare and the money you can invest in it. At the same time, it is important that you determine if this is going to be your monthly or biweekly purchase to calculate the amount of those products.

Avoid micro purchases


Planning is an ally of savings, so it is always advisable to make biweekly or monthly purchases. Try to avoid going to the supermarket many times during the month to buy three or four products, or only what you need for dinner at night.

Buy canned foods or foods that can be frozen


Hand in hand with planned shopping comes the tip to buy canned goods with long expiration dates that can be stored in the cupboard for a long time or meats and vegetables that can be frozen. This tip is even more useful if you shop at wholesale supermarket chains, where they offer great discounts for purchases of more than 5 units of the same product.

Price over brand


It is very common for most Americans to be loyal to a certain brand of cereal or choose to always carry the same coffee. However, a useful tip for saving in supermarkets is to prioritize the price of the products over the brand, since many times the difference between two different brands is the marketing positioning that one has over the other.

Shop at different supermarkets


Many times we choose a supermarket because it is close to home or because we like the attention of its employees and we always shop at the same place. A good way to save money is to rotate the stores to look for better deals and know what are the strengths of each one.

Take advantage of coupons


Finally, in order to get better savings, it is key that you always take advantage of all the savings coupons that stores offer on special dates, new launches or advertising in newspapers and magazines.

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