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Where to find the creamiest, cheesiest mac & cheese in the US

Where to find the creamiest, cheesiest mac & cheese in the US

The origin of macaroni dates back to ancient Greece and a colony founded in Neopolis, present-day Naples, Italy. It consisted of cooking flour pasta in boiled water, then spreading butter and finally adding ground cheese. Although the recipe is very traditional in countries such as England, Switzerland, Canada and of course Italy, the United States is the country that claims it as its own and has the highest per capita consumption of this traditional dish. If you're a macaron lover or haven't tried it yet and want to experience that explosion of flavor in your mouth, we recommend some of the best supermarkets in the United States to buy. Where to find the creamiest, cheesiest mac & cheese? In stores such as Shoprite, Price Chopper, Kroger and Publix you can find a wide variety of the best macaroni.



At Shoprite the options are also varied. You will find everything at the best price: fruits and vegetables, snacks, sweets, fresh food, DIY and gift items, pet food, plants, coffee and tea, small appliances, party products, toiletries, and many more. Shoprite offers special weekly promotions that make shopping at this supermarket even cheaper than usual. In addition, Shoprite customers can take advantage of many exclusive in-branch benefits. Subscribe now to the Shoprite newsletter and don't miss out on more offers.

Price Chopper


Price Chopper offers a wide range of products including frozen foods, fresh and processed meats, milks and non-dairy products, fresh and frozen seafood, potatoes, fruits and vegetables, bread and cookies, savory snacks, candy, coffee, beer, wine, soft drinks, pet food, appliances and cereals, and much more. At Price Chopper you can always save more. Enjoy instant savings on your purchases, personalized offers every time you scroll to their website and save up to 25% on select groceries.



At Kroger customers will find a wide range of products such as fresh meat, poultry and fish, fruits and vegetables, frozen foods, deli meats, soft drinks, coffee and tea, pet food, cleaning supplies, personal care and hygiene products, office supplies and much more. There are many ways to save money at Kroger. You can sign up on the official website to receive alerts on products you want to purchase, simply click on the alert icon below the product to receive promotional alerts and Kroger will send you an email with relevant offers and promotions.



Publix offers a wide range of groceries, drugstore items, perfumery items and accessories. Most of the products are own brand and you get them at a lower price than in traditional supermarkets. The interesting thing about this chain is that you can check the previous price and the new price with the discount of each product, so you will be aware of whether the value for the purchase is convenient or not.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of the best supermarkets in the United States. There you can find the widest variety of macaroni and cheese and enjoy eating. It’s a unique experience.


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