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Walmart is an American hypermarket, department store, and grocery chain. The company currently operates over 10.500 stores in 24 countries using many names depending on its size, country, and business type.

The history of WALMART: what is WALMART?

Walmart was created by an entrepreneur and ex JC Penney employee named Sam Walton, who, in 1945, bought a branch of Ben Franklin stores and started what would later become a business empire. His original store was a discount and low price grocery that provided quality products to beat the competition. As time went by, Walton´s business started to expand and by 1968, Walmart opened their first stores outside of Arkansas, in Missouri, and in Oklahoma. By 1987, Walmart already had 1198 stores in many states, with over 200.000 associates and $15 billion in annual sales. In 1988, Walton stepped down as CEO, leaving behind a legacy that still lives on in every Walmart store. Today, Walmart remains one of America’s biggest employers, with stores, distribution centers, business offices, and hundreds of suppliers in the US, Canada, China, Mexico, and many other countries all over the world.

What kind of products can I find at WALMART?

Walmart offers a wide range of quality products. You can find pet supplies, vitamins, nutritional supplements, neck braces, snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, wine, beer, licours, fresh and frozen food, produce, diapers, pregnancy tests, baby food, office supplies, appliances, electronics, kitchen essentials, jewelry, watches, furniture, pools, bikes, and many other items.

What brands can I find at WALMART?

Walmart offers many brands. Among them, you may find Coca-Cola, M&M, Crest, Gain, Schick, Core, HP, Pedigree, Tide, Nice, Centrum, Off, Ferrero Rocher, Bodum, Copper Chef, Takeya, Campbell´s, Gatorade, Kroger, Reese´s, Starbucks, Bailey´s, Bells, Bee, Nestlé, Free Assembly, Hanes, Champion, Fruit of the loom, Lee, Canis and many more.


How to save mony at WALMART?

There are many ways to save money at Walmart. You can browse their weekly ad and digital coupons for the latest deals or sign up to their newsletter to get information about their seasonal sales and promotions.

Meet WALMART's competitors

Walmart competes with local and international brands. Their main competitors are eBay, Ascena Retail Group, Qurate Retail Group, Albertsons, Giant Eagle, Kroger, Lowe's, Costco, and Target.

WALMART exclusive benefits

The best way to get exclusive benefits at Walmart is to download their official app and sign up for their Walmart+ Membership pack to get free shipping, special discounts, member-only benefits, and special fuel prices.

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