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After Christmas Day: a day of sales and celebration

After Christmas Day: a day of sales and celebration

Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26 in Great Britain and countries related to the British Empire such as the United States. Now is a day of sales and celebration. What is the origin of Boxing Day? The term is mistakenly associated with the idea of ​​getting rid of Christmas wrapping. But the truth is that this day has a much older and deeper origin, in the Middle Ages. It is believed that at that time the noble classes delivered Christmas baskets with food to their servants and the priests displayed boxes with charitable donations. Another theory says that that day the workers went to their workplace with a box for the boss to deposit money and at the end of the day the employees distributed it to them as if it were a bonus. This day is also chosen by many stores in the United States to start their sales. In the past, the custom coincided with the arrival of the New Year, but a few years ago, merchants decided to bring forward the discounts and offers to the holiday of December 26, thus multiplying their sales. The sales are so big that in some stores they reach 80%. In fact, Boxing Day has recently become as successful in the country as Black Friday. In the United States, December 26th is not celebrated as Boxing Day by the Federal Government. Therefore this can become an extension of Christmas Day when Christmas falls on a Sunday, which affects Federal offices and their services.

Recommendations for After Christmas Day:


  • Dedicate a whole day to the sales and choose specific areas to focus your search for bargains.
  • If you are going to spend a whole day searching and walking among bargains, choose comfortable shoes to last the necessary hours. Also take a backpack to put your purchases and something to eat because the lines are usually long.
  • Make a list of what you want to buy. This way you can make better use of your time and go straight to the items and products that interest you most.
  • Since you are going to buy, make your purchase useful. Take advantage of sales to buy better quality.
  • Try on clothes to be sure of your measurements. And bear in mind that sales are wild, so look out for rips and tears.
  • Save your tickets. Each store has its own return policy, but it is always essential to have the receipt.
  • Take a look at the store floor plans to familiarize yourself with the organization and layout of the sections. This way you will be able to orient yourself better once you arrive at the store and you will save time.

It is quite common for lines of customers to form early in the morning waiting for stores to open, especially clothing and technology retailers. Many of them have products with high discounts, but in limited quantities.

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