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Cyber Monday shopping tips for 2023

Cyber Monday shopping tips for 2023

CyberMonday deals are as diverse as consumer preferences. If this is your first time in the United States to join this event you should take into account these tips so you won't make a mistake.

Percentage discounts


Percentage discounts are the protagonists of Cyber Monday 2023. It is one of the most common types of promotions that you will find and consists of reducing the price of products to a specific percentage. It can vary from a modest 10% to 70% or more.

Discounts of specific amounts


To promote large purchases, specific amount discounts are a typical treasure of cyber days. Some online stores offer cash discounts when the purchase reaches a certain amount. For example, you can offer a discount of u$s1500 on a purchase of u$s10,000 or more. This allows the potential customer to save directly on their total purchase.

2×1 or 3×2 offers


2×1 or 3×2 deals are also typical of Cyber Monday in the United States. These discounts are ideal to encourage the purchase of more than one product and are a great way to sell in bulk.

Special codes for loyal customers


Stores often send exclusive discount codes to their frequent customers by email or through the store's app. They can also advertise them on Instagram and strengthen their bond with the community through this social network. To get these additional discounts, you must put the code in the online store checkout.

Free shipping after a certain purchase amount


Many stores today offer free shipping when the purchase reaches or exceeds a certain amount. This encourages users to buy more products and, at the same time, serves to save shipping costs.

Interest-free installments


Paying in interest-free installments with credit cards facilitates access to more expensive products without incurring additional charges.

Gifts or bonuses


In addition to discounts, during cyber days, some stores offer gifts or bonuses for the purchase of certain products. These may include complimentary items, gift vouchers or discounts on the next purchase. These promotions make Cyber Monday in the United States an excellent opportunity for customers to get the products they want at more affordable prices and for the business to increase the average ticket.

Other shopping tips


  • Register on the Cyber Monday site before midnight to receive the latest news.
  • Register on the sites of the participating companies to speed up your shopping process.
  • For security reasons, access the stores participating in the event only through the official Cyber Monday site.
  • If you find a product you are interested in, buy it right away. If you decide to come back later, it will probably be sold out.
  • Check your card limit beforehand.
  • Analyze the different payment options, available delivery times and exchange policies.
  • If you want to buy clothes and shoes keep in mind: use size, color and style filters. Make use of the fit and last suggestions.

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