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Cyber Monday vs Black Friday. Which one has the best deals?

Cyber Monday vs Black Friday. Which one has the best deals?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two dates that offer you the best deals of the year to buy all kinds of products. Stores like Home Depot, Michaels, Best Buy, Sears, Electronic Express or Wall-Mart pull out all their heavy artillery to seduce Americans with bargains, promotions and irresistible prices. At the beginning, the two events were differentiated by the type of items they put on sale, but now those barriers are blurred and you can find everything on both Cyber Monday and Black Friday. But, which is the best day to buy? There is no one day per se that is cheaper to buy, but rather it depends on your circumstances and the products you are looking for.

Black Friday: advantages and disadvantages


Black Friday, being the best known date and the one that originated precisely in the United States, is the one chosen by the vast majority of companies to launch their offers on a massive scale. Many stores also offer discounts on the previous days, but it is always better to buy on the specific date. On the appointed day, we can find discounts on all kinds of items in retail stores and online stores. Currently, Black Friday is also the day on which most companies offer their technology products, up to 85% more than on Cyber Monday. In addition, there are firms that only participate in Black Friday, so you will have more variety to choose from. But the disadvantage is that the products with the best prices fly, so if you are not fast enough you could be left with nothing. There are thousands of people waiting to buy the same as you.

Cyber Monday: advantages and disadvantages


Cyber Monday, on the other hand, is the day chosen by many companies to get rid of all the stock they didn't manage to sell the previous Friday. For this reason, the sales can be even bigger than on Black Friday. The recommendation from here is that you choose that day to buy “whims”, those products that you could buy only if you find an incredible offer. Also keep in mind that Cyber Monday is the day when you can find the best discounts on non-technological products, such as clothing, shoes or beauty products. Cyber Monday was actually a marketing strategy started in 2005 to encourage online shopping when it was not as widespread as it is today. As a curiosity, it was established on the Monday following Black Friday and not, for example, on Saturday, because people preferred to shop from the office, where the Internet connection was faster than at home. According to your needs and your budget, you will know which event to choose. Another plus point of Black Friday is that you can take advantage of its offers to buy Christmas gifts with bigger discounts.

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