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Halloween hacks: tips for saving money on your spookiest holiday

Halloween hacks: tips for saving money on your spookiest holiday

Halloween is one of the most popular and fun holidays of the year. Millions of Americans take to the streets in spooky costumes and exchange candy. It's a celebration for young and old and no one wants to be left out. But as much fun as it is, it's also an expensive investment. You have to buy costumes, pumpkins, decorations and candy to exchange. At the end of the day we can end up stressing over the bills. Here are some tips on how to save money on the spookiest holiday of all.

Reuse materials


Creativity is your best ally to create original and inexpensive costumes and decorations. You can reuse materials you have at home, such as old clothes, cardboard, paper, fabrics, bottles, cans, etc. You can also recycle objects you no longer use and give them a new life with a little paint, glue and accessories.

Shop around


Before buying anything for Halloween, it is convenient to compare prices between different stores and options. You can take advantage of the offers and discounts that some stores usually offer at this time of the year, or look in second hand stores, outlets or flea markets. Another option is to go online. Generally there are cheaper and more varied products than in physical stores.

Have a party at home


If you want to celebrate Halloween with your friends or family, a good option is to have a party at home instead of going out to bars or discos. This way you can save money on tickets, drinks and transportation. You will also be able to set the party to your liking and control the number of guests. To save even more, you can ask each guest to bring some food or drink, or make a simple and economical menu with seasonal products.

Light up with candles


Lighting is a key element to create a spooky atmosphere on Halloween. However, there is no need to spend a lot of money on artificial lights that consume energy and can be dangerous. A more ecological and economical alternative is to use candles to illuminate your house or your party. You can place them inside empty pumpkins, glass jars or old candlesticks for a spookier touch.


After Halloween, you'll probably be left with things you're not going to use anymore, such as costumes, decorations or candy. Instead of throwing them away or keeping them in the closet until next year, you can donate them to a charity, an educational center or a person in need. Another option is to exchange them with other people who have things that interest you or who want to get rid of what you need.

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