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How to buy the perfect Super Bowl setup without breaking the bank

How to buy the perfect Super Bowl setup without breaking the bank

The NFL's big game will be played on February 12. For the Kansas City Chiefs, it will be the third final in four years. The Philadelphia Eagles, who have had a great season, will be going for their second title. The great champion of the Super Bowl 2023 will be known in a little more than a week and surely you are already preparing everything for that day. Between food and drinks, the expense can be very big. Even more if you are planning to buy a new TV to watch the game with more pixels and better resolution. Don't worry. Here are some tips on how to buy the perfect TV without breaking the bank. In large U.S. chains such as B&H, Brandsmart USA, LG, Best Buy and Walmart you can find great options and at very good prices.

Screen size


To answer the question about the inches of the TV, it is essential to evaluate the details of the environment in which the equipment will be placed. Specifically, the distance between the couch and the screen. The resolution must also be taken into account in the test. It isn't worth spending hundreds of dollars on a 60-inch TV if the space you have is small. You can opt for a smaller screen that fully suits your needs.

4K or 8K?


The newest screen resolutions offer more picture quality and definition. Regarding 4K, it has four times more definition than Full HD: 3,840 x 2,160 and 1,920 x 1,080, respectively. The key to take into account when choosing the TV resolution is the available content. Over the years, there are more and more movies, series and programs in 4K, even sports broadcasts. But now, in the midst of 2023, it must be said that most of the content isn't offered in that resolution. Much less in 8K. That said: buying a 4K TV is a bet on the future, knowing that the content with that resolution will surely massify over the years.

The operating system


The “smart or not smart” dilemma is a thing of the past. Today, if you buy a TV, it will be smart. This means that it has an Internet connection and usually a package of applications. The key is to know the details of the operating system included. There are several on the market (the Android TV version, LG's WebOS, TizenOS on Samsung TVs, among others) and the general advice is to choose screens with some of the popular software. Some TVs boast of being smart although they arrive with very basic software that includes few options. Sure it will have YouTube and Netflix, but sometimes it is impossible to download other applications. If you make the expense, make it for a worthwhile device.

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