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Innovation nation: top 10 cutting-edge products

Innovation nation: top 10 cutting-edge products

The United States is a giant and there's no disputing that. What can be discussed is who invented something. What is certain is that there are 10 devices that were patented in this country and today the whole world uses them. From something as small as a computer mouse to a submarine. It is a nation recognized for its innovation and has delivered cutting-edge and revolutionary products. In this article we share with you the 10 that have marked different historical moments.



In 2007 Steve Jobs filed the patent 7,166,791 for a system that allowed users to enjoy the iPod. Within Apple's product range, the iPhone, iPad and Mac are considered exclusive in many countries around the world.



In 1970 Douglas Engelbart patented the mouse that we use in computers. In the early years of computing, the keyboard was the most popular device for data entry or computer control. The appearance and success of the mouse, in addition to the subsequent evolution of operating systems, made it easier and more convenient, although it didn’t relegate the primary role of the keyboard.



Harold Froehlich received patent 3,104,641 in 1961 for an “underwater vehicle” named Alvin, which allowed scientists to dive to unknown places and discover 300 new animal species.

Toilet paper roll


In 1891 Seth Wheeler patented the toilet paper roll with the registration number 459.516. Initially it was marketed in packet format instead of rolls and it was usual that, to help some intestinal complications, the paper was impregnated with Aloe Vera.

Machine that flies


In 1906 brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright received patent 821,393 for a “machine that flies”, known as the first airplane in history. Although the first airplane itself was created by Clément Ader, who in 1890 managed to take off and fly 50 meters with his Éole.

Light bulb


In 1880 Thomas Edison was awarded patent 223,898 for creating the light bulb. Edison was the inventor or co-inventor of more than 1,000 patents. This made it possible for people all over the world to light their homes with electricity.



In 1840 Samuel Morse received patent 1,647 for inventing the telegraph, a device that allowed messages to be sent over long distances. The alphabetic code related to the telegraph became known as the “Morse Code”.

Electromagnetic motor


In 1888 Nikola Tesla was granted patent 381,968 for his electromagnetic motor, considered the basis for modern motors.

Neutron reactor


In 1955, physicist Enrico Fermi was granted patent 2,708,656 for his “neutron reactor”, an invention that paved the way for the development of nuclear energy.

Missile launching system


In 1965 Timothy Eddins received patent 3,224,336 for a missile launch system. It was used on the Saturn V rocket. It is part of several patents filed by NASA for the purpose of sending astronauts to the Moon.

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