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Super Bowl Sunday: 5 tips to save on snacks and drinks

Super Bowl Sunday: 5 tips to save on snacks and drinks

Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest sporting event of the year in the United States. Friends and family gather to eat good food, have a few drinks and just have a good time. The NFL's big event will be played on February 12. For the Kansas City Chiefs it will be the third final in four years. The Philadelphia Eagles, who have had a great season, will be going for their second title. Like any big event, the Super Bowl can be costly. Here are some tips to have a great time and not spend a fortune.

Organize a party and avoid the bars


It's always tempting to go to a bar and be part of what will be a great atmosphere on game day. However, the money spent on food and drink is a lot. Between the pregame show and halftime you could be there consuming more than you thought. Have a potluck and invite family and friends over. You can choose chains like Walmart, Costco, Sam's Club, Kroger or Aldi to always shop for the best price. If you take advantage of the deals, you'll make your budget go much further.

Share food and drink


Another great way to save money is to have your guests provide their own drinks and snacks. As the host, this will not only save you money, but there will also be a variety of options on the table.

If you order food, make it pizza


If you don't want to spend the energy and time cooking, pizza is always an option. There are great deals to be had and you won't have to worry about a guest disagreeing with the food choice, as everyone likes pizza.

Avoid packaged foods


While frozen or microwavable food purchased at the supermarket is convenient and tasty, it can be relatively expensive. One often buys fairly small quantities at high prices and, truth be told, they are not very filling. For example, mozzarella sticks, small pizzas, sausages and other similar snacks. If you are offering a main course, you don't need to serve a great dish. It may be more economical to serve chips and dips and order a couple of pizzas when everyone has an appetite. And it will almost certainly be cheaper than buying 21 boxes of frozen sandwiches.

Divide grocery shopping


Maybe you're the person designated to go to the grocery store and do the shopping to live through Super Bowl Sunday. However, it doesn't have to mean all the expenses are on you. Make a general list of snacks, food, soda and alcoholic beverages to be consumed, pay for them yourself and then split the costs. The Super Bowl is one of the best days of the year if you're a sports fan and it's a fun time even if you're not. Just be sure to keep our recommendations in mind to keep your budget in check.

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