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The best products to buy online

The best products to buy online

With all the time we are spending indoors, online shopping has replaced most of the trips we used to take to our local stores. Today it seems like everything can be bought without moving from our couch. But when it comes to online purchases there are some products that offer a lot more benefits than others. Here are some of the best products you can buy online.

Gift Cards

The gift that keeps on giving, literally. Gift cards are an amazing way to present someone with the option of getting just what they want at their favorite store. Today, you can purchase Gifts Cards directly at the brand´s online marketplace and send them via email, code or even a JPEG file. Plus, they are a perfect last minute gift to get in a minute!


There is a reason Amazon is the number one book seller in the world. Buying books online is easier, faster and better. You can even download previews and reviews before you decide to hit the add to cart button. You can even buy audiobooks narrated by famous authors if you feel like listening to it while commuting or before going to bed. However you like to get your daily read, there is a universe of books waiting just a few clicks away.


Whether it's wine, beer, liquor or whisky, you can find it online. Although your local store may be packed with quality drinks, getting a specific brand or product can sometimes be tricky, especially when it comes to more sophisticated types of alcohol. Luckily, there are many online stores that specialize in all types of drinks and beverages, some of them can even import rare brands for the right price, so don't be afraid to try something new.

Plane Tickets

The internet, slowly but surely, became our new travel agent. Today, there are dozens of apps that compete to get you the best plane tickets money can buy. By combining the right date, company and hour, you can get tickets almost 30% or 50% cheaper than the ones you find on a company's website. Some apps offer full vacations packages and seasonal sales that can turn out to be a real bargain. If you are planning your next trip, we recommend you download a couple of travel apps to find the best deals to get to your next destination.


What's the point of going to a store to get a computer? You can check out details, specs and perks without leaving your house, watch a couple of reviews and buy your new computer from a specialized online marketplace, some of which offer amazing discounts and refurbished items for a fraction of their original price. There are many stores that even offer worldwide shipping, so you can get additional accessories, gadgets and upgrades from overseas. Some companies, like B&H offer tax free deliveries to their international customers, so be sure to check out every international store before you decide.


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