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The best store for DIY bargain hunters

The best store for DIY bargain hunters

The best store for DIY bargain huntersHome Depot, Lowes, Harbor Freight, and ACE Hardware are the go-tos if you are looking for DIY bargains. They are all well-known for being the perfect places for all home improvement and DIY project needs. They're also quite different, and we'd like to go over all of that in depth to help you make some purchasing decisions.

Let us begin with The Home Depot, which is best known for its seemingly limitless selection of styles, brands, colors, and patterns. The aisles are wide, clean, and well-stocked in every department. They provide all of the craft supplies that a homeowner could possibly need. People who want to learn more about DIY projects can attend workshops. The store provides same-day paid delivery to nearby customers.

Lowe's is the same size as Home Depot, but it is clear that the store caters to non-professionals; there are a lot more project-related labels and materials. The store also offers workshops, shipping, and store pick-up. To get the best deal, take advantage of seasonal discounts on their website or use their price match system to find the best prices for your purchases. Use your Lowe's credit card to gain access to their exclusive member benefits.

Harbor Freight is well known for its extensive price matching policy and lowest prices. The retailer will beat a competitor's price for a year after your purchase, so keep the receipt and compare prices. Shopping at the online store entitles you to special benefits and discounts. Using a Harbor Freight coupon code when shopping online means you are saving money on tools, DIY supplies, and other hardware. To begin saving money right away, download the Harbor Freight app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

ACE Hardware has a good selection of tools, grills, hardware, home improvement, and lawn and garden products.In general, the store tends to feel local, even though it's a chain. Every location is independently owned, and for that, they are known for having knowledgeable employees. The shop owners also have extensive experience with home improvement, which makes it perfect for DIY projects. You can earn 10 points for every dollar spent on most in-store and online purchases, and get free store delivery with qualifying online purchases of $50 or more.

Despite the fact that The Home Depot caters to professionals such as contractors and interior designers, the store will also price match, which means that if you shop wisely at The Home Depot, you will never truly lose money on home improvement projects.

While Ace Hardware, Lowe's, and Harbor Freight have their advantages and attract more DIYers, Home Depot is the clear winner when it comes to price and quality. All in all, the store you choose will only be for the project you are willing to do.

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