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Things you should only buy at the grocery store

Things you should only buy at the grocery store

The last two years kickstarted an eCommerce revolution. Due to social distancing and strict hygiene protocols, most stores had to reconvert or adapt to keep being competitive mostly through their online marketplaces. For all of us, buying online has become a habit and rightly so, it is convenient, comfortable, and saves time. Still, there are some things you might want to consider before clicking the add to cart button. Here are some things you should only buy at the supermarket.

Frozen Foods

Frozen foods have many advantages, they last longer, keep most of the flavors intact, and are usually a lot safer to eat than fresh foods. When it comes to safety, it is important to consider that frozen products need to be kept frozen during their preparation, packaging, storage, distribution, retail holding, and display. This is called the “Cold chain” sequence, and while most places make sure that this process is carried without any interruptions, no one has higher standards than supermarkets and grocery stores. When you buy frozen meat, ice cream, or vegetables at your local supermarket, you can rest easy knowing that you are not going to have any problems when you open it.

Fresh meat and seafood

Like with frozen food, meat and seafood are especially hard to handle. Stores need to be ready to store products in the freezer as soon as they arrive and sell them before they start going bad. Supermarkets run a daily routine check on all their fresh products, making sure they are in proper condition. While your local butcher or seafood store might sound like a nicer option, their standards and regulations are not nearly as strict as those of your local supermarket or grocery store. When buying meat, especially for a family, you can never be too careful.

Cheese and deli products

Another deliciously complex product to handle. Cheese is one of the most popular products worldwide and (luckily) comes in many sizes and types. While it is a lot easier to store and preserve, some types like mozzarella, ricotta, and brie can lose their flavor or constitution if they are not properly kept. Deli products, like ham, turkey or pastrami also need to be kept under proper conditions to be served without any complications. When it comes to all things Deli, there is no place like the grocery store.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Nothing like picking your own fruits and vegetables. When it comes to getting the right tomato for a salad or strawberries for a summer smoothie, the best way to get exactly what you want is to touch and feel what you are about to purchase. There is no substitute for this type of selection, not yet anyway, and while some shops have started sending preview pictures of this kind of item, the only way to really know what you are getting is to try it for yourself. Plus, you can always amaze your significant other by sharing curious data about the qualities of kale on the way to the car.


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