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What a perfect barbecue looks like

What a perfect barbecue looks like

Sunny days invite us to go out and have a nice barbecue day. In the United States many families choose to have one barbecue in the garden for gathering with relatives and friends or celebrating birthdays and special days. ¿What if you don’t have one? We want to give you a quick guide in order for you to make a correct purchase at the home appliances store.


Yes, when it comes to buying a new barbecue what you want to guarantee is that you have enough room for any meal and any occasion. At the different home appliances stores in the US you may find a wide range of options. First of all check the room you have in your backyard before buying. Keep in mind that a spacious barbecue will give enough versatility to host many different gatherings. A big barbecue also gives you the chance to cook separate types of food and arrange better the elements on the grill.

Heating method

The heating source is another aspect to take into account when buying a barbecue at an american store. There are 3 methods: charcoal, permanent gas or propane. Whether the first one is the cult option as you can have very smoky food, propane should be the best way to go because it has all the advantages of permanent gas but you don’t have to make any adjustment with a constructor. Propane gas will give a regular heat and cooking process that won’t let anything get burned.


As for the materials in which the barbecue is built there are many choices. You can go for aluminum or sheet metal, which are cheaper options, or you can have a high-quality and long lasting experience with stainless steel. This structure provides a solid experience and won't give you any trouble when taking care of it. The grills are also important as are a key element when cooking. You want to look at stores in the United States for porcelain-coated if you want to be at the top level or for stainless steel if you like a mid-range but useful choice. Get a barbecue with a hood for better cooking results and don’t forget to acquire a cover for when it is not in use.


You will see this denomination at the home appliances stores in the US when buying a barbecue. BTU means “British thermal unit” and has to do with the maximum amount of heat a barbecue can achieve with all burners on, the horsepower of it. Your BTU choice will be determined by the cooking surface but keep in mind that 75 to 100 BTUs per in2 are needed.


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