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What to know before you buy furniture online

What to know before you buy furniture online

In the last two years, eCommerce has become the new normal. We buy everything online, clothes, games, groceries, and yes, even furniture. For some, buying a couch online feels somewhat strange, since we are used to trying furniture before we find a place for it in our living room. Yet, buying furniture online can be a great decision if you consider some very important things. Here is what you should know before buying furniture online.

Read the reviews

A rule of thumb for everything you do online. Products with lots of reviews and a considerable rating tend to be safe bets. If a product has few reviews you might want to wait until other buyers try it before you make your purchase. Websites like Amazon have a verified purchase certification to avoid fake reviewers that might alter the product score. Remember, when in doubt, just look for products with many reviews and a positive average. If you do that, chances are your product is going to be just what you expect.

Always read the return policy

This is a big one. When buying an impractical, heavy product like a couch, a dining table, or a closet, you need to know what can happen if there is a problem. Will the company replace it? do they pick them up or will you have to take a giant box back to the store? Can you get your money back or are they just going to give you store credit? These are all important questions you should ask before hitting that “Add to Cart” button. No matter what you do, always read the return policy.

Consider shipping costs

Another tiny detail that can ruin your experience. Some stores may offer bargain prices but terrible shipping costs. Others may be a little more expensive and give you free shipping. It’s easier when you are buying from a local store, but when it comes to national or even international sellers, shipping becomes a critical factor to consider, not only because of the price but also because of the estimated delivery date. If you don’t have a specific store in mind, try looking for those who offer the best shipping options, you might end up saving a lot of time and money.

Read the descriptions carefully

The devil is in the details, and that is particularly true when it comes to furniture. Yes, photos might be nice and present the product as an amazing new addition to your home office, but still, carefully and meticulously read every detail before you say yes. Is it the right size? Is the quality of the materials up to your standards? Is it going to fit through your door? Product pages tend to be misleading and can sometimes get you into a world of trouble. If you have any doubts, don’t be afraid to ask the company for more information. Remember once it gets to your home it is going to be yours for better or worse.


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